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Live for Speed – Patch 0.6B8 Released

The Live for Speed Development Team has released a new version of their long-running online racing simulation.

The Live for Speed Development Team has released a new version of their long-running online racing simulation.

Version 0.6B8 dosen’t contain any of the new content and features such as Rockingham or the VW Scircocco but mainly addresses some multiplayer security issues and other small problems.

Changes from 0.6B6 to 0.6B7 :

  • FIX : Guests were often kicked after another took over their car Instead of “LAG (seconds)” now “username (seconds)” is displayed
  • Timer bounding increased to 30 sec for normal LFS (graphic mode)
  • Timer bounding stays at 6 sec for non-graphical dedicated hosts

Changes from 0.6B5 to 0.6B6 :

  • Repaired most translations with a small update on one line
  • FIX : Guest disconnected if host used InSim IS_PLC packet

Changes from 0.6B to 0.6B5 :

Improved multiplayer system :

  • Game only needs host packets to continue processing
  • Quicker joining to host – no waiting for other players
  • No waiting for packets from players with slow connections
  • Leaving a host is instantaneous even if a guest is connecting
  • Longer timeouts avoid disconnection due to short interruptions

(NOTE : no change to physics – old replays are still valid)

Other changes :

  • Two new translations : Indonesian and Romanian
  • New hacker protection applied to multiplayer packets
  • Improved checks on validity of user names while connecting
  • User names now confirmed with master server after connection
  • OOS / CPW messages now show user name instead of player name
  • Removed message “Got master packet” from network debug output
  • No buffer overflows from hangs or operating system time changes
  • User name in brackets now shown at end of disconnection messages
  • New “Authorised” message on host links user name with ip address
  • Race setup screen /clear command can now only be used by admins
  • Ability of guests to vote or select tracks now enforced by host

InSim :

  • Added new leave reasons (CPW / OOS / JOOS / HACK) for IS_CNL
  • Change to in-game usage of IS_REO – only valid after SMALL_VTA

Fixes :

  • Custom view was not set to new car type on replay restart
  • Duplicate lines in scripts could cause unexpected results
  • Virtual speedo sometimes overlapped numbers (e.g. XRG km/h)
  • Circuit length is no longer displayed for open configurations
  • LFS could crash when displaying laps for fuel after short laps
  • Ready status in lobby is now checked when a player disconnects
  • Load WE1R on dedicated host – Checkpoint 1 path node not found
  • User’s controller type was not shown after taking over a car
  • SHIFT+R near end of SPR could make cars swap between players

Detailed download instructions and info can be found at the download location linked below.

[boxdownload]Download Live for Speed Patch 0.6B8 Here[/boxdownload]
  • Brian Duddy

    Time for the annual bugfix, I guess…

    • Skytrill

      Yeah.. but still, LFS is now 10 years old, how many sims are still having official updates/support after this long? I hope we’ll see more tracks, and more tracks once the tyres physics will be done. More tracks would be nice too!

      • Brian Duddy

        What they’re still doing would be great except for the fact that they promised so much more… if I had bought it 4-5 years ago based on the promises they were making, I’d be quite upset.

  • thatdude

    Good to know LFS development is alive.

  • Anonymous

    they cannot be serious with this update.

    its been years and years and yet

    no vw
    no laser scanned track
    no new tire physics

    • Bryan Godsall

      I share your anger. But this patch was to combat hackers.

      • Anonymous

        Like crackers (hackers are not what you think they are) would love to crack this 6 years-since-last-update game…

      • Skytrill

        Sorry but you don’t know nothing about this LFS patch: it was indeed a hack that caused this upcoming patch (the patch on this page is still beta btw) but as always, users with cracked/bs version would probably not be able to get it working. And yes they are still crackers who crack a sim that more than a thousand peoples play daily.
        Another fail you made was to claim that LFS was not updated since 6 years which is an obvious troll attempt.

    • Big Ron

      The tire model is still pretty good and one of the best. So why rushing a new one?

  • F1Racer

    I’m amazed they managed to fit all those fixes in, given the time since the last update. They deserve a holiday.

    • Steve Farrell

      Some people either dont get the sarcasim or are so hardcore LFS fans they disagreed with you. I havent played LFS with two years because I got fedup of the same few cars and handful of tracks. It was fun for the five years I played it and I was in a racing team but it was time to move on

      • F1Racer

        Yeah. LFS is in itself a great sim and what those guys did with it regarding physics is pretty incredible. Although it is dated, it’s no less fun than it’s ever been but it seems there is not really any more attention (or passion) being put into it as there once was, which is a shame, I think LFS could have been so much more than what it is.

        So people shouldn’t get me wrong, I’m an LFS fan (ok apart from the worlds worst AI), but to see that changelog in all this time is a bit disheartening.

      • Michael

        Well I beg to differ.

        Had the physics been good they wouldn’t have tried and failed miserably to add a new car to the game using them – which then instigated a new tyre model that they’ve tried and then failed to add to the game for years.

        There are lots of half-assed sim games like this (just as there are lots of half-finished FPS games and 3D engines). I’ve said in the past it would make more sense for these small groups that don’t have the manpower and / or nous to write a complete, polished game by themselves to band together so that they can tackle a complete project.

        Given the way things like Steam have grown since most of these unfinished sims started, they probably have a much, much better chance of seeing a bit of commercial success with it too.

        One decent game from them all would be, imo, much greater than the sum of the half-assed sims and unpolished / unfinished games they each do now.

  • Alejandro Gorgal

    I really, really wish this game had official mod support, new cars (not skins, but actual cars with new physics) and new tracks would be greatly appreciated.
    Hell, Im even willing to pay for a few licensed tracks, I love this game but Im tired of driving in fictional tracks =(

    • Anonymous

      I can’t stand racing tracks that are not laser scanned what to say fictional tracks lol. But hopefully as technology gets cheaper devs will be able to laser scanned their local tracks I’m sure many tracks out there would get in a deal to get something later when the tracks were released Other devs should learn from Kunos and don’t get themselves left behind!

      • Richard Hessels

        Any idea what proper laser scanning costs?
        A full F1 season laserscanned you would be talking about hundreds of thousands of euro’s, than still everything needs to get modeled..
        For a relatively small amount of people in the world that “demand” laserscanned tracks.

  • Kendra Jacobs


    • Henry M

      what is so wrong about LFS physics?
      it’s a fun game to play, I still enjoy doing some quick races in Blackwood with the FBM 🙂 even if I now I have Iracing, GSC and other great sims.
      the game helped me a lot learning to understand tires, car balance and all…

      it would be great if they decided to support mods… and if they could do things just a little bit quicker, I can’t even remember anymore when the Scirocco was announced…

  • Kendra Jacobs


  • Juhan Voolaid

    I think it is time for LFS2 with dx11 graphics.

  • Marco Conti

    I own LFS, but I was never a big fan. I like it, don;t get me wrong and I think it has promise, but their biggest mistake has been not to open it to modders. It would have allowed them to concentrate on fine tuning the physics (which are OK but lacking in many areas) and provide their community with new cars and tracks.

    I actually started simracing and bought LFS when they were already complaining about how long it had been since the last “New” anything. Since then, nothing has happened. If I were a fan I’d be very disillusioned by now.

  • Silvio

    From one ancient old fan: LOL.

  • Silvio

    One important new came with this patch: Scawen is not dead.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still pretty confident S3 is going to come out one day and that it will probably be pretty good when it does. Even though it’s still nice in some respects, S2 is pretty much entirely obsolete. That said, a graphics overhaul, some (fairly minor) tweaks to the tire model, and a bit more content and it would be good as new again.

  • devotid

    Wow……you would think scawen is working on something new by now….. I LOVE LFS but dear god……lol. In these last couple of years he could have had a completely new sim built and running with DX11 and some newwer features…….. I remember thinking “sweet a VW sirocco…….” …… about three ago…:(

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