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Leagues – DrivingItalia Race Online Cup 2008

Leagues – DrivingItalia Race Online Cup 2008

Nicola Trivilino of has pointed me to their new RACE07 league, the DrivingItalia Race Online Cup 2008. What makes this RACE07 league very special is support from the real life World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) series. Does not sound exciting enough?

Maybe the prizes do! The winner of the cup will get a 90-minute test in a single-seater car to prove his/hers driving ability outside of sim racing. The winner will also attend the Monza meeting of the 2008 WTCC season and enjoy all amenities as a VIP guest. The runner up prizes are not shabby either, featuring shorter test sessions, WTCC merchandise and more.

Want one of those prizes? You speak Italian? Then sign up and prove yourself in the Race Online Cup 2008!

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