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Jylandsringen 1.0 – Released

Jylandsringen 1.0 – Released

Custom-8 has released their Jylandsringen track project for RACE07, GTR Evolution & STCC – The Game, bringing Denmark’s top touring car track to the Simbin simulations.

The track comes in two different layouts, a 1475m variant that was used until 2003 and the modern 2300m layout that hosts the Danish Touring Car Championships and other motorsport activities.

If you´re wondering if this track is worth to be tried, just listen to what Danish race driver Kasper Andersen has to say:

“My first impression was just WOAW, I could not put a finger on anything, it is 100% carried through down to the last details! I have to say that this track seems just a tad more thorough and accurate than any of the tracks by Simbin. It’s just superb!”

Download Jylandsringen 1.0 Here

  • gtrNL

    Excellent, great news, downloading now… :happy:

  • Baba

    ➡ green buildings, green landscape and green race course :ooo:

  • dknine

    thanks Custom-8!
    screens look great, will try it out when dl is done :happy:

  • Zenitchik

    This track is great! Very nice textures and very “Bump mapping” is very well done!

  • Gopher04

    Lovely track, and blends in with the rest of the stcc tracks perfectly.. :happy:

  • Rasmus

    Nicely done!! Now all we need is for someone to create the DTC series 😆 Nah, the STCC cars do this track enough justice.

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