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Jerez de la Frontera – Preview Shots

Jerez de la Frontera – Preview Shots

The Lonely has released a big batch of high resolution preview shots, showing off his newest track project for rFactor – The Circuit Jerez de la Frontra.

Based on Virtua_LM’s Jerez track for F1Challenge, this is just a conversion by name as the track has been completely overhauled. That includes a relofted road, new track objects such as fences and trees as well as brand new textures by SLN, resulting in the stunning quality The Lonely stands for.

Located in the Sherry-producing region in south Spain, Jerez has hosted a wide variety of motorsport events since the circuit’s opening in 1985. Hosted events include several Formula One Grand Prix as well as an annual MotoGP round.

  • ermax18

    One of my favorite tracks. Can’t wait for this one. Thanks TL!

  • Gerdoner

    Looks very good.
    Oh btw, in which mod do you get that Lexus?

  • SLN

    Those screens are showing a private mod for league use.

  • NiTrO-EXILE-

    Wow Alex, Luc ….superb as usual look forward to race here 😀

  • ermax18

    The mod probably originated from this mod:

    Which was ripped from this:

    Which was originally built by ISI for the Lexus booth at SEMA2007 to help market the new Lexus IS-F. They were handing out CDs at the booth and also had a few cockpits setup. This CD even included the RealFeel mod. 🙂

  • ermax18

    Oh, also, the version of rFactor on that CD and on Atari’s site supports 7 gears. The retail version of rF is limited to 6 gears.

  • ermax18

    Haha.. sorry, 8 gears, 7 in retail.

  • GeraArg

    It’s great to see that The Lonely is still active, I think is the best track maker for rFactor… 😎

  • Deano

    I loved this track in F1C, and spent many hours driving on it. I’m sure Mr. Lonely will make this track twice as better.

    Keep up the outstanding work.

  • CrippleHorse

    It is imperative that those two guys are convinced to keep building tracks for rfactor :sd:

  • paupau


    Just had a few laps on Pukekohe Park, extraordinarily improvement must I say. Looking forward for this one, looks nice on them previews.

  • JGoenR

    Looks nice! I hope that this will have quality of your Montreal 2008 track!

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