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Lewis Hamilton Races His Brother In F1 2010 – Video

Lewis Hamilton Races His Brother In F1 2010 – Video

BBC’s pre-race coverage of today’s Formula One Grand Prix included a segment about Codemasters’  F1 2010 title as we get to watch Lewis Hamilton giving the upcoming racer a spin.

Hamilton can be seen racing against his brother Nick & Jack Humphrey, all using VisionRacer VR3 rigs. The video includes plenty of in-game footage of their messy but fun online race.

Following their maiden Formula One title that was released only for the Playstation Portable and the Nintendo Wii, Codemasters will be bringing the 2010 Formula One season to the PC, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. F1 2010 has been confirmed to be released September 24.

  • Vettel

    Game looks so good on a bigscreen TV. Can’t wait to see it on my own TV. 😎

  • Samuel

    Haha, great video.  Very cool.  I just hope my rig can run F1 2010 :-$

  • Ross Siggers

    When I saw this I did like the quick cuts between game and reality  😎

  • Dan

    It scared me that he cut the track that easily, that needs to change for online…

  • Flavio

    Cutting will be penalized, penalties probably were off for this private session.

  • Ben

    I read on another forum that even on the highest realism settings that the damage is a joke. You can bash the into cars all day long and not have any problems. Also apparently even on the easiest settings the AI is super brutal, which is odd for a game aimed at kids.

  • sigmatc24

    Lewis Hamilton has played F1 2010 too much that he forgot his own basis. 😀

    He smashed Massa side car and broke his suspension on the second chicane… And he was out as he seriously compromised his chances to win the title this year.

    I must admit that it was a very very bad move. he must still be kicking himself

  • Ahmad
  • f1racing

    and who would play game in which you have to retire after one contact for which you might not be guilty??? Well, if codemasters did something like that than everyone will shout that is the most stupid thing. Also, I played in few leagues on rFactor, and some public servers and damage sensitivity always was 50% or lower….

  • stephen300o
  • kevmscotland

    I knew watching this on the coverage there would be atleast some people who’d complain about the ‘realism’ etc.

    Clearly they were mucking about when they were doing this, so u cant take anything shown here as a representation of gameplay really.

    Also, A F1 driver ( Lewis Hamilton) has just driven the car into another car, and cut some corners, so ‘technically’, arcade is now sim. lol

    By that i mean we’d be “simulating” lewis hamilton if we decided to pile our car into someone else then cut a chicane (all beit

  • F1Racer

    Nice.  And, it has to be said, far better than rFactors which if you watch closely in slo-mo, the parts break off a few frames before actual contact due to the damage physics being calculated a little in advance.

    This is much better than anything we have already in the F1 arena.

  • The Thorn

    With seeing the track-cutting, I am a bit confused. In this vid it seems to be not much of a deal to get your car over the grass. But in another vid I have seen that when you get into a gravel trap, the car stops like it was hitting a soft wall.
    They might even those 2 out, I think. A bit more difficult on grass, and a bit more roll on gravel.

  • Marcuz

    Yeah, must be the reason why he did a bit of a playstation move on the race, urgh… He forgot how fragile his car is in real life. 😀

  • Firestarter

    That`s how it goes when F1 drivers tries computer racing, they start to do league racing style in real races by pushing people out of the way to gain positions. Codemasters F1 2010 can be the direct cause of why Hamilton didn`t get the title this year. Have Codemasters made their game realistic nothing of this would have happened. 

  • F1Racer

    I nominate this for Post of the Week.   Any more votes ?  🙂

  • f0xx

    Oh cmon he wasnt pushed, he was too aggressive entering T3, thats it.

  • Vettel

    It’s on easy settings, cause Jake’s not a racing driver, haha. No seriously, if you watch Anthony Davidsons video you see that when you go off the track there’s no grip anymore.

  • Wesley

    the year aint even over and you already know what is going to happen?

  • Wesley

    indeed, and also in this game the ferrari seems invincible, so that is pretty realistic too :p

  • Firestarter

    Wesley: Well, let`s say that Codemasters reduced Hamiltons chances to win the WDC this year. I can`t conclude now ofcourse, but if Hamilton loses the championship with the number of points he lost at Monza, then Codemasters will be sued for the amount of prize money Hamilton and McLaren lost due to Hamilton playing Codemasters F1 2010 ahead of Monza.

  • The Thorn

    Just watched it again for this. Looks good to me. Maybe it was also because Lewis was pretty much in a staight line, so not much would have influence on the way the car will go that way, of course.

  • f0xx

    loool ah I get it you’re joking with us, hehehehe… erm arent you?

  • The Thorn

    They will pay him back with a free copy of the gave of next year. And the ball will keep on rolling…

  • The Thorn

    They will pay him back with a copy of F1 2011 when it is released. And the ball will keep on rolling…

  • m0nty

    Lewis made a mistake at Monza and you blame Codemasters?

    The Menendez brothers were innocent too right?

  • Sigmatc24

    I hope that cutting chicanes won’t be as easy as that otherwise, it’s a disaster >:o

  • SergeantBoner

    why does people always give away info of the race one day after? not everybody has the chance to see it live, also this video extremly gay.

  • Scuderia Ecosse

    Mate, this was filmed before yesterday’s race.

  • F1Racer

    If you’ve had your race result spoiled I was about to be compassionate.  But then I read you last few words and decided you weren’t worth it.

  • F1Racer

    Firestarter, what you’re saying has to be a joke right ?  It’s way too mental to be serious.

  • F1Racer

    You’re not kidding.  How strong is that Ferrari ??   Barrichello nerfs Horseface up the rear in Spa and the Ferrari survives, then Hamilton collides with Massa in Monza and the Ferrari surives again.

  • mario

    so digo isto!!enquanto eles jogam e desfurtam do jogo,os totos ficam a ver o jogo que nunca mais ve o dia de lançamento!!!!

  • Matthew

    I’m looking at the video posted just now, but the steering wheel used by jake is a new model of Microsoft ?

    Because is different by the steering wheel used by Hamilton…

  • shadeshift

    Your best bet is to avoid articles with F1 in the title and their subsequent comment sections until you’ve seen the race….  Just some friendly advice from someone who just had Spa ruined immediately after saying I hadn’t watched it yet.  Ridiculous.

    In regards to the video, I can’t believe they made Lewis use an MS wheel…

  • dknine

    fun video to watch, the driving was just “casual”, but lewis said there at the end to do some serious driving.

    anyway a fun video to watch 🙂

  • Simosimosimo

    Nick Hamilton: “You’re an idiot!”
    Hamilon has nothing ti do with Nick’s crappy driving whatsoever! Just understeer! Nice, stop complaining man!

  • lironjdb

    Crappy game, it can provide 10 minutes of fun.

  • nestor martin

    he seemed to like it, not as much as driving senna’s car but…

  • Tonyo

    He should have raced a sim instead of an arcade game, may be he would have done more than one lap in sunday’s race. 😛

  • Dillyracer

    derp derp

  • Hybrid

    Lol nice PR. Not. 😀
    Cutting chicanes, crashing, bumping. 

  • Firestarter

    I am quite emberrased of Hamilton, he is supposed to be a role model for young people, instead he is driving like me in league races, full of crap and dirty moves just defend a position, or cut massively when falling many seconds behind. I wonder if i have met him and his brother online…haha

  • Vettel

    rFactor is even crappier with no animated arms, no rain and no animated pitcrew.

  • lironjdb

    Why do i need arms on the screen, i own two arms  😛

  • BoredBeyondBelief


  • F1Racer

    And we’re not ?  🙂

  • IonAphis

    HEY, HOW COME LITTLE HAMILTON GETS THE GAME BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE DOES???? I mean, I understand Lewis driving it on a showroom and stuff, but Lewis’s brother was at home with his huge projector with the game already…
    I am Ayrton Senna’s second degree nephew… I want a copy of F1 2010 right now as well….

  • RFactor Resources Rf

    After that happens it is believed that this video game. XD

  • SergeantBoner

    I simply dont know what to do if you fail to see how utterly staged and prententiuos this video is. But each to his own I guess, in your case you and your loverboy Robin.

  • f0xx

    Fala inglês duh – Speak english duh.

  • f0xx

    Oh you have played it already? wow.

  • Dan

    This is just like any other advertisement you see on TV. To excite the folks without…

  • bram

    10 minutes of fun? you must have the attention span of a goldfish if that is the case.

  • The Thorn

    Well, in these kind of games it is sometimes pretty fun to just take a race without hinking of performing, and just tease and fight each other with no rules.
    But mostly, in the community we are in, we all try to be as fair as possible when the situation forces us to, most of the times.

  • Michael

    Well the word is that Lewis Hamilton played for 2 hours rather than the 20 minute slot they planned for the filming.

  • Michael

    Really? Playing games is gay where you live? Where I’m from it’s sticking a cock in someone’s arse.

  • Michael

    I think the joke is on most of these.

    Why? Well although this was shown at Monza GP, Lewis and codemasters filmed this at Spa, the day before he won the GP 🙂

  • Michael

    …and Button got hit up the backside and still came second.

    The idea that F1 cars are fragile is false.
    If they were there’d probably have been several dead drivers this year alone.

    That said, I think FoM are reluctant for CM to show much crashing and damage. It’s the old story, sadly many motorsport fans are only interested in crashing not racing.

    That’s why I think there has been so little evidence of it in the trailers and so on because all of CM’s output has to get FoM approval.

    (Same for the pits stops too, I think. It’d be one thing to let folk drive around freely in them, but they simply don’t want some buffoon mowing down pit lane workers in game)

  • OSK

    This is just a game regardless of how realistic you see it, he’s already drained from all those reallife races, give him a break in that game. 

  • Wesley

    it still is funny to see this vid

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