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Logitech G27LEDs 1.0 – Released

Logitech G27LEDs 1.0 – Released

Fazerbox has released a plugin for rFactor and GTR2 that enables Logitech G27 users to use the wheel’s LED bar with these titles.

Developed with the Logitech SDK, the plugins should also work for GTR Evolution, RACE07, Superleague Formula and other gMotor 2-based titles, even though the author only tested it with rFactor and GTR2.

Make sure to read the included documentation to find out how to make this plugin work.

Download Logitech G27LEDs 1.0 for rFactor Here

Download Logitech G27LEDs 1.0 for GTR2 Here

  • MadCat360

    Now that THREE Fanatec products have failed for me (one pedal set and 2 wheels), I may be getting a refund for a Logitech and sod Xbox compatibility. How is the reliability of the G27/G25?

  • ermax18

    The wheel is indestructible. The only weak link is the shifter. It used potentiometer to detect what gate the shifter is in. I had problems with mine when in sequential mode where it would double shift. But I took the shifter apart and then back together and the problem went away. I think the pots changed positions just a tad which solver the problem. I had my G25 for about 2 years before “I” broke it. I was drilling a hole through the lower casing to add a third hard mount point and ended up drilling through a cable. I didn’t realize what I did until I plugged the wheel back in and shorted it out. So now I have a G27 and love it. It is so smooth and quiet. Almost silent. The helical gears make a big difference. So far the shifter hasn’t had any problems.

    Thanks Fazerbox for the plugin!

  • mikemav

    Wow @MadCat360, sorry to hear of your troubles. I have no less than 5 Fanatec racing products, from the original 911 Turbo wheel through the GT3RS and two Turbo S wheels. Never had an issue except with one of the beta products, which Armin and Thomas quickly resolved. Sorry for your bad luck with these.

  • felipe

    PC+PS3+Logitech=Unbeatable combo!

    What else to say besides a BIG thank you Fazerbox!

  • ermax18

    One of the guys in my league is on his 3rd wheel (GT3RS) in about a 6 month period. I haven’t heard many problems with the ClubSport pedals though. They look very nice.

  • BSR-Fonzie

    Well, my Fanatec wheel was not up against the ff in iracing, the wheel just broke of the base, now i have G27 already 3 months and that wheel is rock-solid,i sure gonna install this plug in

    Thx Fazerbox

  • am263

    I own a G25 for 2 and a half years so far. I used it a lot, before being away for almost one year, a period when the wheel was just sitting there attached to the desk, exposed. When I came back, it had some rust and I didn’t expect it to function properly. It was just the same as before and i’ve been racing a lot for almost 6 months now. Logtech is the way to go, although I do want to try the Clubsport pedal.

  • carbonfibre

    Logitech as a hugely established quality control across all their products. The flaw would be in assuming Fanatec hold that same level. 😉

    Btw, wasn’t the new RealFeel version coming out looking to include LED support and wasn’t the author having trouble with the SDK in regards to this? Maybe he should take a look at this.

  • MadCat360

    Thanks for the input guys. I’ll see what Fanatec says when they get back to me about it. Trouble is, I have the clubsports and they are so nice… I really don’t want to give those up, but I see absolutely no way to use them with the G25 (I would use the G25/G27 on PS3 also).

    I would just stick with Fanatec, because the products feel so amazing, but the reliability is just not proving to be so great… sigh.

  • ermax18

    I thought the ClubSports could stand alone. I know they sell some stand alone ClubSports. They must be different then the bundled pedals.

    Assuming the pedals are reliable, they look FAR superior to the G25/G27 pedals.

  • ermax18

    carbonfibre, yeah the new RealFeel was going to have dynamic lock and LEDs. I would love to know what problem TechAde is having with the SDK.

    Maybe Fazerbox could add dynamic lock to his LED plugin. That would be really cool.

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