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Le Mans Bugatti Circuit for rF2 – New Previews

Sanagoss has released new previews of his Le Mans Bugatti Circuit for rFactor 2, showing off his latest progress on this promising project.

Sanagoss has released new previews of his Le Mans Bugatti Circuit for rFactor 2, showing off his latest progress on this promising project.

Scratch-made and based on accurate CAD data, this is certainly one of the most promising track projects for rFactor 2 as the preview shots are full of great details, showing off quality work.

The new previews now show advanced track surface features such as marble buildup and wet weather reflections.

Opened in 1965, the 4.1 kilometer Bugatti Circuit is a permanent race track located in the city of Le Mans. Allowing all-year operation, parts of the track are also used for the annual Le Mans 24 Hour race as the circuit’s famous endurance layout uses the start finish straight and first chicane of the permanent Bugatti Circuit.

  • melanieuk1

    Cry cry some more VirtualR never shows rfactor 2 mods (sarc-off) oh wait, this is the fourth rfactor 2 content they’ve shown in the past four days, yeah you know who I’m referring to.
    rFactor 2 modders should show more circuit content, with ISI made vehicles, so far it’s all been third-party modded vehicles.

    Well done for the continuous support for this game Rob, no one else is doing it, yet you get all the stick from a few that think you have to do all the work for them.

    • Hash

      Thank Gawd we have you to point that out.

      For somebody thats uninstalled, and some how as a “sim racer” deemed rf2 not worthy for the stupid amount of HDD you have, you seem to comment ALOT on rf2 stuff,and then proclaiming to all on VR of your deeds, lol how pretentious can you get.

      Even though I literally cant play AC with ai or even a decent MP game I still have AC installed, (cause all thats gonna be fixed in 1.5, right, i am I right?), and even though Pcars ffb makes me wanna hit something, I still have that installed, just to boot up and look at now and again, but what eva.

      • anonymouse

        For some, “photorealistic graphics+broken ai and physics > outdated graphics+non broken ai and 10x times better physics”.

      • Leper Messiah

        LOL every games got it’s fanboys and they all proclaim their favourite as the best.

        What is immature is incessantly complaining about a games shortcomings when overlooking another games shortcomings.

        You ‘ll say that describes a pCARS fanboy…..I say it also describes fanboys of all the other sim.

        Just ENJOY whatever game you want and stop being a miserable git.

      • melanieuk1

        “where everybody can hide behind an anonymous username.”

        Look who’s talking.

      • anonymouse

        My identity is not secret. I’m the author of various mods for rFactor 1. this is the most important I’ve worked on ( ) which was never covered by any sim outlet because they were apparently busy advertising other mods and games, even though this project is at least 3 or 4 years old (How strange!), and somewhere buried in the readme is my real nickname (ChaosZero).

        In the real world I’m Frank, 23, from Italy. Do you want my personal phone number or address aswell or is enough real informations?

      • melanieuk1

        I couldn’t careless what old mod you’ve created, or about who you are, or your personal info, my point being you claiming that anyone can hide behind a anonymous name, again, you’re a fine one to talk.

      • anonymouse

        Mod released in 2016 > old mod. You have a strange way to count the time.

        If you’re just a monkey who looks down at other people or games without backing your words with objective facts, you have no rights to call others out for whatever argument you’re trying to stir up. I can be objective an criticize or praise a game for its upsides and downsides using both my real name and my fictional name. But can you? I don’t have anything intelligent to say, please stop yourself from commenting ever again. You’ll do everybody a favour.

    • Marc Collins

      Where’s the Howston Dissenter story (latest official car from ISI)?

      • wajdi nujeidat

        I asked my self the same question! And I would like that VR pubblic that interview of RD with ISI! ISI maybe is working on a new mysterious title ” nn rf3 ” title?!

  • Kev

    Brilliant insights mellanieuk thanks so much for taking the time. Btw, if you are so brilliant why hide your post history?

  • mjbonner70

    anyone gonna comment on this track project at all? Jeez.

    Love Le Mans, love this track. Had a drive on the Pescarolo LMP2 track day. Was awesome!

    Kudos to Sanagoss and to Ethone (I think). Cheers buddy if its partly you!

    • Guimengo

      He was getting plenty of love, rightfully so, at the forum itself :). It would be fantastic for the Sarthe portion to eventually be developed, and also when it’s done, if it can be ported to other titles.

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