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Justin Wilson 1978 – 2015

Veteran Indycar racer Justin Wilson has passed away following a crash at Sunday’s Indycar race at Pocono.

It has been an extremely tragic start into the week for the whole racing world as the motorsports world has unfortunately lost British race car driver Justin Wilson, following an accident at Sunday’s Indycar series race at Pocono.

In an extremely unfortunate turn of events, Wilson suffered fatal head injuries when his helmet was hit by a piece of debris from Sage Karam’s car that had crashed ahead of him.

In his 28 years as an active racer, Wilson competed in 16 Formula One Grand Prix, the Sebring 12 Hours, the Le Mans 24 Hours as well as the Champ Car World Series an the Indycar Series where he managed to win 3 races in 120 starts.

Another major career milestone came in 2012 when Wilson won the prestigious Rolex Daytona 24 Hours race alongside fellow co-drivers AJ Allmendinger, Oswaldo Negri and John Pew

Wilson leaves behind a wife and two daughters, donations for the Wilson family are accepted under the following details:

Wilson Children’s Fund, c/o INDYCAR, 4551 W. 16th St., Indianapolis, IN 46222.

  • welshy666

    very very sad. RIP Justin.

  • Jason Fice

    RIP, I hate that we’re saying good bye again after poor Jules.

  • F1Racer

    Such a tragic shame that this has happened to Justin in such freakish circumstances.
    Before we had Massa being hit by a spring then Henry Surtees in F2 when a wheel hit his helmet.

    I can foresee the concept of closed-cockpits looming ever closer but perhaps USA will be more reluctant to go that route. In fact…

    • Morgan

      That is a very interesting concept from Mercedes.

      I think for the Massa and Surtees incidents, this may have not made any difference. It may require something like this but with a canopy style windshield in the front and leaving the top open. That may have helped Massa, but again the Surtees incident may have well been the same result.

      But realistically, whatever they can come up with, there will still be a risk involved, and it is basically just about reducing the risk to an “acceptable” level.

  • apex55

    This hurts. I remember watching Justin in Portland when Champ Car had their first standing start. Justin was in control for almost 50 laps. I was impressed with his raw pace and talent. He later lost that race on a good strategy call from the Bourdais camp but from that day forward I had respect for Wilson as a racer. After the accident the commentators mentioned him moving in the cockpit and then I saw the marshal and medical crews crowd around and I had bad flashbacks of Imola ’94. The worst possible outcome. My only hope is that his sacrifice won’t be in vain and that his legacy will be of ushering in a new era of safety. Whatever Indy and F1 adopt, I think it would only be fitting if they named it the “wilson cockpit”

  • Silvio

    Not too much to say, just sad. Another hero has gone.

    • RKipker

      This was simply an accident that can not be avoided in open cockpit race cars… R.I.P. Justin Wilson…. and may GOD be with your family!

  • MC

    Extremely sad. I understand this was a freak accident, but indycar safety seriously needs to be looked at. I know they’ve already made efforts, but drivers are still getting hurt, and cars shouldn’t be taking off like we saw at indianapolis etc.

  • RapidRefund

    After Dan Weldon’s crash Indy was considering some type of closed cockpit. Wonder what they will think now/ Maybe some type of bullet proof windscreen?
    RIP Justin

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