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Joux Plane Track for Assetto Corsa – Released

The first third party track for Assetto Corsa has been released as kegetys brings Joux Plane from Richard Burns Rally to Kunos’ simulation.

The first third party track for Assetto Corsa has been released as kegetys brings Joux Plane from Richard Burns Rally to Kunos’ simulation.

Originally created for Richard Burns Rally, Joux Plane is a hillclimb/rally type track that goes well with AC’s many road cars.


– The timing starts immediately when you enter the track
– Road and grass surfaces are not as detailed/varied as originally
– There are no sector times
– Tree collisions can be somewhat buggy
– Some objects are missing
– AI wont work
– No track map

Update: Download link removed due to copyright claim.

[boxdownload]Download Joux Plane for Assetto Corsa Here[/boxdownload]
  • Mutton

    (Edited by moderator) – Removed the rubbish bits of the post and left the rest.

    • F1Racer

      Oh well done. Read the comment rules next time. Try again in a couple of weeks.

  • Matt Orr

    E30 M3 + Drift upgrade + Semi Slicks. Go forth and prepare to die!

  • Andrew McP

    We will shortly begin another argument about unlicensed conversions and intellectual property theft. But as someone who never pirates games or movies or anything else, and who has led a decent and moral and rather boring life for 50 years, I have to say… if driving this unexpected gem of a track is a crime, then someone phone the police, because I’m going to jail.

    Not all AC’s cars have the suspension to deal with this course, but those which do are an absolute delight to fling round these bends. I haven’t had this much fun in years. πŸ™‚ We may never have got the RBR2 many of us wanted, but we have this. And it is absolutely bl**dy wonderful!

    As old age, a bad back, and arthritis approach faster than a speeding train I have learned to take pleasure in life where I can find it… and I definitely find it here.

    Thanks Kegetys, and thanks to the team responsible for RBR. Your work and spirit lives on. Now, excuse me, I have to go practice my Scandinavian flick.

    And after I’ve finished watching porn I’ll get back in my E30 Drift and go fall off a mountain again.

    • Alejandro Gorgal

      I know it sounds weird, but being a drift fan the first thing I did instead of trying the E30 was actually driving the Tatuus Abarth AND IT’S A BLAST.

      Im not sure how realistic it is, but it feels amazing and had to lift the throttle more than once because I was genuinely terrified.

      So yeah, being an RBR owner myself I can say if this is a crime, then living on the wrong side is wonderfully exiting.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think we should be worried about using tracks from VERY old games like this. You purchase games to support the developers. The developers aren’t getting a dime from any RBR purchases or licensing deals at this point – if they’re even still developing games at all.

        I put it into the same moral category as pirating music from all the jazz greats of the 20s. They’ve long gone and so have their wives and immediate family. The only person that would benefit from me buying a Fats Waller or Jelly Roll Morton album would be some big company that bought the rights from some other company that bought the rights from….

      • Ole Marius Myrvold

        While Warthog is gone, Square Enix still have the publishing rights to the game.

        Send a little mail to a company like iRacing and ask about, well, anything regarding the old Papyrus games, and trust me, you will probably never get a reply as harsh as the one you will get from those guys.

        The IP is still protected, and that’s what’s matters. Make the track from scratch if it’s that awesome.

      • jax

        why dont you do it smartass?

      • F1Racer

        Enough of the personal insults jax. Please make yourself aware of the comment rules on the top banner.

      • Ole Marius Myrvold

        Do what? Send mail to Square Enix? It was troublesome enough to get through to a person that knew they had RBR in their portofolio. When that was done, it was quite nice, quick and respectful service I got regarding my questions.
        However, I’m not the guy with any sort of skills of doing conversions or scratch made stuff. So I won’t bother. I’ll duly praise the scratch modders though, like Rob James! πŸ™‚

      • Anonymous

        Well, like I said, I don’t have any issue not paying the publisher like Square Enix. Traditional publishers are starting to be pushed out and are only keeping relevant with sweetheart deals from Microsoft or Sony.

        I would want my money to do to the people who developed the tracks. If it will only go to a publisher, I don’t care.

        Personal opinion, personal moral choice.

      • Ole Marius Myrvold

        Not personal laws however.

    • jax

      Very well said sir. God bless you!

  • MAKCorp

    Does this add the track to the sim or replace an existing track?

    • Michael Hornbuckle

      Adds to the sim two versions; up and down

      • MAKCorp

        Fantastic, thanks for the reply. πŸ™‚

  • Austin Ogonoski

    Ladies and gentlemen, your track record is a 5:23.984.

    • Traumahound

      Eyes.. glued.. to.. screen. I’m in awe of your immaculate, fast, manic run. Even if it is in one of the most forgiving, capable (easy?) cars in AC.

      Thanks for the pure, visceral entertainment.

      • Deatroy

        BMW M3 GT2 is more forgiving.

  • Chris Wright

    How great to have just created an AC Mods folder for such eventualities as this. Pretty historic in its own little way. I can’t wait to try it.

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    Moral and Ethical dilemmas notwithstanding, the first mile or so of this is awesome. I have stuffed a Lotus Exige, BMW E30, and Ferrari F458 upside down in the trees all within a few hundred yards of each other….was having a blast until I died.
    I hope the guys that originally created this track for RBR don’t feel too ripped off and can get some satisfaction that people are having a blast with their creation nearly 10 years after the fact.

  • Joao Oliveira

    AWESOME!!!… This is what Assetto Corsa needs, more tracks, so that championships can be customizable!!!

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    I made it all the way!!! In the Pagani Zonda R of all things lol….good thing there isn’t damage yet cause it would have been destroyed but I kept it right side up and rolling..and yes, I was laughing like a madman the entire time.

  • Mario Strada

    I was actually very impressed by the graphics. This track never looked so good in RBR. I am not sure what he was complaining about. Is it possible my RBR graphics are set wrong?

  • Anonymous

    This is actually the kind of stuff I’m looking forward to most in AC. Trento Bondone in NetKar really set a high standard for hillclimb simulations, and this track finally brings something similar to AC. I’m pretty impressed with it overall, however the bumpiness makes many cars nearly undrivable, and I wish that it was a little more detailed, but overall this is a really great first mod. Hopefully they decide to bring over a couple more tracks (Joux Verte, please), and refine the surface; then we’ll have something magic.

    • Anonymous

      Joux Plane and Bisanne are the only tracks ever converted from RBR as far as I can tell, they exist in rf1 as well as most other gmotor sims.
      Converting from RBR is not easy unfortunately. But maybe AC will inspire more modders to try and convert more.

      • MAKCorp

        Who knows, maybe the guys behind RSRBR might decide to mod AC? Now that would be something!

      • Ole Marius Myrvold

        Or maybe conversions in the end, will be the thing that kills modding and simracing… I cannot understand why it’s so hard to keep on the legal side of things.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        I think that payware mods will kill modding and simracing but it seems we are both wrong judging by the amount of original, free content that is being worked on and shown off just at the AC official forums.

      • Ole Marius Myrvold

        I’ll be extremely happy if I’m wrong. ^^,

      • Anonymous

        Nope. It’s archaic, out of date copyright laws and overzealous lawyers that’ll be the death of modding.If modders can only create ‘original content’, then effectively that only leaves fantasy cars and tracks as an option unless they’re prepared to pay exorbitant licensing fees.

      • Ole Marius Myrvold

        No no, remember that an artistic interpretation is allowed.

  • Marcel

    Even though it’s a ripped mod from another game it works very well and is alot of fun to drive in cars with a bit softer suspension. I hope we get more build from scratch in the future without having to discuss legality every time but in this case i don’t feel any bad because the game it is ripped of is 10 years old, and not a competitor to Assetto Corsa.

    Just gave it a go in the KTM and was very immersed by the Headtracking with TrackIR 5, very useful at such a track when you have only one screen.

    • Alex White

      If you untick “Lock drivers head to horizon” in the options somewhere it should look more natural, as the head will go up and down hills with the car, rather than looking down into the cockpit up a hill and up into the sky down a hill.

      That was a really cool video though.

      • Marcel

        For me it would not. When you uncheck that option you have the camera absolutly fixed to the car like a onboard camara and on every bump the hole world outside is shaking, what it isnΒ΄t in real life. When you drive a car over a bumpy rode your brain and eyeballs are so fast that what you are looking at is always steady and smooth like in the locked to horitzont view of Assetto Corsa. Better the car shakes around, because i havenΒ΄t to focus on it. But you are right about the problem when driving up or downhill, they should add a degree area whitin the camera looks to horizont bot over a point it follows the car.

  • David Armstrong

    Can’t thank you enough Kegetys!!

    Point-to-point rally tracks are by far my favourite, and this track alone has given me heaps of fun with AC. Hope to see a lot more of it’s kind, weather they’re converted from other games or made from scratch. Fingers crossed that someone out there is working on a pace note mod/app.

    Thanks again Kegetys, and thanks to the original track makers from RBR.

  • Juhan Voolaid

    So very awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Now; loose surface model, pleeeeease!! πŸ™‚

  • fonzie

    Thx Kegetys !!! Just awesome. This is so nice to play the RBR tracks with AC.
    Its a privilege to have this tracks in AC. Hope to see more of these tracks coming to AC

  • Silvio

    When I see so much people drooling egg with a material of such poor quality (and cost virtually nonexistent for the “author”) wonder why some developers are still interested in scanning the tracks and spend 4-6 months to produce it.

    • GamerMuscle

      People are exited because they love rbr ,this shows you can get stuff into ac engine and its the first mod track.

      People obviously depend on developers to do ultra high quality laser tracks why would that stop them from enjoying random mod content? Why cant people enjoy both ?

      How do you know precise eggnog excitement of a person from random comments?

      • Silvio

        “How do you know precise eggnog excitement of a person from random comments?”

        Do I really need to answer this? πŸ™‚

    • pay2021

      I wonder where i left my equipment to laser scan tracks.

    • Anonymous

      LOL, if they had the laser scanned version or this one, which do you think we would choose? But until we get a laser scanned Joux Plane, this one is quite nice. Not flat, has bumps, not too bad looking, and very surprising that it got made without mod tools.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks nice track!!!

    But the DEV’s thought about the track..:(

    “Ok, enough.
    Conversions of original content is not what we would like to see coming in Assetto Corsa.
    We hope to see only original content coming to AC from modders.
    This one and all other threads about original content conversions on this forum will be locked.” From the AC forum.

    • Andrew McP

      KS have no choice but to adopt this stance. I’d do exactly the same in their position, because they have to protect their business from any potential legal flak from unofficial mods and conversions.

      • Silvio

        The unique and best way they have to avoid judicial issues is do not permit dedicated servers with unofficial tracks and cars.
        You can’t say you are not commited with piracy if you give the tools and the basic support for it.

      • Tony R

        Isn’t pretty much every mod unofficial though? – tracks which developers pay loads for licenses are a free for all for modders. Car models unsanctioned by the manufacturers, sponsors logos, driver names on cars the list goes on.

        Surely the best solution is to encourage third party sites (like rFactorCentral) to host mods and keep them off the official AC site in entirety. If Japan Tobacco take umbrage to B&H logos on AC cars available for download and by default approved by Kunos then it is as illegal a breach of trademark as any conversion from another game.

    • Justin Schmidt

      logical for them to do that. allowing it on their own forum is like using unlicensed 3rd party conversions to advertise their product. its ok in other places.

    • jax

      I understand them because it’s their FORUM. They are not saying dont do it we will gun you down and sue you. They pretty much says please stop posting this on our forum. We need a dedicated website for conversions.

  • Benjamin Dolard

    “Yay, can’t wait to get more tracks from RBR !”
    This is gonna be rFactor all over again; with crappy conversions from 10 year old games, illegal and ugly, and everyone will be happy.
    I expect much more, to be honest.
    (and don’t serve me the “respect his work” BS; that’s a conversion !!)

    (Edited by moderator to meet posting rule requirements)

  • rafael_design

    Great! I prefer road courses like this over race tracks. πŸ˜€

  • ditec890

    Speaking of Assetto Corsa, how to play? I mean, what’s the game?. Besides giving laps there what else you can do?. I say this without malice, is that I’m new at this.

    • Alex White

      Not much just now. You need to wait until they add AI and Multiplayer. πŸ™‚

      • ditec890

        Thanks, then I’ll wait. Although lately all games are under construction and no one remembers them playable content.

      • Deatroy

        Around Version 0.7 – 0.9 there will be AI i guess.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Sounds like for you the best thing is to wait until Version 1.0 is released..should only have a little more time to wait..April or May I think

    • Jukka Karppinen

      There’s AI for drag racing and stuff like drift challenge for now, until we get proper AI.

  • Kendra Jacobs

    Great track, kunos probably had to make tbe decision they did due to licensing, I’m sure they wish they didn’t have to.

    Now all we need to is acs gaming physics changed so that any old player has to actually pay attention to how they drive instead of just going from 0 to full throttle in an instant in almost every car at every speed on any corner. And when the rear does come around it takes such a small amount of lock to save the slide, and the slides tire scrubbing often kills the speed and slide before you even rotate too much, its like the rear has its own regripping physics going on, 100% major flaw in acs core physics model that gives an arcadishness to the game. The rear swinging out needs much more momentum (or inertia) too, everything is caught so easily and regrips so easily and borderline arcadey it sort of ruins the experience of such a sweet track. It’s like the cars have no torque or power even at 100% gas. And when you do have a moment it always just regrips for you before the angle gets too big and you hardly ever have to apply much lock, it sort of regrips for you as long as you are in time with just a kittle bit of lock than the physics just take care of the rest.

    you hardly ever slip the rears either its almost either 100% grip or a quick slide and correction, just look at any vid posted.

    I hope Kunos address these clear borderline arcadey physics issues of theirs because in other areas ac shows a lot of promise

    • Jaimy Mewe

      I hope you get banned soon again. You keep rambling on about the same stuff every time again and again. Noone takes you seriously anymore and even less people care. Aren’t you getting tired of yourself? Because i know most of us here sure are…

      • Kendra Jacobs

        For what? I’m goin over why a track like this is spoilt by certain issues in acs core physics. I also went over those in detail instead of just throwing out insults and flames. I also said it shows a lot of promise. I also said the tradk is sweet and I commented on how I think that Kunos deep down inside would have loved to have that track on their forums but were forced to lock the thread because of licensing.

        Nothing rude, flaming, trolling or whtever about that post. If you can’t understand or cant handle my explanations about certain major physics problems then you shouldnt just go after me calling for a ban.

        And I don’t care if people dont take me seriously or dont care, some people take simracing really seriously and Id be glad if I could even make 1 person out of 100 see my points and there are way more people who read websites than actually post and I know I’m speaking for many people out there. My posts may bother you as maybe you cant handle seeing flaws in a game you love, or maybe you thought a game was perfect and you don’t want to see the truth and look into things deeeper because maybe ac is the first pc sim you can drive without getting frustrated and maybe you want to owe everything to your talents instead of a physics system that forgives too much and requires too little precision from the driver??? I don’t know, im just guessing here. But this is a discussion site about pc sims, you dont think the number 1 discussed and critisized thing will be physics? Of course it will..

      • Jaimy Mewe

        I don`t care that your posting stuff, and i couldn`t care less about what you think about if i can or cannot drive a sim.

        It`s the sickening way you`re trying to convince people that you`re right and others are wrong. Why would you be glad if you reached one person out of thousand? Why don`t you let people decide for themselfs? And why do you think they should listen to you?

        Who are you to judge wheter a game`s physics are right or wrong? Let people enjoy what they enjoy, and stop trying to convince one game is better then the others.

        I own most of the sims, and i have my preferences and idea`s why i like one more then the other. But i keep that for myself and i`m not dedicating my life preaching my sim beliefs to others on a website. I have better things to do with my life…like enjoying all the sims i can play. Don`t you have something better to do?

      • F1Racer

        I don’t know why but some of the behaviours you are describing in AC, I am not seeing at all.
        I do feel I need to be precise and some of the cars are not forgiving at all. I find the road cars behaviours to be believable.
        So are you saying you find AC too easy ? Or that it needs to be harder to be ‘realistic’ ?

        As are others, I could be curious to see one of your laps because I am keen to see what you are doing that I am not that makes my experience so different.

      • Guest

        Lets be honest thought, I’ve tried the rFactor 2 demo & Assetto Corsa drives 100 times better than the rf2 demo, one doesn’t need to sweat & fight to keep the car in a straight line, never mind pulling out of the pits, green road?….more like black flag.

    • Shaddix

      we are at 0.4 and you got all the time full grip on those tracks. So nothing is wrong atm…
      Wait until they release their dynamic track feature and then we can compare again πŸ˜‰

    • Roger Wallentin

      It does not sound like you have much real life experience driving cars over the limit managing under and oversteer.

      No other simulation to-date on any platform does a better job at simulating a cars balance in and out of slip on the front or rear axle than AC in its current state.

      If its hard or easy to control oversteer depends on the car, in AC just like in real-life you have cars that are really easy to drift (e.g. E90 M3 or E30 drift) and you have those which are really twitchy like the Zonda or 599XX.

      And the fidelity in the feedback you get from the FF and chassie response is on a different level from any simulation I’ve driven to-date as well.

      • F1Racer

        I need some tips on catching rear end slides in AC πŸ™‚
        OK I was driving the F40 which isn’t the easiest car but it seems with other cars too, when the rear steps out I am clearly doing something wrong when trying to correct it because my success rate on catching the car is pretty bad :).

        I’m not talking about self-induced slides or drifts, but the ones that are unintentional. Power out of a corner or on turn-in. Rear end gets away, try to correct and no chance. Its a spinner.
        I could try and blame lag or my controller settings and maybe that is playing a part, but I must also blame myself.
        I think I am overcompensating on the over-correct. Sometimes I steer into the slide slowly but it’s never enough, the slide is always ahead of me.
        If I countersteer quicker then the car just snaps back the other way.
        I think I need to practice more on AC so any tips would be useful.
        I’m have no qualms in asking for help even though I seem to manage ok on all my other sims.
        I assume their must be a technique I’m not getting right or I’m carrying too much speed into the corners still.

        I’m ok lapping the cars but on the occasion that they step out it would be nice to have a better ‘save’ ratio than I have now πŸ™‚

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        The only time I make a decently big save is when I am way faster spinning my wheel than I thought I could be.

        For me it is car and track dependent…the s3 458 at silverstone I can hang it out like a poor mans Chris Harris…I am 1.5 seconds off the WR using default set with no changes and throwing the car around like an absolute madman. At Vallelunga I am 1.4 seconds off the WR with no sliding around at all….but for some reason I have a much higher save ratio in this car than any other.

        The F40 on 90’s street tires I can slide around pretty good also…it is decently easy to catch with fast hands if you don’t get too crazy…same car on semi-slicks I can barely make a soon as the back end gets a little out of whack its over.

      • F1Racer

        Well I’m really liking the Stage 3 458 so perhaps I chould practice over-driving in that and trying to catch the rear when it snaps out.
        Though what makes it more frustrating is that incessant 5s or 50kph penalty when you go off-track.
        That should be killed off in practice sessions, or at least made optional from the GUI, as it’s totally pointless imo.

        Maybe another problem of mine is when I steer into the slide and the car catches grip again I swing the wheel back over to the other side for fear of a tank-slapper when maybe I need to be pointing it straight.
        I`ll get it at some point πŸ™‚

        My best car that I love catching the slides in, strangely enough, is the old Corvette from the RACE07 Retro add-on. Love that.

      • Anonymous

        ive just come back from hols and drove the F40 for the first time today. I did about 8 laps in total (silverstone). After 5 laps with the 90S street tyre compound, I did a 2.29. I pitted and changed to the 2nd compound, and immediately went 6 seconds quicker. I changed to the final compound and immediately went a second quicker, with a final laptime of 2.22.7. i did not change any other setup parameters.

        my FOV is set to 40 degrees, and i have the camera fixed to the car, NOT the horizon. Though its a nice effect, you do not want to have the car rolling about around you, as its offputting and doesn’t correlate properly with the actual ffb and what the car is really doing – its the equivalent of having look to apex on (another thing that should be turned off).
        these things should help you catch the slides. I was using full manual, and heel and toeing on downshifts (i normally dont bother and use sequential or paddle shift, but i went old school to ‘experience’ the f40 way. Downside of this is im slower with it as i normally left foot brake for everything)

        i found the car hugely driveable. i did not spin once. its difficult to drive cleanly and achieve optimum laptime (which is what makes AC stand out from everything else) but it seemed consistent in the behaviour and the way you correct slides.

        im using a g25. i dont know what wheel youre using, but if its belt driven, you will find it physically slower to counter steer due to the belt resistance, which will make things harder. the power of the wheel is important, but so is the ability of the wheel to change direction of the FFB, and in that regard, the g25/g27 are quicker than the t500, and on par with the CSW base with F1 rim (see skeijmels tests and graphs proving this).

        i made the brake gamma linear, which makes it easier for me to modulate the brake to find the optimum point before locking the front wheels (im using clubsport pedals v1).

        i hope all that helps. i really cannot understand how you could be losing the rear of the car, best thing to do is upload a video with your pedal/input app on, so i can see what youre actually doing.

    • Michael Hornbuckle

      You post the same garbage over and over yet not once have you posted a screenshot showing what kind of lap times you are running…Please get in a car, any car at Mugello and show us that you are running within a second of the WR; if the cars are so easy to drive at the limit then prove you are driving them at the limit.
      Since you won’t do this and you damn sure won’t use the RSR live timing app just go back to rf2 and play against the AI and have fun driving a car that is slightly harder than real life.

      • F1Racer

        Oh Michael, don’t tell me you are in the crowd where you say people should be within a certain time of the alien WR’s in order to have an opinion on their experiences. Surely they can be allowed to be right or wrong despite doing that.
        I can’t get within a second on the alien times but I damn sure push to my best. We’re not all at the alien level and if only the alien drivers could or should voice their opinions, we’d be seeing tumbleweed on this blog and many forums.
        Yesterday I drove 3 cars on a couple of tracks and got in the 20’s (leaderboard position wise) and one time inside the top 20. I was happy with that tbh πŸ™‚
        I was actually amazed how much time I could make up simply by adjusting my braking zones. Crazy.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Having an opinion on your experience isn’t dependent on lap time at all…when you make a statement such as “driving the cars at their limit is too easy” then yes, I want to know that you are indeed driving them at their limit. I’m sure you do push your best, so do I. In some of the street cars I am only a couple tenths off the top times so in those cars I have a pretty good idea how they drive at the limit. For me driving a GT2 car 10 seconds off the pace is easy as pie. Driving it at 4 seconds off the pace is pretty damn difficult. I don’t have a clue how they drive at the limit because I can;t drive them anywhere near there limit but I would imagine that driving it within a few tenths of the fastest guys out there (the ones that are truly showing you what the limits of the car is) is pretty damn difficult even for the ones doing it.

        Not sure why I even bothered responding to Kendra..there’s about as much chance of me changing his mind as there is of him changing mine. Just makes me sick to see outright lies presented as facts.

        I really need to just cuss somebody the hell out and get banned once and for all so I will quit taking the bait and posting here.

      • F1Racer

        I don’t think many reads what he says as facts. I hope most people when it’s an opinion. Besides when you have a reputation it can stick,
        I know it can be frustrating Michael and it’s easier said that done to say ignore him. Sometimes you really have to take a breath and come back to it later.
        For me, I don’t people get me down. I try to post in a calm manner regardless of what get’s thrown out there.
        I don’t let them get inside me and dictate my mood and over time I’ve got used to doing that and although I can write long replies in a heated debate I’m usually always calm during and at the end. It’s good to know you can just get up from the keyboard and walk away knowing you haven’t been got to. And the more I know they are trying, the harder it is for them to succeed.
        It’s funny though cos when I’m out driving my car I’m the opposite. There are so many bad drivers here they annoy the hell out of me every time πŸ™‚ I don’t go nuclear on them (much) but the control I have when debating on the net just deserts me πŸ™‚
        But anyway I’m rambling.

        Go and enjoy the new year, spare a thought for Schumi and see you back 2014 when we will get the next shiny new update of AC !! πŸ™‚

      • Anonymous

        Oh, so now, he has to post laptimes to you, to prove that she is driving near the limit of the cars and physics?

        Hmmmmmm where have we argued this before? Oh yeh thats right, the last time, when you and F1Racer were saying the total opposite.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Actually you were dissing F1Racer for being slow and telling me that nobody that is fast bothers with driving the slow cars so even though I’m competitive in those it didn’t matter….or some such drivel.

        The thing that is really weird and kinda throwing a monkey wrench in all of this is that I am friends with an Alien..A few days ago he had 4 WR times in the Z4 GT3 and a couple in the M3 GT2 including Imola; one of the most popular combos in the game. He is pretty damn fast and I can’t get within 5 seconds of him. Yet in the street cars I am within tenths of him and actually faster than him in a couple combos. Weird.

        edit: thats him driving the gt3 car in the video towards the bottom of the page..Austin is pretty damn fast.

      • Anonymous

        It is quite amazing how you can distort and make up stuff.

        “Actually you were dissing F1Racer for being slow”
        Not true. At all. Did not say that. At all.

        “nobody that is fast bothers with driving the slow cars”

        Did not say that. At all.

        What I said. Was to make an accurate assessment of the behaviour and characteristics of any cars in any of these sims, you have to be capable of setting a reasonable laptime, which I estimated to be within 1-3 seconds of a banzai alien laptime, because that would mean you would have to be leaning on the physics of the sim, to achieve those laptimes.

        Do you understand, that concept? I’m asking as a serious question, do you understand that paragraph above? IF you don’t, Quote specifically which bits you dont understand, or disagree with, and explain why you disagree.

        Stop paraphrasing, and distorting things ive said completely, and summarising it as ‘drivel’. It gets the discussion no where, and you frankly look at sound immature in doing so. Actually you’d be a perfect news anchor on Fox news.

    • Adrian Herrera

      Anybody knows if there is a way for me to block comments from this clown on my personal disquss account?

      • F1Racer

        Adrian, the only way I know of (and it takes some self-discipline) is to either not read the post or click on the minimise line on the top right of the comment next to the arrow to close up the comment so you can’t see it.
        Disqus does lack in certain areas.

    • Anonymous

      please post some times on the live timing app. then we can talk. Thanks.

      • F1Racer

        What kinda lap times would Kendra need in order to be qualified to discuss AC’s car physics with you ?

      • Anonymous

        it doesnt matter, as long as he can turn the steering wheel and press the pedals, thats good enough to form a judgement on the game.
        my parents can drive in real life, so their opinions on car control and car handling will be just as valid as schumachers – doesnt’ matter how slow they are.

        youre right. logic win.

      • F1Racer

        Well you know what they say about sarcasm πŸ™‚
        But we’re not comparing your parents to Schumacher.
        We’re comparing a sim-racer at a desk to another sim-racer at a desk talking about a game.

    • Anonymous

      Of course the tires “regrip.” They’re made out of rubber, not ball bearings! When the car goes sideways, there is no accelleration to keep it going sideways. There is rubber to stop it from going sideways. The better the rubber, the faster it stops. The bigger the contact surface, the faster it stops. Furthermore, as long as your rear wheels are not perpendicular with the direction you’re sliding, meaning less than 90 degrees, if you let off the gas, the wheels will continue to roll a little in the direction that would naturally correct the slide. The lower the drift angle, the faster the tires roll in the correcting direction, the easier the tires can correct. If you give it too much gas or lock the wheels with brakes, the wheel can’t add a corrective force, but if the wheel is rolling a little, the tire can help correct. This is why people say don’t hit the brakes when you start to slip on ice. I would never recommend that you do this because it is dangerous, but if you were in a completely empty parking lot, you could get up to 30 or 40 mph, then pull the e-brake for a fraction of a second. Not enough to spin the car around, but enough to get about 10-15 degrees of drift angle. Then disengage the e-brake, and feel how violently the car YANKS back straight when the wheels start rolling again. iRacing doesn’t simulate this phenomenon at all, and seems to only have 2 grip modes, on or off. AC doesn’t need all the stuff you say it does, iRacing already has it. We don’t want another iRacing. If Kunos did what you say the should, I would stop playing AC.

      • Anonymous

        no youre wrong, i think you’ll find, when a rubber tyre begins to slide on a given surface, it turns into sand from the sahara desert.

        Only when the car has stopped sliding, and the driver has relinquished all controls, does the tyre turn back into rubber again, using this formula:

        (pie)r^2 * alpha constant (rubber friction rate) / Gmotor law of universe physics = rubber / sand ratio.

        Kunos used a very very low gmotor law of universe physics number, so their ratio is Hugely biased towards rubber, then sand.

        The higher the rubber/sand ratio, the more unrealistic the simulator is.

    • F1Racer

      Couldn’t disagree more on the rear end slides. But I’m not doing to debate it with you as it would be pointless.

      Have you posted your concerns in the AC forum btw as I think they might receive more attention over there and certainly would be better suited.
      The AC devs are far more likely to see it and answer your issues.

      Still not sure why you feel the need to slag off AC in an AC thread as if you’re trying again to provoke a reaction.
      I can understand if you’re having issues with AC’s physics. I’m having some myself but I post my concerns on AC’s forum as they answer me pretty damn quickly.
      Your post here just looks like more flaming for the sake of some attention imo.

    • Smithaz

      I feel exactly the same, in AC you do not balance the rear with the throttle or steering or anything, you can just throw it around corners. And when you do lose grip it is just a quick easy moment and off you go thrashing a 599xx around with no problems losing rear grip through throttle or bad driving. I am no expert but I would imagine that you cannot just jump into a 500 BHP+ car and thrash it around with ease, I have to go easy on the throttle while cornering in my 100 BHP road car otherwise it react.

  • Helldriver

    This is absolutely great!
    With the M3 E30 drift version and Semi-Slicks i feel like a rallydriver.
    Thanks a lot!

  • SzilΓ‘rd Hompoth

    Just a quick question: if someone was to rebuild this track from scratch but using data from RBR, would it be still in a gray area?

    • Big Ron

      Not if he uses the data for layout-reasons, but creating every polygon for track and environment as well as objects by his own.

    • Ole Marius Myrvold

      No. That is not grey at all. For the same reason that you might create a racing circuit for other games. As long as you do it as project, started from scratch – and the only thing you use, is the original stage as a reference to make the stage again. You can just do it.

      However, ripping, isn’t really gray. It is illegal.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        I just don’t get it…ripping from a company that is currently in business and competing with AC (say iracing) is just as illegal and morally wrong as ripping from deadware.
        Yet if somebody copies the track (or any real world track) without permission it is okay, although technically still illegal.
        And skinning cars with logos, fonts, and entire schemes that are copyright protected without permission is again, perfectly fine and okay, although still technically illegal.

      • Ole Marius Myrvold

        And there we touch another subject.

        If I were to make Joux Plane from scratch, that would be my artistic interpretation of the stage. Which wouldn’t be illegal, as it’s not a direct copy.
        They don’t own the rights for the layout, but for the ‘work’.

        And it’s the ‘work’ not the layout that has been ripped here.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Makes about as much sense as it can I guess..
        If the people at Square Enix go after the guy that ripped this I guess that is there right; I don’t get why others are trying to be their lawyer though.

      • Ole Marius Myrvold

        Well, I for one, don’t want people to just rip things, I don’t want some sites to be in the grey area. And I really don’t like to see sites that are 100% clear on ripped material shall not be hosted on our site. Loose out on quite a lot of users and traffic because some others decide that they don’t really care about the legality as long as we get the pagehits!

        As a fairly small simracing community, we should rather support all the sims there is, and all the people dedicating lots of lots of time to make content, both devs. and modders. Instead of giving lot of praise to people that just rips.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Fair enough…I still have to give praise to the guy though; not for ripping a track but for finding a way to already make a non-Kunos track work in AC without mod tools.

      • Ole Marius Myrvold

        Yup, and the guys that manage to make rips work perfectly in other games, are doing a good job, I just wish they would use their skills on more… correct ways of doing it πŸ™‚

  • Rolands Svetins

    Since when Virtualr has allowed to post erotic content videos?

  • Jos

    rbr quality track design + AC lightning makes it a pretty awesome looking track.

    felt like i was on vacation in France again πŸ™‚

  • Ole Marius Myrvold

    Not impressed by virtualr on this occasion. Should know better than this really.

  • Anonymous

    Would it be different if there was an RBR disc check? (Like the HistorX mod for rFactor).

    • Ole Marius Myrvold

      Only if it was approved by the only company that still can sell RBR – Square Enix.

      And deep inside, I actually think they would allow it. They are, a surprisingly friendly, open and helpful AAA company.

      • Anonymous

        I really wish that this happens. I love RBR’s tarmac tracks πŸ™‚

      • Ole Marius Myrvold

        Me too. Also the new stages for RBR are just awesome. I wish Peyregrosse-Mandagout get’s a Assetto-overhaul! πŸ˜€

  • Franklin Silva

    very challenge track, needs much practice… hours of fun πŸ™‚

  • o0THX11380o

    Conversions are pretty worthless unless the modder spends time adding resolution to the road surface. With this track your car is jumping and bumping all over the place because there is one polygon every fifty feet.

    • Michael Hornbuckle

      Only time my car jumps all over the place is when I go OFF the road…crazy things happen then.

    • Andrew McP

      It depends which car you use. Some of them are awful, I agree. But those with “normal” suspension seem to have the travel to deal with the bumps very well. I find the bumpiness to be extremely convincing and immersive, given the nature of the road. It’s not exactly a brand new motorway! πŸ™‚

    • jax

      maybe because the track is for a rally game with rally cars? you better stop complaining and make a rally car for us if you’re so smart!

      • F1Racer

        Hmmm, will you be making a track for us if RobJames’ effort doesn’t meet your expectations ? πŸ˜€

  • Harry Tulloch

    Anyone got the lotus 49 around here without crashing into a tree and not having enough revs to get back up the hill

  • sbbr87

    The track has it’s own flair, and it fits greatly to AC. Drove it with one Exige, the old M3 street car and the P4/5. I think it’s as bumpy as any normal village road in France would be, and the AC physics deal great with it.
    I hope, the few bugs, esp. collisions will be fixed in the future.
    And I also want to add that the graphics in RBR were great back then, Just give this one a bit more love and it is as stunning as the Kunos tracks.

  • Anonymous

    Regardless of legal issues (yes, once again i think people tend to forget from where almost 100% of these teams /companies/ works originated), this 1st and roughlly made stage comes to show just HOW SUPERB Kunos AC engine is…really botrh graphiclly and stage physics condition, altough with some normal rough edges, are simply superb!…never seen a 1st atempt so well suceeded, despite the lack of efforts involved….THANKS to all, this really adds a new chapter on AC (i can onlyt imagine the oficial Trento), and hopefully a new chapter in AC modding…if legal problems are well dealt, the future of simracing is indeed a true dream

  • jax

    People worried about legal issues and being anti-conversions and stuff, please take a look at Steam Workshops. Whats in those Workshops is anything but legal.

    From models RIPPED from Gearbox’s Duke Nukem Forever, to Rockstar GTA models, to Microsoft own HALO game models, even Valve’s own CS and TF2 models ripped to be used in other games with Workshop support, etc etc. If Valve were to judge by your thinking, then Steam Workshops would be almost empty and be a total fail.

    This shows how hypocrite people can be. They dont want ripped content in AC, but they are alright with ripped content fluorishing in Steam Workshops. Im waiting for someone to explain how VALVE can allow ripped content in their Workshops and why they, Microsoft, Gearbox,Rockstar, Croteam, Bethesda and the other dozens of devs that SUPPORT Steam’s Workshop feature, have no problem at all with ripped content.

    • F1Racer

      “They dont want ripped content in AC, but they are alright with ripped content fluorishing in Steam Workshops.”

      That doesn’t apply to me as I didn’t even know about ripped content in Steam so please don’t tar us all with the same brush.

    • Ole Marius Myrvold

      Supporting the workshop feature =/= (does not equal) supporting illegal converting, ripping and so on.

      And hey, this blogpost is about AC, not the Steam workshop, that might also be a reason to why the workshop haven’t been brought up πŸ™‚

      Oh, and ripping content between Valve’s source-code games, might actually be a different matter, I haven’t read up on that. Kinda like SimBin, they allowed the HistorX mod if they featured a cd/dvd check. This however is not allowed anymore. SimBin does allowed converting from older SimBin games to newer, if the CD/DVD check is used.

    • Big Ron

      How are you able to conclude that the people being against conversions are supporting Steam Workshop? I formyself barely have any conversions installed in my games and I donΒ΄t even visited the Steam Workshop once.

      • jax

        At the end of the day Virtualr is supporting this mod by making news out of it and providing the download link while other have NOT . And thats fine for me. Keep em coming Virtualr!

    • Scott Ibbetson

      When you get down to it though jax, every single mod is illegal because….well, licensing! Even PCars user made skins are illegal since the skinners don’t have the brand licenses, even skins for guns in CS or planes in MSFS are illegal without permissions. Yet it only seems to be the sim racing community .

      You remember Simbin? The pre-SMS ones that is. They started out making a mod that’d now be considered ‘illegal’ for F1 2002. Nobody batted an eyelid about it, whereas now threads would be locked, discussions vanishing about it and it being yanked from sites. Funny how sim racers are fine with using content they don’t have the license for long as it’s scratch made by somebobdy isn’t it? People were lapping up the Enduracers Porsche mod then bitching when it got shut down (which was perfectly right to do by that company)

      The thing is that it’s only been in the past few years that the legal guns have made the news, re: takedowns and modders. Most car companies are okay with it with a few exceptions.

      Square-Enix is a unique AAA company because they are okay with modders. You try asking Treyarch or Blizzard if you can put a CD check on a converted mod and you’ll get told no and delete every byte of code.

      • Ole Marius Myrvold

        However, just as a sidenote, you would in pretty much all instances, getting through with “fair use” when it comes to brand licenses, logos etc. for skins.

  • Alex Ventura

    Anyone else having CTD after installing the track(s)?

    • Alex Ventura

      Nevermind, fixed.

  • gt3rsr

    This track comes from a 10-year old sim made by a company that does not exist anymore and is offered for free. I don’t see any big legal issues here.

    • Anonymous

      On amazon rbr stil costs 6$. Which is a bargain of course but it’s not zero.

      • Silvio

        I’d like to buyt it but I couldn’t finalize because it isnt shipped to Brazil. I had RBR for years, never bought it, but until today I wait to officialize my possession.

  • Chris Wright

    Really shows the potential of DirectX11 and KS shaders on even very old source code. Very impressive indeed, although the featureless trackside rent a crowd mannequins are pretty scary πŸ™‚ Happy New Year folks.

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