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Isle of Man TT for Grand Prix Legends – New Previews

Jim Pearson has released new previews of his dauntingly massive Isle of Man TT track project for Grand Prix Legends.

Jim Pearson has released new previews of his dauntingly massive Isle of Man TT track project for Grand Prix Legends.

The new previews show the track section between Ballig and Kirk Michael, a new video will be released in a few weeks time as well.

Officially known as the Snaefell Mountain Course, the 61 kilometer track is home of the legendary Isle of Man Tourist Trophy motor bike race. The track layout consists of over 200 corners, the start/finish area is located in the town of Douglas, the capital of the Isle of Man.

To make the massive track more beginner-friendly, the track comes with optional rally-style corner markers that are hovering over the track as you can see in the video, giving players a rough idea of the upcoming turns during their first runs.

Jim has put several years of work into this track and once it’s done, it will not just come with an authentic layout but simulate the Isle of Man’s typical foggy & misty weather conditions as well.

  • Traumahound

    Good lord.. here, take my money!

  • Anonymous

    It’s good to see little trickles of previews still coming out, producing this track solo is a life’s masterpiece and I’m glad he’s still got the drive to finish it.

  • mjbonner70

    blimey, that looks absolutely amazing! Atmospheric, not just realistic. Detail is incredible.

  • Don Dreaming Eagle

    Oh damn I need to revive this game – it gave me many hours of great satisfaction – unlike the F1 2012/13 titles which are too clinical and soulless. But, I need proper working links/patches to make GPL and the Can-Am mod work with Win7

  • Chris Wright

    Like with the old Spa track featured here a few weeks ago, patience is a prerequisite, but what a retro feast is in store!

  • Jack Whorton

    Oh yesss.. I drive the Targa Florio all the time and this will be a fantastic addition (assuming it gets converted to GTR2..)

    • Walter

      I noticed this on Jim’s website, “They may not be converted for use in simulations other than Grand Prix Legends without my prior specific written permission . Jim Pearson.”

      • Jack Whorton

        Hopefully it will happen in time then!

  • rauf00

    One question, where can i get this game 😉

    • Jeff Nagata

      I got mine off Steam.

      • Brian

        Hmm, i don’t think you got it of steam….

      • Jeff Nagata

        I did and I also downloaded GTR2 and GTR Evolution, both super cheap.

      • RobtheBob

        Jeff I think you’re confusing Grand Prix Legends with GT Legends, GP legends is/was never available on Steam. In other news, I remember driving an abridged version of the TT course that Jim created many years ago, that was tough enough!

      • Jeff Nagata

        Oh, OK. Thanks

      • Anonymous

        Haha I liked that I got a kick out of it cause I do the same thing GPL GTL from a quick glance one may be very easily mistaken.

    • Anonymous

      You can see if they still carry it on Mastertronic for like $8.00 usd

  • Traumahound

    rauf00.. The game itself is still easy to find and run. Just a google click away. For me, it’s a lot of the mods (ie. Can-am) and tracks that I have trouble with for some reason. In some cases, the links are too old and dead.

  • Brian

    Now where is my GPL disk…

  • Racing jason

    i ALWAYS wanted to drive on this infamous course myself…pleaseplease bring this to assetto corsa!:))

  • kenpat .

    Jim Pearsons shorter IOW and Dundrod tracks for GPL are already amazing, this would just be incredible and despite my post in another thread, would make me reinstall it. He is notoriously reluctant to allow conversions of his work so I can’t see it being available legally on any other game soon.

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