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LMS Style Wheel for Logitech G25 – Photos

LMS Style Wheel for Logitech G25 – Photos

The guys over at SimRacingHardware have released first photos of a new custom steering wheel rim for the Logitech G25 wheel base.

The LMS wheel is designed after steering wheels of Le Mans Prototype sports cars, featuring plenty of buttons and rotary switches, a rev-meter and a large display.

Pricing info on the unit is not yet available, you can check out the photos in the meantime below.


  • stabiz

    Yumyum, I want it.

  • Mario Andrijanić

    is it compatible with the G27 too?

  • Mike Oppenheimer

    And I jizz in my pants…

  • DeDios

    Looks fantastic 🙂

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