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Italian & European Challenge 1.0 – Released

Italian & European Challenge 1.0 – Released

Apex Modding has released their Italian & European Challenge mod for rFactor. Hiding behind that name is the Ferrari F430 Challenge race car, the entry level to Ferrari road racing.

The mod includes the 2007 and 2008 seasons of the Italian and the European Ferrari Challenge . The cars are fully Real-Feel compatible and are made to race with ABS and traction control on low.

The Ferrari F430 is powered by 4,3l V8 engine, the Challenge car has been weight reduced to 1225 kilograms but features no additional racing aerodynamics such as rear wing or extensive bodywork changes.

Download Italian & European Challenge 1.0 Here

  • DeDios

    well done guys 😉 congrats for release! 😀

  • GeraArg

    Look very very nice. 😎 😎 😎

  • F1Racer

    Its a good one. Very nice liveries too. Would have preferred the seat to be closer to the wheel but apart from that I’m really enjoying it. Great work guys.

  • Ragster

    Groovy!! Ty.

  • Tifose

    great work guys!!!

  • stabiz

    F1Racer, the seat thingy can be altered in the .plr I beleive, there is a line there somewhere. I fiddled with it in another mod some thousands of years ago. (thus the vague “help” 😀 )

  • Montoya

    Seat position can even be changed in game, you just have to assign keys/buttons to it in the control settings.

  • stabiz

    Yeah, but you cant really get that close ingame. I was wrong, its not the .plr, but the cockpit.ini.

  • F1Racer

    you mean moving it beyond what it already possible with the in-game keys ? I push the seat forward and its still a bit to far for my liking.
    Still looks like Im 6ft7 🙂
    So nice to have some great looking Ferrari’s in rF.

  • stabiz

    Yup, alter some values there, I think they are self explaining when you find the right line. I messed it up the first time I did it, so make a backup before altering, hehe.

  • erale

    Maybe you should adjust your fov. With a high value you’re of course too far away from the wheel.

  • F1Racer

    I`ll have a look in the config files.
    Dont really want to start adjusting FOV settings if I can help it.
    Thx guys

  • erale

    Just take a FOV of 40-50. That’s a much more realistic view and you won’t be that far away from the steering wheel.

  • stabiz

    But you wont see the mirrors that way.

  • DeDios

    personally i use FOV at 50…for to see mirrors i use visual keys..;)

  • Raikku

    I changed viewpoint front/back from default 0.15 to 0.0 and now i can get to proper distance from wheel.

    Otherwise great mod, i just hope that someone could convert this to GTR2 too. These F430’s are so much better than other versions.

  • tarnakman

    i wanted to try the mod for a while before making an accurate comment.
    Apex Modding; you owned again! thank you so much for this fantastic mod. i was a fan of the 288gto challenge and this one feels just as good in his own way.. the braking is especially amazingly well done.. im out of words, thanks!!!
    ps: for those who wants to improve the distance of the wheel open the cockpitinfo.ini and change the eyepoint line to something like this: Eyepoint=(0.07, 0.585, 0.02)

    dont miss out this fantastic mod

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