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Kart Racing Pro – Beta 2 Released

Kart Racing Pro – Beta 2 Released

PiBoSo has released the second beta of his popular Kart Racing Pro simulation, fixing a string of bugs and adding some small new features as listed below.


fix: online crash
fix: overtake penalty in standing start
fix: race standings on clients
fix: flying karts
fix: correct driver visor and tires sounds for rain in replays
fix: controls dead-zone
fix: calibration issues
fix: increased fov range
fix: engine sound volume distance falloff
fix: connection bug
fix: smooth and force feedback settings not saved
fix: revised low speed control
fix: engines temperature
fix: engines curve
fix: grip levels
fix: KC3 exhaust
new: adjustable dedicated server restart delay
new: Windows compatibility mode
new: secondary monitor support
new: “push” control
new: starter
new: option to disable shift help
new: option to disable automatic idle
new: water wakes
new: disconnected drivers greyed out in entries
new: “driver in pits” flag in practice and qualify classification
new: dedicated server: close button now minimizes to notification bar

Kart Racing Pro includes the Italian Lonato kart track and three different racing kars. The beta works in demo mode, a key to unlock the full version is available for 20€.

A paint kit is also available, make sure to try this out if you like karting as the title comes with pretty impressive graphics as you can check out below.

Download Kart Racing Pro Beta 2 Here

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