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Le Mans Dreams on Eurosport – Episode 1 & 2

The first two episodes of Eurosport’s “Le Mans Dreams” on the Nissan GT Academy are now on Youtube.

Following their “Road to Dubai” series that aired last year, Eurosport is once again following winners of Nissan’s GT Academy making their way in the real racing world.

The new series is titled “Le Mans Dreams” and follows Lucas Ordonez & Jordan Tresson as they prepare for the world’s most important endurance race.

Both drivers compete in Nissan powered LMP2 cars and while Ordonez has already clinched a podium finish at Le Mans last year, Ordonez is making his rookie appearance at the Sarthe.

You can watch the first two episodes in full length below, so check out how far sim racers can go with a little help from a programme like the GT Academy!

  • Swordand Keyboard

    great videos.  these guys are not gamers though they are RACERS.

    Just because you race on a screen does not mean your a gamer and not a racer!!!!

    Sony GT5 is doing a good thing for are hobby with this, Sure it sells copies but really makes the hobby more serious then just a kids game.

    • Anonymous

      It just means that people will buy it under the illusion they have a chance to be a race driver and the illusion that this then makes GT5 a more legitimate simulator. 

      Sure you can learn track layouts and learn allot of car aspects with GT5 but you can learn A good lot of the relivent skills in F1 2010 or NFS shift even though they have far worse simulation than GT5. 

      In the end you could be a better driver have more raw talent and feel than some of the guys driving F1 now but the fact is unless you are rich , have parents willing to dedicate there weekends to your racing corear from the age of 8 or lucky to win this you are shit out of luck. 

      Sure the GT5 competition and competitions like it are good and I would like to see more of them but don’t forget that its more a marketing excersize for sony and other brands rather than the most talented drivers being rewarded. I can almost garentee in the final stage they pick the winner based on who will represent the brand more than who is the best/fastest driver.

      All games are as serious as you decide to take them and I get pretty serious when it comes to tidily winks.

      Just to reiterate I think the Gt5 comp is grate but we need more of this and we also need serous prizes in E-sport driving , Driving Simulators are perfect for E sport but instead everyone is playing blody DOTA and star-craft.

  • Filipe Morais

    Actually you don t need the game to play the gt academy.. you can download it for free

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