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Live for Speed – New Test Patch Available

The Live for Speed Development Team has released a new test patch for their racing simulation. introducing a bunch of new features.

The Live for Speed Development Team has released a new test patch for their racing simulation. introducing a bunch of new features.

A major new feature introduced by the new patch is support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset!

You can find a detailed list of all changes below, the new patch requires version 0.6E to be installed.

The patch does not include the VW Scirocco or the laser-scanned Rockingham Speedway that were announced several years ago.

This test patch is fully compatible with version 0.6E
You cannot upload hotlaps made with this test patch because it is only a test patch, not an official patch.
Please keep a backup of your LFS.exe from 0.6E so you can easily go back if there are any problems.

Changes from 0.6E to 0.6E4 :
Stereoscopic 3D support :
In the View Options screen you can select 3D mode on the second line.
Various options will then be available to you :

SBS / TAB – left and right eye images are displayed side by side or top and bottom

half / full – the image is compressed to half width or not compressed

HUD adjustment : Brings the 2D elements closer – this is good for a headset because you can bring the interface as near to you as the steering wheel.

3D adjustment : Makes 3D elements further away – this is good for a TV because the sky and distant objects will appear to be behind your screen.

Notes :

SBS half is a commonly used format and should be available on many 3D TV sets. Horizontal resolution is reduced. Most active shutter displays need to use this option or TAB half. I am interested to know which looks better.

TAB half should be the best option for passive displays which use alternate lines for left and right eye. Vertical resolution is reduced compared with 2D mode but there is no additional loss of resolution on a passive display (which must reduce vertical resolution of a full height image in 3D mode).

SBS full is the closest thing to what is required for an Oculus Rift, but the necessary distortion has not been applied. There is no Oculus Rift tracking support either. You may be able to use intermediate software to use this mode on an Oculus Rift, in which case you should probably use interface scaling to reduce the height of the HUD (Options… Display… Interface).

Other changes :
Lateral and longitudinal accelerometer values now work realistically
FIX : High frequency changes in acceleration were filtered in OutSim
FIX : Helmet stayed the same after changing driver in MP replays

A FULL version of LFS 0.6E must already be installed

Open the zip file and drag the specially named LFS exe file into your LFS folder.

NOTE : You can see if the patch is correctly installed when you run
the program. At the bottom of the entry screen : 0.6E4

[boxdownload]Download Live for Speed Test Patch 0.6E16 Here[/boxdownload]
  • TomM_F1

    Seems like a fossil has been discovered.

  • The Dark

    haha are these guys serious? this sim in its time has potential and the physics are very good. but it really needs a “do not resuscitate” sticker on it now.
    lets face it,that Scirocco will never materialize. the real car will be out of production by then so maybe they are waiting for it to become a classic car.

    trying to hang on by their fingertips by adding OR support. do they even know that rF2, pCARS and AC exist?
    except for the physics and some pretty smooth netcode, this sim has nothing left to give. IMO

    • Skytrill

      They’re still developing and adding features on a 12 years old game in a
      world where games are rushed out, lacking features and riddled with
      bugs and people like you are still trying to bury it.. what a world. And
      you are the one using the term serious.. sigh.

      • The Dark

        yes a 12 years old game. time to give it up especially at the rate they are going. what features are they adding? OR support??
        i bet this is a simple case of one of the devs got an OR and wanted to know what his aged sim looked like with it so they made the changes.
        why is the scirocco not done? where is rockingham?
        why is there not any added content or major improvements since the last update? other games are not the point. there are no racing sims being rushed out but they are developed at a good steady pace.
        lfs maybe gets a minor update once a year or once every two years. you would accept that with any other title?
        i dont think they are motivated or bothered with it any more. OR support i think is because they are curious how it looks and not because they are actively working on it. so yes for me it is buried and should stay that way. but nice in its day.

      • Birddogg66

        I think they deserve a chance if they can get it together and get their minds right and do what is needed to compete with other developers actually releasing new games.

      • The Dark

        for sure. but that is not happening. 🙁 having OR support is nowhere near enough to “do what is needed”.
        maybe an LFS reboot would be in order but they do need the motivation and time to do it or not bother. maybe do it on kickstarter or something.

      • Skytrill

        “OR support i think is because they are curious how it looks and not because they are actively working on it.”
        seem completely clueless about it. OR has been worked on from time to
        time since last fall, it’s not a one day work or something like it.. S3
        content is in the pipe has the devs said many times and and they’re
        waiting their new physics to be ready to release more contents. I’m not a
        part of any religion or dogma, I’m not worshipping any game in
        particular and I don’t give a crap if they release an update every year
        as I got plenty of other game to play apart LFS. This game is still more
        polished than any other out there thanks to many years of development
        that you seem to despise and if you don’t like that fact that’s it’s
        still being improved well too bad for you mate and avoid looking in it’s
        direction in the future simply instead of complaining on positive news.

      • The Dark

        oh look there is the famous word around here. clueless. have a different opinion and your clueless. why not just correct me if you think i am wrong. after reading your response though maybe you should check yourself first.

        i never said OR was one days work and if S3 is in the pipe then it is one heck of a long pipe which may or may not have an end.
        more polished? sure like an antique table with 1 leg. polished but has no real means of support like it did have.
        why did you use a word like “despise”? i have never said a thing about that. you either are twisting words or you are yourself clueless.
        i dont despise the many years of development that has happened in the past. i played LFS a lot back in the day and long after they stopped regular updates.
        that its still being improved is arguable. if you dont have an OR how is this anything? after all this time this is all they have?
        if this update had been for OR, Scirocco and Rockingham as promised or even some different surprising new content then it would at least show they have woken from their deep sleep. but i expected something added to the main game other than support for a diving mask with 2 screens in it.
        i didnt look in its direction either. it came to mine.

        i’m sorry you dont like that i am disappointed with the lack of development of lfs but realise that i am disappointed because i saw its potential in the first place. for me though the time of LFS is over. if they can prove me wrong then i will be happy.

      • Skytrill

        “more polished? sure like an antique table with 1 leg.” You feel very
        biased by saying this. Also, you make the mistake that the devs has
        promised the famous Scirocco which has never been the case in the first
        place. I understand your frustration about the lack of progress of the
        last few years and I share it, but I try not to judge too easily because
        I’m not aware of all the pain they might have encounter while trying to
        make a new physic update. For you LFS is dead, for me it’s still alive.
        Let’s just leave it there 🙂

  • Chaco

    With my rig lfs runs prettier and smoother then rf2 and I have 2 gtx570 in sli.

    It also has better feel FFB and Ai then rf2 in my honest opinion. But that is different then what is more realistic and accurate.

    It will also probably be far beyond it’s other competitors with how smooth it runs with oculus rift just like it was far beyond its competitors as a sim itself when it first came out.

    • The Dark

      better AI? come on, lfs has the worst ai of any racing sim ever made. they have no spacial or situational awareness and act like the player car is not even there. it is lfs weakest point.

      • Chaco

        Yea I guess your right. The isi track Ai are probably better. I shouldn’t mix them with the Ai of modded tracks. My bad.

  • Ricoo

    LFS was my first true sim and I spent so much time with it. I will always remind it fondly. A good occasion to launch it again, waiting for S3. 🙂

    • The Dark

      i would mention putting yourself in cryogenic freezing and they will let you out when s3 is done 😀

      • Birddogg66

        If you were to at least sound like you were a little bit on their side rather than just casting them off like Dust in the Wind I would give your posts some respect.

      • The Dark

        so I have to be positive about them to have my opinion respected? it is not right for me to have the opinion that this project is defunct and has gone cold since a long time.
        i am not off their side. it would be nice if they HAD developed it but too much time has gone past for me with too little done and i think things have moved on too much now. i see no movement on this so why hang on? how much do you play lfs these days? truthfully.
        it doesnt matter to me though if you respect my opinion or not, it is what it is regardless.

      • Birddogg66

        I think it’s more so a mind set on if you want these guys to disappear from the industry or giving them some hard nosed encouragement so my answer to you is no you don’t have to be positive I surly was not and sure you have a right to have an opinion on the overall status of the LFS project . The way you worded your posts no one would ever guess that you were not off their side. I am not one to really disagree with you on a lot of points however I for one don’t think these guys are done and I would rather light a fire under their butts rather than sending them down the dusty trail. There is a difference and this is where the respect gets determined to where I am concerned. Do I disrespect you? No but possibly the way you worded your responses.

      • The Dark

        fair enough. i dont think encouragement will work because i think they do what they want and when they want to.
        but of course i dont want them to disappear either.

        i see a couple of guys who made a sim then sold it to us and after S2 the interest seemed to die away with some promised updates still in the air. they dont even have the decency to let their paying customers know what is going on. i do feel i have already got my moneys worth from LFS so i suppose anything else is a bonus but for me its the time scale. been a bit disappointing is all.

      • Birddogg66

        I agree they are of their own free will to do as much as they choose on this title and we get worked up about it because the amount of efforts seemed to have not met our wants for what is to be with LFS.
        However and relating to my Jack Slap post above I can understand a couple of guys grinding away for a few years to release a title and then a 2nd version add-on to find a decent amount of success and possibly getting a little burned out along the way.
        That’s why I also bring up an urging word for teams like this to try to create a realistic balance of man hours so they can compete with other developers in the long run.
        They are not the only ones Sim Factory fits into that category as Zach Griffin is on the boarder line. Piboso and their on going projects included as well.
        I guess in my mind I try to see people in the industry working together when possible and available to develop products in a timely fashion rather than guys who might be out of work ending up sitting on their thumbs!

      • The Dark

        i agree. gotta give the guys cred for getting something done and succeeding instead of doing nothing.
        even making something and failing is better then not trying and even more if you come back after that and succeed.
        so credit where it is due.

  • Birddogg66

    Sometimes I just want to Jack Slap some of these developers whom are rich with talent but won’t utilize the needed resources to develop content in a timely fashion, Namely additional man hours! There are guys out there needing work and capable of creating content and code. Brain in a Jar is a team that just had to close up shop and probably in need of jobs.
    Anyway the way I see it so much can be done with this title and it’s game base core.

  • aaltomar

    Scawen is taunting us with the community’s years old cry “release the Scirocco”, but as to reasons why, they’ve chosen not enlighten us. Maybe they lost the licence for the rocco and Rockingham was a sideproject they got paid separately and can’t release without a licence… again.

    • celticfang

      The community’s the same as ever. When the ‘early 2009’ joke wears thin, that’s a problem.

      Then again I honestly think Scavier are aiming for perfection and starting (or already are? to be sounding like the West Brothers and Racing Legends. I just hope they avoid the same fate. (Sidenote: I was going through my old, OLD PC Zone magazines and stumbled across their WSC game from the mid-late 90s. Whatever happened to that, vaporware?)

      It’s a sad thing really, LFS had so much potential yet…

  • celticfang

    I’m beginning to wonder if LFS will ever actually progress with new
    physics, or tracks, or cars if it takes this long (five years plus?) for
    one new car and physics set to be modelled.

    Okay making a tire
    physics model isn’t easy and coding it from scratch is not easy,
    however….five years is a long time, I recently came acrosss the
    Rockingham screenshots (well, more like custom LFS builds for Rockingham
    it seemed like) floating around on the net and wondered two or three

    A) Is there a deal in place saying I had to be in Rockingham at a certain date to drive the track in LFS?

    B) Are VW happy with the way their licensing deal turned out? I remember the BMW Sauber being added quicker than this

    Eric rarely, if ever posts on the forums. Is he even actually alive?
    For all we know he could have? He’s not a people person but….hey, he’s
    apparently the track/physics guy acording to people on the forum yet
    he’s assumed (hey that’s a bad idea) to be beavering away at physics and

    Maybe, just maybe after buying my tool pack for pCARS and buying rF2 and AC I’m jaded with LFS, or maybe I’m impatient but….

    Okay, I I am impatient and wondering what the holdup is. I doubt we’ll ever know what’s taking so long but….

    I’ve been spoiled in a good way byby pCARS development and RF2 and AC, yet at the same time I’m left wondering what could have been with LFS, what if they had actually got the Scirocco out on time? What if they’d have put Rockingham out in a patch? What if that led to more licensed cars and another track or two?

    If only….if only…..I’ve got my money’s worth from nearly 10 years of LFS but it’s painful to watch a sim I loved die slowly and painfully with promises of new stuff. THe cynical part of me wonders if, not when the new stuff will show up and if there’ll be anyone left to enjoy it.

    The hopeful part of me looks forward to it.

    • aaltomar

      I’d say they Scawen would have made signifcan progress if he had worked throught the years, but instead he decided to enjoy life without pressures of schedules. The licence fees from S1 and S2 kept food on the table and a warm house. So development paused effectively for several years. Even shortly after S2 release Scawen was moving a house for some six months and in the meantime we waited with bated breath for an S3 that was nowhere near even in the starting blocks.

    • aaltomar

      Eric was responsible for tracks, cars i.e. modelling and texturing, but Scawen is the sole person responsible for game mechanics and physics. Third guy was the webmaster who now has also another job since his cut from the LFS income isn’t exactly a third (quite a bit less I gather).

  • Mario Strada

    An excellent sim ruined by bad business decisions.

    Imagine if after S2 they had concentrated first on good Modding tools for the community and second refine the physics and the tire model (and at some point the graphics). They could have had the modding community adopt the game as a platform, create content all the while they could have sold it to many people more.

    My giuess is that they don’t like modding as they see it as usurping their creative genius and now they are paying the price for it with irrelevance. Even if they fixed all their mistakes now would this sim be competitive with AC or rF2?

  • Paul Thompson

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the Oculus Rift still in development and not on a general release yet ? or have I missed something. If it is out can someone point me in the direction so I can buy it please.

    As for LFS, I still have hope for this cracking sim to be finished, and I feel this update doesn’t reflect on the work that has been done on new cars and tracks 😀

    • Skytrill

      Yeah it’s has been bought by Facebook for 2 billions and the DK2 is
      schedule to be shipped soon unless I am mistaken. Here’s the link
      LFS will never be finished I guess,
      only improved from time to time and that’s how I like it. Who would buy a
      game and complained that it’s still being supported 10 years later?
      Well some does apparently.

      • The Dark

        supported? this is support? for people without OR this update is nothing. there has been nothing of importance with updates on this game for such a long time now. its like updating MySpace with a new minor feature.
        you say its the way you like it but i dont think i buy that. how can you like the frequency of these updates? you dont think there is a lack of motivation from the devs? why nothing for so so long?

        i would like it to have been updated with more frequency but it has not been and things have moved on. this is not how you keep interest in your product.

      • Skytrill

        You seem to be on some crusade against LFS here.. you made half of the post in here and all of them are just pure bashing.. just give it up please. Yes the devs are not so good with public relation and the progress is slow but at least they do make some improvement and this game is probably the best sim I’ve ever played so I’m happy that it’s still alive and that new contents will be added in the future. As for the vr.. well it makes the experience better so why complaining? Half of us in here will have one of those in the next few years as it makes the game much more immersive so it’s all positive to me. If you hate this game it’s your choice and I respect that, but some of us are happy that new content is in the pipeline.

      • The Dark

        there is no crusade here and if you read all of my posts you will see that is the case. you will also see that i am not against this sim at all but only how disappointing has been the lack of development for me.
        there are many posts of mine because i am replying to people who reply to me. you prefer that i ignore people?
        half of the people here will have one? where did you get that number from? maybe you are buying them all for those “half”? count me in then thanks 🙂
        i have never indicated that I hate this game because i dont and never have. for two guys to make lfs is amazing and they showed many bigger companies how to make proper physics.
        typical sim-racer mentality for you to make this conclusion. maybe you need to stop your crusade against me and understand posts more correctly.

      • steve30x

        Actually they moved from DX8 to DX9 with the latest updates.

      • The Dark

        i rest my case.

      • steve30x

        LMAO You are a comedian. Thats the best answer you have then is it?

      • The Dark

        its the best one youre getting.

  • kenpat .

    My son is a member of a LFS team, whenever he’s on the server he says there are always plenty of people who join in. So it may be old but it still has superb online play. Some of the modern guys could learn from its simplicity.
    It’s good to see it almost trending on VR.

  • Silvio

    A simple news and a bunch of people comes to talk about. LFS is still a magnetic game. It is not dead, it is just sleeping.

  • myvracelog

    would love to see them do full upgrade. would be good for the hobby.

  • Pvt Stash

    Nothing in sim racing ever truly dies, the pit stops just get longer… 🙂

  • Nicolas Grignon

    So frustrating that code genius like Scawen don’t have a clue about business model… LFS should be past S3 and be LFS 2 today…. Hello, guys, heard about kickstarter, Steam greenlight? come on!

  • bduddy

    Yay, it’s annual bug-fix time!

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