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Leo’s FFB Tuner 1.01 – Released

Leo’s FFB Tuner 1.01 – Released

Kosmo has released a new version of his Leo’s FFB Tuner tool for rFactor that makes working with Leo’s FFB easier and more comfortable. The new version fixes two issues as listed below:


– (hopefully) fixed the “Main class not found” error on some systems
– fixed a localization issue where the settings would use commas instead of periods as the decimal separator on some systems, producing greatly erroneous settings values

Important: Please make sure to deinstall version 1.0 before using the new release. In order to use Kosmo’s tool, you need to have Leo’s FFB plugin installed.

Leo’s FFB Tuner comes with matching car-specific settings for many popular rFactor mods, making the most of Leo’s plugin that aims to provide better Force Feedback within rFactor.

Download Leo’s FFB Tuner 1.01 Here

  • MrcL

    About time the localization issue was fixed. It was keeping me from using the bugger. Thanks a mil.

  • Slo Mo

    Thanks again for this great tool. Still, I would like it to read values for camber to experiment the reaction of my wheel. I don’t understend how to  obtain the ratio for front to rear camber. For the caster setting I’ve got really good feedback when using the proper values.

  • i am the law

    file unavailable.   temp problem?

  • Kosmo

    Hmm, don’t know why, probably a temporary MU problem. I’ve uploaded it here:

  • Kosmo

    Camber ratio is front to rear, if the front camber is 3.0 and the rear is 2.0, the ratio is 1.5. If you check the box in the settings the app will read the ratio, if you are getting 0 it probably means that one or both of the camber settings is 0. 

  • i am the law

    that works.   thank you very much.  Got it now.

    I haven’t tried it yet, nor Leo’s.  Nver bothered before – realfeel and default is good enough.   I’m a bit bored of rF so I’ll try it. Hopefully it will give me something more out of rF.  So thanks again.  😉

  • Dan

    Thanks for this, I was having problems with RealFeel and FSone and read that this would fix it, it did.

  • mickey65

    Yes the caster – setting is a little secret !

    is the caster for example 3,0 grad i use 0,03 ???????????
    is this right ?

  • Kosmo

    Interesting that it would fix that, thanks for the info 🙂

  • Kosmo

    The caster is saved in degrees in the .svm files, while Leo’s plugin needs it in radians. You have to convert the degrees value to radians, by multiplying it by (roughly) 0.0175. So, if the caster setting is 3.0 degrees you would need to use about 0.0523 with the plugin. 

    However you don’t need to worry about this, in the application settings you can choose to let the LFT application read and convert the value automatically from .svm files, so you don’t need to do any converting yourself. 

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