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Isle of Man TT for Grand Prix Legends – New Video

Jim Pearson has released a new preview video of his very impressive Isle of Man TT track for Grand Prix Legends.

Jim Pearson has released a new preview video of his very impressive Isle of Man TT track for Grand Prix Legends.

The new video shows off the the first kilometers of the massive 61 km track in a  V8 Repco Brabham BT24, featuring some impressive details especially when considering the simulation’s age.

Officially known as the Snaefell Mountain Course, the 61 kilometer track is home of the legendary Isle of Man Tourist Trophy motor bike race. The track layout consists of over 200 corners, the start/finish area is located in the town of Douglas, the capital of the Isle of Man.

To make the massive track more beginner-friendly, the track comes with optional rally-style corner markers that are hovering over the track as you can see in the video, giving players a rough idea of the upcoming turns during their first runs.

Jim has put several years of work into this track and once it’s done, it will not just come with an authentic layout but simulate the Isle of Man’s typical foggy & misty weather conditions as well.

  • 6e66o

    Incredible effort. Hats off for the dedication spent over the years.

  • Anonymous

    i still think this sim looks alright for its age, brilliant circuit too! wish they would run a four wheeled tt! 

  • Anonymous

    Woooooooooo first there was Targa Florio from Ginetto and friends and now there will be Isle off Man .
    We will have two Kings now thanks Jim Pearson . 

  • Rantam

    Always loved the former IOM track for GPL, so having news about the full version being finished is indeed good news.

    Thanks for this huge effort! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic, can’t believe this is still worked on

  • Anonymous

    Really looking forward to it!

  • pez2k .

    These dedicated GPL modders are true artists. I’m always amazed by the amount of care and attention put into every little texture, the game nowadays has a great look in its own right even without huge polycounts and fancy shaders.

  • Inkon Gynto

    Looks much better than rFactor2

  • Adam Špaček

    That looks amazing! I cant imagine amount of work needed to create it…
    Anyway, if it will be (hypoteticaly) ported to rF2, it would be amazing experience.

  • Frans Brink

    Amazing! …..and this “mother of sims” still gives great pleasure.

  • Simon Jones

    Looks fantastic. A dated engine still looking fabulous. The amount of time spent and attention to detail in this is just unbelievable. Great job. 

  • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

    Wow, I had forgotten how good the sense of speed was in GPL……

    And yeah amazing job on the track, I’m not surprised its taken a couple of years 😀

  • Gerald

    “Wow, I had forgotten how good the sense of speed was in GPL……”

    “A dated engine still looking fabulous. ”

    Yeah, after multiple patching and hack work.  Still I can not get full screen…. kinda sucks. I played Targa Florio once, amazing work in GPL, but had to wait for the rfactor version to really experience it properly.

    I’ll probably just convert this myself to rfactor cause it looks so awesome…

    • ackerman_r

       I have a patch for fullscreen for gpl, its not available to everyone. contact me. Also, gpl runs at 60fps now, looks great.

      • Anonymous

        I’d love to get my hands on that – I’m reinstalling GPL this weekend and have a three monitor setup, the letterboxing really used to bug me! Can I get in touch with you somewhere, are you on GPLMZ?

        Cheers, Doug

  • Christian Hamilton

    It LIVES!!! Thanks Jim for not giving up on this. 🙂

  • Arie Beuker, de

    I didnt buy 2 GPL cd’s back then for nothing 🙂

    Yes thats right, 2, i wanted a backup for such an amazin game.

  • Big Ron

    Crazy project, but anyway one of the best mods ever made.

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