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Kart Racing Pro – Reality Check Video

Kart Racing Pro – Reality Check Video

Back in December, PiBoSo released a beta of his new Kart Racing Pro simulation, giving sim racers access to a simulated kart and three different tracks.

Now, a reality check video has been released, showing that the simulation does not just sport some pretty graphics but features rather accurate tracks as well as we get to compare virtual and real footage of the French Magescq karting track.

The Kart Racing Pro beta can be downloaded here, the beta works in demo mode and can be unlocked to full version status for €20.

  • The Biff

    I’m not into karts but I tried the demo and it’s pretty cool. 

  • Slimjim

    the real kart slid around much more and the wet track looked like a mirror
    but over all very nice start for a small dev team…
    good luck in the furture..

  • Thalenberghen

    It’s not very obvious from your description, but the track shown in the video is not made by PiBoSo, the creator’s of the game, but is instead a mod.

    @ Slimjin: The author of the track already stated, that grip level is still too high, compared to the real track, although he already reduced it in the new version, but it’s not a problem of the game itself.

  • gpfan

    I will try and leave my feedback here….  😉

  • gpfan

    Very good job!!! I was palying around with the  FFB menu and the G25 profile and the best setup i found was 200º with 4:1 ration in game…. was like driving a real kart!!!!!


    Small note: It came with 3 karts and one track, not One kart and 3 tracks 😛

  • Bob

    Yep that’s how it was when I bought it months ago. Funny this isn’t new news, but I got tricked when the titles description says “features rather accurate tracks”. I haven’t seen more than 1 track, I’ve been away from this game for months now, so i’m guessing there are some “accurate” mod tracks out?

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