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Kart Racing Pro – Two Preview Videos

Kart Racing Pro – Two Preview Videos

PiBoSo, creator of simulation games like GPBikes and World Racing Series, is currently working on a new title – Kart Racing Pro.

After focusing on bigger racing machinery, the new title aims to recreate a motorsport discipline that almost all race driver careers start with. You can check out two preview videos below, showing both the cockpit view and some racing action.

Via PiBoSo

  • Gaiajohan

    Sounds good, but.. This game made me remember of the karting game Blimey was working on…

  • SergeantBoner

    lets hope the game includes bananapeels, green & red shells and turbo-mushrooms! :sd:

  • ChadSmith2

    Is there a website or any other information on this?

  • Uff

    What PiBoSo is doing is certainly interesting, but I think it would have more appeal if he put all the 3 games in a single title: a single sim with cars, karts and bikes would probably more interesting than 3 different ones!

  • grimes

    Why don’t thay finish one product first?
    Its all stil alpha…

  • starfox550

    Why don’t thay finish one product first?Its all stil alpha…

    Agreed. He really should try to finish one project near to completion before starting another, personally I won’t pay for something that I’ll be essentially be beta testing. Last time I looked GP Bikes had less than a hand full of tracks and the community were crying out to be able to create their own mods, It’s not done rFactor any harm by a long shot.

    Note to PiBoSo: rFactor already has good Karting Mods, if you were to out source some of the work, and not be so greedy, you might actually get the job done and hit the big time like it seems you are so desperate to do.

    Yes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but neither was it built by ONE person

  • MikeVx

    Apparently GP Bikes development is last on the list. I’m getting more and more disappointed with this game. I bought it the first days after release and it had a bright future. Now i’m starting to wonder if it has a future at all.

  • Uff

    rFactor already has good Karting Mods

    Their main problem usually is physic: I’m not putting off any mod in particular, I’m just reporting a news I read on the old RaceSimCentral where there was written that rF1 had a bug on a particular value and that prevented modders from being able to create a kart with proper physic; that mathematic formula has been corrected for rF2 (ISI are developing karts themselves, after all) so hopefully we’ll see even better mods on that sim. 😀

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