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Kart Racing Pro – Beta 6 Available

PiBoSo has released the sixth beta of his Kart Racing Pro simulation.

PiBoSo has released the sixth beta of his Kart Racing Pro simulation, adding some new features and various fixes to the title that is scheduled to leave the beta stage soon.

The new beta introduces a few important new features, including a free-roam camera


    • fix: dedicated server replay
    • fix: dedicated server dynamic track surface reset
    • fix: rolling start corridors crossing penalty
    • fix: gap in race classification
    • fix: poll across a server restart
    • fix: setup page on track bug
    • fix: remote karts sunk into the ground
    • fix: possibility to reconnect to a server with a different kart
    • fix: cleanup of disconnected drivers with no laps
    • fix: disconnected drivers greyed out in classification
    • fix: improved mouselook
    • fix: look left/right/back
    • fix: faster cleanup of dirt tires
    • new: free-roam replay camera
    • new: wizard to setup steering wheel rotation
    • new: display of position and gap and the end of a race
    • new: Rye House track
    • – air choking is visual only at the moment
    • – rain drops on visor were temporarily removed
    • – Left Ctrl + F to show / hide framerate counter
    • – if mapped on keys / buttons, it is now possible to press look left and right at the same time to look back

Kart Racing Pro includes three different kart tracks (with more community-made tracks available) and eight racing karts. The beta works in demo mode, a key to unlock the full version is available for 24€.

A paint kit is also available, make sure to try this out if you like karting as the title comes with pretty impressive graphics as you can check out below.

  • Luke Longnecker

    I wish you would use fresh screenshots for updates like this. We’ve seen most of those old ones too many times now.

  • Paul Menard

    and a link is always handy 😉

  • Anonymous

    I really wish that a good online community would form around this very good karting game. Like with other sims, the online activity is dismal at best and lacking AI it’s a bit boring to lap by yourself over and over.

    I always thought of this as the NKpro of karts. 

    • devotid

      I could not agree with you more……. Its weird how something like this and NKPro are soo good but its like the people mainly still want to play the Arcade games.  i thought this multiplayer would be full all the time.  I think the “mainstream” new gamers are just starting to figure out that pllaying driving games does not have to feel like mario kart anymore…

      Also IMO I think what it needs is more advertising….and Im not talking about more internet blogs.  I mean they have to have at least somebody putting ads in karting magazines and attending real kart races to spread the world.

      I know some serious kart racers that are heavily into karting and they have not even heard of this.  thats not cool.  But im sure that Piboso is busy enough as it is……

      i would just like to know wht he has planned for the future……

      my 2 cents……

  • Neotronik Aritz

    Maybe this video I made is fresh enough 😛

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