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Last-Minute Sim Racing Christmas Deals

Still not done doing your Christmaster Shopping? Or are you already looking for ways to spend those Christmas cash gifts?

Still not done doing your Christmaster Shopping? Or are you already looking for ways to spend those Christmas cash gifts?

Here’s some last-minute sim racing Christmas deals to turn the festive days into racing days:

  • rFactor 2 is currently available for 50% off, selling for 14,99€ until January 2 (including free online racing!) – Click Here
  • The Project CARS Game Of The Year Edition is 74% off, selling for 21,54€ – Click Here
  • iRacing is currently giving a 10% rebate on all car & track purchases, valid until December 29. The discount is applied automatically when checking out
  • Automobilista is currently 60% off, selling for 14,79€ (or 32,20€ including the Season Pass) – Click Here
  • MC

    … and Assetto Corsa 40% off (some DLC 50%).

    • Agony

      I guess they don’t need promotion lol

  • 6e66o

    SimBin back catalogue is 50% off as well

    • Agony

      legends and gtr2 omg so many hours on them good old times

      • Den Burnout

        Aye!! And I just got my wheel (Accuforce) to work okay with GT Legends myself. God I love GTL!!

      • Agony

        man yeah gt legends rules

      • Den Burnout

        Yes. I love AC but when I just want to do a race, no hassles, GT Legends is perfect. Not a bad old girl for her age! lol. I will say too, I tried the AC 917 yesterday and what a BRUTE!! Still have to try to make a lap around Nordschleife without going off………..Also must try my GT Legends version again……We are indeed lucky to have so many choices.

      • Agony

        True , I am mostly play Assetto and Raceroom only single not Online. But yesterday because of you I play GTR2 and Legends 🙂

  • Agony

    rfactor2 at 15 euros is full game lifetime with life time online ?

  • AnklaX

    question is rf2 or automobilista? For I can’t get both now.

    • Agony

      Assetto and R3E are the best for me both have real cars and tracks . laser scanned tracks no subs free on line r3e has the best sounds and the most advanced FFB by far (some people don’t like engine gear effects etch etch ) Assetto has the best physics . Automobilista has amazing physics and nice ffb it feels more refined but I don’t like sounds and graphics also car selection and tracks are not popular. Rfactor2 has for me the best feeling on brakes just amazing I know what the car I doing (I use the demo versions) but I am thinking of not buying it because mostly is dead no people online like the others no graphic updates honestly no updates at all even the Ui is the same all these years nothing it’s hard to mod and if you read the steam forums you will see many problems. Sad to say but I don’t think Rfactor2 has future in my opinion.

      • Depco

        rFactor 2 is under new owners, Studio 397, and as such had a significantly larger number of developers working on it (Some extimates are over 50) over what ISI had working on it. (3)

        They have stated their goal for early 2017 is DX 11 and VR support. Not to mention graphical overhauls. The future for rF2 is very bright indeed. If all the people who said, “Im not getting on because online is dead actually got online the servers would be overflowing.

        Studio 397 has gotten rid of the paywall for online so there really is no reason to not pick it up. Especially at that awesome price.

      • Agony

        these are great news can you confirm that if I buy the rfactor2 now will have at least 2 years support?

      • Depco

        I don’t have any reason to believe that studio 397 would have gone through all of the expense of buying rfactor 2 off of isi if they had no plans to support it for the foreseeable future.

        One thing I haven’t seen anybody pulling out is that the parent company to Studio 397 is Luminus. That is the company that helped Rize Studios take game stock car extreme and turn it into automobilista. I think it’s fair to say that everyone who is automobilista finds it to be a fantastic Sim. It is one of the reasons I have a lot of confidence that studio 397 will take rfactor 2 and turn it into the amazing Sim it was always intended to be but didn’t have enough support to become under ISI.

      • Agony

        I wish

    • William Mazeo

      Considering S397 plans I’d buy rF2, but then you can just wait and get it later when their plans are actually running and get AMS now.

    • MC

      They are both very similar IMO in terms of feel. Automobilista has some nice content but a lot of it is DLC. What’s happening with rF2 means it might be the better prospect going forward (with the new engine etc.)

    • TheFourHorsemen

      IMO, go for Assetto Corsa!!! It’s 40% off right now and its amazing!
      Also full of mods avaible…

      Merry Christmas!

    • Rantam

      Any of them are good choices so just get one now and the other one on the next sale. They offer different things anyway 🙂


      Ps. Not sure why people adds AC to the equation when you’re not asking about that.. but my opinion is that when it comes to how the cars feel and behave AC is way behind these two.

    • Paul Menard

      get the one with the content you will enjoy the most
      ams is my favourite, u could try demo of their older stuff, or there marca? free game

    • Kev

      I’d say get AMS for now until S397 sorts out rF2 which, depending on what content you like, could be next xmas or even years in my estimation.

  • Den Burnout

    So, basically, those of us that bought into the “full kit”, ISI screwed us!!! lol.

    • Richard Hessels

      Do you get less than you what you payed for?rF2 is not from ISI anymore.
      So be happy a good studio with motivated people are taking over. Otherwise rF2 would be close to death.
      Now there is coming tons of new features and content.

      • Den Burnout

        I was mostly teasing referring to the “Lifetime” thing now that multi[player is free, mostly I only say it because I figure someone will, except they might MEAN it. lol. I can’t complain. Maybe these guys will improve it to the point I actually use it!

    • pez2k

      You helped fund development of rF2 to get to this point – without your contribution it wouldn’t be the game it is today. For a lot of customers, the overall cost for the years of online access that they have had still works out less than paying annually. If you’ve just recently bought lifetime access it couldn’t hurt to drop 397 an email and they could be sympathetic.

      • Den Burnout

        Good point and well, I was really just teasing. Cheers!!

  • MC

    Re-subbed to iRacing, been getting a ‘we need a pitstop’ message a lot on the members site, and now a loading error when trying to play :/

  • hotak

    got automobilista + season pack, was waiting for a discount since quite some time 🙂

  • melanieuk1

    The complete Steam/Valve network as been offline for a while, this is more than a winter sale server overload especially for a big company like valve.

  • Paul Maguire

    I bought the season pass for Automobilista and its downloading in steam ‘Automobilista Beta’ but i already have Automobilista installed.

    Whats going on?

    • roadhog29389

      You get the beta for free with the season pass. Through it, Reiza release patches and content early for players to test before being released to the game proper. You can use it or just ignore it, Your choice

      • Paul Maguire

        Ah thanks

  • zef

    rFactor2 14,99€ and free online it’s very good deal 🙂

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