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Kart Racing Pro – Beta 7 Released

PiBoSo has released the seventh beta of his Kart Racing Pro simulation.

PiBoSo has released the seventh beta of his Kart Racing Pro simulation, adding some new features and various fixes to the title that is scheduled to leave the beta stage soon.

The new version includes a new kart chassis, live timing and other features & fixes as listed below.


fix: default groove
fix: temperatures in host exports
fix: host exports saved after last session
fix: lost calibration if controller is disconnected
fix: “sticky” buttons support
fix: changed “tearoff” control to “visor wipe”
fix: tire effects of remote karts
fix: race number up to 999 and centered
fix: PKZ loading
fix: driver animations
fix: air choking simulation
fix: karts track width
fix: race classification
fix: rolling start regulations
new: multiple MOTD lines
new: direct testing
new: direct connection
new: slider to select track conditions
new: UK units
new: dedicated server whitelist
new: multiple helmets support
new: multiple bodyworks support
new: multiple intakes support
new: live timing
new: XML export
new: trainer
new: Kinect Face Tracking
new: support for input plugins
new: carburetor simulation and setup
new: F100 category
new: new kart chassis

Kart Racing Pro includes three different kart tracks (with more community-made tracks available) and 15 karts. The beta works in demo mode, a key to unlock the full version is available for 27€.

A paint kit is also available, make sure to try this out if you like karting as the title comes with pretty impressive graphics as you can check out below.

[boxdownload]Download Kart Racing Pro Here[/boxdownload]