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Le Mans 1977-1979 – All Platforms

Le Mans 1977-1979 – All Platforms

After yesterday’s simultaneous release of Virtua_LM’s Mid Ohio, here comes the next mutli-platform release from the famed mod group.

Virtua_LM and DerDumeKlemmer bring you Le Mans 1972-1986 for GTR2, GT Legends and RACE07. The circuit is one of rFactors best tracks and is now finally available for all ISI-based simulations.

The track comes in two different versions, representing the 1977 and 1979 layouts of the famous French track. While most of the corners are the same, a few spots and plenty of billboards have changed between these two years.

With all the 70ies atmosphere it creates, this track is the perfect playing field for GT Legends. Le Mans breathes sports car racing history and Virtua_LM has succeeded capturing that spirit, bringing these exciting days right to your favorite simulation.

Download Le Mans 1977-1979 for GTR2 Here

Download Le Mans 1977-1979 for GT Legends Here

Download Le Mans 1977-1979 for RACE07 Here

  • GeraArg

    VirtuaLm tracks + P&G = lot of fun :mrgreen:

  • F1Racer

    Amazing effort to bring these tracks to all platforms.
    Much appreciated guys. Racing this on GTR2 and Legends is gonna be a blast.

  • brian

    Thank you so much. I was admiring the work that went in to this but didnt have rfactor to enjoy it. What a gift, and during the race!!! The detail is unbelievable.

  • Jan

    Nice tracks. :mrgreen:

    But they should make make a new Version of Le Mans like 2007 or 2008…….. that would be great! 😉

    Ciao, Jan

  • JJ

    damn! on rapidshare again

  • Anonymous

    😯 this is by far the best addon track found for gtl and gtr2, except nordscleife which is good to
    thanks a lot

  • Anonymous

    does it work on GTR evolution?
    I might have some hope because is made on the same platform as race07

  • bullitt5435

    Absolutely awesome! I especially love the camera flashes in all of the spectator areas. Many thanks!!! 😎

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