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Jason Plato Tries Red Bull’s rFactor Pro Simulator

Jason Plato Tries Red Bull’s rFactor Pro Simulator

Sim racers are already quite familiar with Red Bull’s rFactor Pro simulator thanks to the videos in which the team shows off each upcoming Formula One track.

Now, we get an even closer look at the simulator as Fifth Gear’s Jason Plato got to try it out first hand, having a little duel against Red Bull’s David Coulthard. Check out the video below for the full segment and watch the British Touring Car ace as he finds all-new ways to get around Silverstone in this state of the art simulator.

Like four other Formula One teams, Red Bull uses the Pro-version of rFactor for their simulator that is used for driver and crew training and other tasks.

  • Gabkicks

    I want to try it >_<

  • Matheus

    watched it with a grin smile on my face all the time, great stuff

  • Fudge factor

    good stuff.    I used to loathe Coulthard, he’s winning me over tho.   I’ll never forget his crashing on the parade lap when he was in pole, nor his crash whilst pitting from the lead.  Doh!   And his malicious smash with Schumi in the rain at Spa….

  • virtualrsucks

    nice to see you doing something other than moderating the boards.

  • Johnsc

    Jason it’s no only one of the best TC drivers of the past 10 years, but an awesome and extremely funny guy…

  • Maggi

    Nice vid. It looks like two friends meet to have fun. I`d really like to compare the feel of this simulator to my more “standard simulator”, consisting of G25 and rFactor/iRacing.


  • Zsolt

    The last of  which was totally Schumacher’s lame mistake.

  • spliff

    nice video. much more entertaining than those with the statue-esque face and monotonous voice of m. webber. 🙂

  • Raikku

    Plato and Tiff are truly skilled drivers, unlike those idiots in TG…

  • RKipker

    Wow… DC seems like a pretty good guy!  This was a cool insight.

  • Carbonfibre

    Much better than all of the Redbull’s track guides put together!
    I love the “exploring the scenery” moment, didn’t think they would let them leave that in lol.

  • Fudge factor

    You reckon?   I was being provocative, but it really is very dangerous for a backmarker to slow-down on the racing line for the leader to pass……when conditions are so poor that visibility is severely compromised.   Coulthard was being lapped.  It wasn’t malicious, I was kidding about that.  But it is one more moment amongst a number of incidents which characterise Coulthard’s career as considerably less-than-stellar.  Quite simply any backmarker getting lapped and getting involved in a nasty crash with the leader (and ending his race) is really quite a concern.   And Coulthard slowed down on the racing line in very poor visibility.  Schumacher smashed into the back of Coulthard because Coulthard slowed down – on the racing line – in poor visibility.  How hard did Schumacher hit Coulthard?  Hard.  As hard as Coulthard’s slowing-down made it ie Coulthard slowed considerably.  Sufficient for Schumacher to lose his usual implacable cool.

    Anyway, as I said, despite Coulthard’s poor reputation (imo) his personality is quite engaging and is winning me over. 

    ANd the sim stuff is fascinating.  More please.  Wish they’d do more technical stuff though – be nice for enthusiasts to actually learn something from some videos rather than constantly hearing repetitions of low-level stuff aimed at novices and the general public.   The Dave Kaemmer vid, for example would be fascinating given some decent interviewers. 😉

  • offshore

    Anybody know what kind of projection/monitor setup they are using?  That’s got to be ridiculously expensive I’m sure. 

  • Kramer

    Nice.  Not only irrelevant but posted 4 times.

  • spliff

    a multi projector setup where the images are “rectified” to fit on the curved projection surface without distortion.

  • Fastbikkel

    Yeah on Monza 1995 he did spin on the warmup. But… that was not his fault, williams admitted there was something on the car that failed or just worked wrongly.

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