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Longford 1967 0.99 – Released

Woochoo has released a new version of Longford 1967, bringing the highly-reworked legendary Tasmanian race track to rFactor.

Woochoo has released a new version of Longford 1967, bringing the highly-reworked legendary Tasmanian race track to rFactor.


– New building models: Pub, Tannery, Barn on Tannery Straight, Pit Straight Foot Bridge, food stall and toilets.
– New object models: starter’s drum, start finish signs, small camera/spectator towers, culverts/drains, wire fence panels and gates, fuel/oil drums/barrels, aluminium/timber sponsor boards, small toolboxes, oil cans.
– Many more polygons in road (~rF2 specification @ ~1.5m squares = 6 panels wide X ~1.5m long). Bumps are geometry, no TDF bumps.
– Many more polygons in road-side terrain.
– Animated flags and bunting.
– New grass clump textures. More grass clumps.
– New and more car models (spectators, race entrants waiting in paddock, ambulance).
– Higher-res bush textures (most of them).
– New gravel textures.
– New water texture (thanks )
– Added/redone spec and/or normal mapping on a few things.
– Less 2D ‘bush walls’, more 3D/X-plane bushes.

probably other things too… such as:
– Return of the rainy and overcast versions.
– Flying Mile has been realigned and is more accurate than ever.
– Kink near the end of Tannery Straight now has a more accurate elevation profile.
– King’s Bridge now has more even arch/hump.
– My first ever sky textures (dawn, day (lightly cloudy & overcast), sunset, night (blank)
– New photo horizon.
– Scratch-made wet road textures, inc. my first ever cube map
– ‘Helicopter’ camera set (Group 4).
– New white painted fences (start area, viaduct, bridges etc).
– Fewer shadows here and there, should improve performance a little.
– More detail on external road (opposite the pub).
– New tram model in the paddock (Used as race control in the ’50s & subsequently as the police headquarters during race weekends – Originally Launceston’s Tram #4)

Located outside of Longford, Longford Circuit was a 7 kilometer race track on the Australian island of Tasmania. The circuit opened in 1953 and was operational until 1968, its layout included nine corners, the scenic circuit included a railway crossing as well as a bridge and a viaduct.

[boxdownload]Download Longford 1967 0.99 Here[/boxdownload]
  • Rantam

    Thanks Woochoo! This track was great in rF and I’m sure that with all these improvements the rF2 version is going to be even better 🙂

  • Brian Clancy

    Indeed, looking forward to the rF2 version very much 🙂 But still happy to fire up rF1 for this 😉

  • Anonymous

    Incredible work amazing attention to detail !

    – Secondly why is F1 racer a mod when he is always on a power trip ?

  • Sigmatc

    Great work. Thank you very much 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Nice! I liked the former version, so it’s nice to see an update.

  • Jorge Azcoitia

    I had to look twice to notice that it was not an rF2 track. Great job! =)

  • Art J

    My favourite rF road track by far. Not because of layout, which is kinda boring, but because of superb bumpy surface. The ultimate proving ground for suspension and inertia physics in every car I download.

    • woochoo

      Haha, glad you like the bumps 🙂 A lot of that will be to do with the smaller road polys, and there was a lot of automatic and manual adjustment of those to give some life to the road. The road mesh will be pretty similar/the same in rF2 but you’ll also get the new rF2 physics to dance around on =D

  • Art J

    Just discovered the “underground highway” behind the flying mile straight. Now I know why this track takes 350MB+ of disk space ;). I wonder how many similar “easter eggs” are hidden out there. Time to do some tourist driving!

    • woochoo

      I think the main thing with the disk space is I doubled up of mas files for the rainy version. I could have spent a little more time and reduced the file size substantially, but, sorry, I didn’t. Next time though…
      Don’t spend too much time looking for eggs either. There isn’t much out there

  • woochoo

    Hi everyone, really glad you’re enjoying it!
    There are people working on conversions for GTL/GTR2/Race, and F1C as well.
    Thanks for giving it a try.
    I look forward to making the rF2 version for us all to enjoy as well 😀

  • Sttifler

    what mod is this??

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