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Kart Racing in rFactor – Slow-Motion Video

Niels Heusinkveld keeps on releasing very interesting preview videos of his Kart Racing mod for rFactor.

Niels Heusinkveld keeps on releasing very interesting preview videos of his Kart Racing mod for rFactor.

This time, we get to check out some slow-motion footage Niels has made, showing off the physic features of the mod as he explains below:

To show physics in TV cam, you have to drive and record at the same time because replays don’t contain all the physics elements. That means driving in 1/10 slow motion (control+g in rFactor) with a gamepad.

The bouncing seems over the top because of the gamepad and slomo, making me apply incredibly fast steering inputs if it was real time. This causes more sudden kart jacking, weight transfer and the effect of the tires (weight) being moved in relation to the kart chassis causing all sorts of forces on the body.

Still, it shows some cool shots, if only replays had the full physics fidelity I would do a super slomo replay of an actual lap rather than this 1st gear mucking about with a gamepad! 🙂

  • Chris Wright

    Looks very promising.

    • Gerald

      I thought this was a test only. Not sure what lies ahead for the scene. Just youtube videos? Looks fun though. Kart has never appealed to me much in sim. Perhaps in real life but if this simulates it well, I would sure be interested to play.

  • Steven Ciofalo

    I thought it was rF2 for a while.. What is this Ctrl+G shenanigans?

  • Paul Mullins

    must remember to drive my Rotax with a gamepad one day.

  • Jim Slimjim Cassi

    Not sure why this keeps getting posted as a new mod, this is my World Karting V2.1 mod with Niels playing around with the physics. I can get the kart to jack / raise the inside rear tire also, without all the bouncing around. So to new viewers this is not a “new mod”. not taking anything away from Niels, as he is a great physics guy.

    • Gerald

      Then the next version needs to be 2.2 or 3.0 or whatever is a proper version number and needs to be released with Neil’s physics and then we can play too.
      How is one to experience the great physics just from video viewing? One
      needs to be able to “feel” the physics from experience to truly
      appreciate them.

      • Jim Slimjim Cassi

        we are not looking for who’s is better,
        we are looking to find the most realistic driving kart.
        real weight, engine power, and tire grip.
        the front geometry of the spindles are very crucial to make the chassis react in the proper manor.
        also in rFactor, we try to eliminate as much suspension travel, and movement as possible.
        as karts do not have suspension other than tire and chassis flex.

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