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The new iRacing build is planned to be released today, offering lots of improvements such as spotters, a new replay system, open practice sessions and much more.

Furthermore, the build adds the Chevrolet Impala SS COT NASCAR Sprint Cup Car to the lineup of available cars. Below are two videos of the COT racing at Watkins Glen, home of an annual NASCAR Sprint Cup race. While the new stock car can be raced today, the Riley MK XX Daytona Prototype is nearing.

iRacing customers can pre-order the Pontiac-powered prototype this Friday, the car will be available approximately one week from now. Below are first screenshots of the car that have been released on the iRacing homepage.

[youtube apGV1jn5YgU nolink]

[youtube sy9V1OCQ7Rw nolink]

  • rfactormodsdie

    DPs look pregnant

  • Crazy Bored

    I thought it looked too tall but this picture looks quite similar:

  • rfactormodsdie

    yes they are just that ugly

  • divxx

    Oh iRacing, they sure know how to render beautifully the ugliest things on 4 wheels. 😆

    Seriously, can anyone name one other racing vehicle more ungainly and disproportionate than a DP or COT?

  • erale

    What’s the point in pre-ordering DLC?

  • stabiz

    Sound quality is poor in the videos, but the sound is still pretty generic. Give us more brutal sounds.

  • the.cosmic.pope



    The reason for pre-ordering DLC is because if you order 3 iRacing items at once, you get a discount. And for those who have all of the new content, there currently there wasn’t enough new items to get the 3 for the discount. So making the DP available for pre-order allows people to get the discount on all of the new items.

  • navalhawkeye

    The Riley is one of the better looking ones…the new Lola DP on the other hand is one of the ugliest cars I have ever seen.

  • unklepepper

    logged on still half asleep & read the headline as” – Imola………” YAY, thought I. Then, BOO, when I read it again!

  • ermax18

    unklepepper, Hahahaha. I did the same thing!!

  • Siggs

    The two shots with the creen car look georgeous. Graphics aren’t everything, i know, but they just look so real. :happyevil:

  • GeraArg

    100% agree with Siggs

    Do not have super graphics, but looks VERY real.

  • divxx

    the.cosmic.pope: gonna have to disagree on that, Aussie racing cars are meant to be humorous/cute-looking. It’s like comparing a low-brow movie that knows it’s low-brow and revels in it to one that takes itself seriously. Besides, the Aussies’ link to their road-car counterpart involves more than stickers 😉

    Anyways, sorry to have wasted so much space beating a dead horse, I just don’t think NASCAR and its road-racing subsidiary cares about the ‘car’ part of auto racing anymore.

  • the.cosmic.pope

    I wasn’t debating why they look like it, I was posting an ugly disproportionate car.

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