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Logitech G25 on Steroids – Previews

Logitech G25 on Steroids – Previews

ARC_Team is working on improving the most popular steering wheel in the sim racing community – The Logitech G25. Even though the wheel is considered to have very good Force Feedback effects, ARC_Team has added a lot of strength to it thanks to extensive technical modifications.

The improved wheel has already been tested by GP2 drivers Davide Valsecchi and Marco Bonanomi and known sim racer David Greco. The wheel now sports two big cooling fans as you can see on the photos below, check out the comparison video which shows the Logitech G25-E alongside a normal G25.

[youtube tJzVPrjNCeI nolink]

Via ARC_Team

  • Siggs

    :weird: That FFB in the vid seems excessively violent, don’t you think? The Fanatec 911 turbo is considered to have strong ffb, and spins about the same speed as the standard G25. I do hope its not like that while racing, and it being that violent could well damage the wheel?

  • -eRNIe-

    Okay….it calibrates very fast, but …. what are the improvements in detail? (beside the fans)

  • F1Racer

    If it is too violent wont that also risk longer term damage to the wrists etc or whatever ?

  • Tifose

    Slap Nuts!!! 😮 that look like fun or Hospital?

  • Vkt

    lol wtf is this? :weird:

  • AeroMechanical

    Stronger motor and now fans too, huh? So, their aim was to make it even louder? I don’t really see the amount of force being much of an issue. More precise forces with a greater dynamic range, sure, but just a linear ramp up in strength doesn’t strike me as worth a whole lot. If it can manage to produce strong forces while still allowing the subtlety of the weaker forces to be felt, that would be something.

  • navalhawkeye

    Even louder? My G25 is almost silent…certainly much less noisy than the Momo.

  • AeroMechanical

    Yeah, of course it’s going to make it louder. If they used high quality fans, or a very low rpm fans, it’s probably okay though. And any noise problems are usually rectified by having the volume at the appropriate level. :happy:

  • TeroD

    I guess they are after more responsive (reactive?) wheel. As laiders71 (and Niels) pointed out with his so called Niels test videos, the current FFB wheels aren’t responsive enough.

    911 wheel test: Comparision of FF with DFP (The Niels test)

    911 wheel test: FF test 2

  • ScHiRoCk

    In my opinion i dont see the improvement, who cares about calibrating times…

    BUT, i everytime i startup my pc it does that turning thing, but always that click after hitting the utter right/leftside of the wheel, i always think it will break someday because of it… 😐

  • Raikku

    I don’t see any point for this. You don’t need more forces to G25, you can already get them too forceful if you just put levels high enough from games/profiler.

  • 2point8

    I like all my 10 fingers, that thing scares the crap out of me!

  • Gopher04

    I don’t see any point for this niether….

  • fpol

    Don’t know how many of you lift weights, but look at it like this. A guy who easily can bench 280 lbs can more “delicately” move 120 due to the fact that it’s pretty light to him. The guy who benches 120 as a max, has no finesse when moving it. *that* may be the benefit – with greater max stength, you may be able to set the overall FF lower, and still get *all* of the forces generated accurately.

    I don’t know…I know that the FRex wheel is much more powerful than the G25, and the users (many moved from G25s) say its better. Of course it’s expected for them to say it’s better…it cost them $2K ;).

    Sound…don’t many simmers use headphones anyway? What’s the big deal with it being too loud? Heck, my game box can sound like a tornado at full throttle.

  • Papa_K

    This may be very nice… but above anything else for the G25, I’d like to see a commercially produced wheel-buttons-addon.

  • maxs

    i just wonder how long will this steroided G25 will live ….

  • Stan

    Hi all,

    Form my point of view, it seems that they have just raise the voltage of the ffb engines, for producing a stronger force.
    It could also explain the necessary adjunction of the fans.


  • Raikku

    So, just put 220v from the wall directly to G25 and you get all the forces that you’ve dreamed of…

  • Stan

    Sorry Raikku, but after reading your comments for this subject, it seems that you don’t know/understand what it is about.



  • ToLyAn

    This one is on steroids? I don’t think so. :weird:
    For some strange reason :sd: i always thought that if someone uses a similar combination of the words (g25 + on + steroids) that it means only one announced more than a year ago specific and unique modification:

    Now. THIS ONE really bad ass pumped with steroids wheel. :happyevil:

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