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Isle of Man TT for Grand Prix Legends – Previews

Isle of Man TT for Grand Prix Legends – Previews

After bringing us the legendary Targa Florio, the Grand Prix Legends community is tackling the creation of yet another too-long-too-create track as Jim Pearson is working on the Isle of Man.

Officially known as the Snaefell Mountain Course, the 61 kilometer track is home of the legendary Isle of Man Tourist Trophy motor bike race. The track layout consists of over 200 corners, the start/finish area is located in the town of Douglas, the capital of the Isle of Man.

Jim Pearson has put years of extensive work into the virtual version and the hard work has paid off as you can see in the previews below, showing us a video of the finished first seven kilometers. Despite GPL’s age, there will be plenty of eye candy as Jim is also simulation the typical Isle of Man weather with fog and mist as weather options.

To make the massive track more beginner-friendly, the track comes with optional rally-style corner markers that are hovering over the track as you can see in the video, giving players a rough idea of the upcoming turns during their first runs.

  • kuato

    Glad to see that work continues on this track.  You have to respect what the passion that these modders have for their sim.. the amount of details on a track of this scale is staggering.

    This will be another GPL epic.

  • Steve Farrell

    I would love to see this track in other racing sims.

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