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Live for Speed 0.6T Now Available for Download

The Live for Speed website was recently under attack, causing the developers to beef up their server & multiplayer infrastructure.

Something bad turned into something good as the developers decided to not only release a patch that would address these multiplayer issues but also cram in plenty of other improvements as Live for Speed receives another update to strengthen its 15-year long run (!) in the sim racing community.

You can find all the changes¬†Live for Speed 0.6T introduces in the long changelog below, the patch is available both in patch-form and as full install for those of you who haven’t given LfS a try in a long time – Why not do it now?



More robust method for connecting to the master server
More informative error report for “Unknown file transfer error”
FIX: Skin downloading now works with the protected website

Layout editor:

New layout editor instructions: docs\Autocross.txt
New cut / copy / paste system using standard keyboard shortcuts
COPY (CTRL+C) toggles between real selection and copied selection
Place objects (O) key is equivalent to PASTE followed by COPY
Move objects (M) key is equivalent to CUT followed by PASTE
UNDO (CTRL+Z) and REDO (CTRL+Y) functions are now included
A green or yellow outline is drawn around the selected objects
ALT key can be used to temporarily hide selected object outlines
Original objects are shown with a grey outline after COPY pressed
Editor buttons and keys affect real or copied selection – not both
PGUP / PGDN can now be used to adjust Z value of selected objects
C key now clears selected object type as well as selected objects
It is now possible to set marshall circles to have zero diameter
Objects and marshall circles can now be selected at the same time
Multiple object rectangle select CTRL+drag with left mouse button
Start position / checkpoints / finish line now in control section
You can hold SHIFT to keep objects selected when exiting edit mode


Slight reduction in some excessively bright driver models
RAW files are no longer used and skies now use DDS textures
Existing RAW files are converted the first time LFS is started
Removed option to view sky in 16-bit colour


New URL for skin uploads
Text message dialog now has variable width
Clip mouse to screen is now CTRL+M as CTRL+C is used for copy
Command /axsel to copy layout editor selection text to clipboard
Most translations updated. Thank you translators!

Free view camera position text command:

Type /cp to copy a text camera position to the clipboard
The resulting text can be saved in a text file, forum, etc. or into
another instance of Live for Speed to reproduce the camera position


Improved processing of command line to be more flexible
New command /settings=X.txt – uses X.txt instead of cfg.txt
Command /settings must be the first on command line or in file
Command /mp (join local host) can now be used on the command line


Live for Speed can now recover from a graphics driver error
Textures are no longer reloaded when changing weather (faster)
LFS starting in borderless window mode now goes to the same monitor
New option “Display LFS logo in game” (not optional in demo mode)
English file is no longer saved when LFS starts (can be deleted)
New check for corrupted 3D models to avoid possible crash on load


New commands to skip F8 menu /vr reset_headset and /vr use_relative


New value PMO_POSITION for IS_AXM packet to report a blank position
New packet IS_CIM reports a connection’s interface / editor mode
New value PMO_GET_Z for IS_AXM packet to report Z values
New value PMO_AVOID_CHECK for PMO_ADD_OBJECTS avoids validity check
UCID can be set in some IS_AXM packets by an external InSim program
to make the resulting packets appear as if sent by an editing admin

Download Live for Speed 0.6T Full Installer Here

Download Live for Speed 0.6T Patch for Version 0.6M or Later Here

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