- 100% Independent Sim Racing News – Earnhardt Jr. NBC Interview – Earnhardt Jr. NBC Interview’s online racing simulation keeps on creating a lot of high profile media buzz thanks to iRacing supporter Dale Earnhardt Jr.

America’s most popular NASCAR driver was recently interviewed by MSNBC and talked about iRacing, introducing sim racing to a broad audience.

The Hendrick Motorsports driver explained how sim racing is his favorite hobby and how iRacing’s laser scanned tracks help him makes most of real-life practice sessions. The full interview can be watched below.

  • hypertek

    i know its mostly towards iRacing, but i hope sim racing will become more popular here in the US. Its tough talking about sim racing with my friends without them mentiong Forza or gran turismo being the best lol

  • stabiz

    And people still think he does this for free?

  • F1Racer

    Do they ? Like who ?

  • kabronyproductions

    of course its a business 🙄 , but he does have a passion for simulation gaming. Nonetheless he is the right spokesperson for marketing, iracing,and sim community in general there is nothing wrong with that.

  • ermax18

    Dale has always been into sim racing. Even before iRacing. iRacing is bias towards NASCAR with all the ovals and oval related cars. So it only makes since that iRacing would be his sim of choice. I think he is genuinely enthusiastic about iRacing but I suspect there is a little compensation in there too. Free sub at least. 🙂

    When the average guy watches an interview like this they will at least open there eyes and realize that the consoles are not where it is at and maybe do a little research about real sim racing.

  • hypertek

    hey centers around iracing probably because its the easiest to market in america, the other games are not really developed out here. Clearly cant expect him to say “yeah i play GPL” and have tons of new people easily looking up or configuring GPL.

  • Tifose

    well said ermax18. i don’t look at Nascar not that i don’t like it just not into that type of racing i understand it’s big in the USA. but down here in the Caribbean not a soul look at that the believe it’s only for the USA men driving round and around :sd: i know it’s not easy going that fast but, iRacing is really for America more and it will be big there

    sorry it’s not easy to get peopel down here in the Caribbean to pay all that money to race a video games i believe we have better things to spend our money on!!!

    GO rFactor!!! :tongue:

  • Montoya

    You don’t have to be American to enjoy NASCAR, this type of racing is very popular in other parts of the world too.

    There’s a reason British, French, Portuguese and plenty of other TV stations have live coverage of the races. In the end, its just a matter of taste.

    I love NASCAR and I would take any oval racing over a boring DTM race any day. Even though the series is very popular in Germany and I´m somewhat supposed to like it – But I don’t. :sd:

    So, I don’t really see how the simulation is made for Americans but more like for people that enjoy this kind of racing. Which has nothing to do with what nation you´re from.

  • Sky

    “When the average guy watches an interview like this they will at least open there eyes and realize that the consoles are not where it is at and maybe do a little research about real sim racing.”

    Its funny how PC sim racers always feel they have to diss people who play games in consoles, and just don’t realize that its exactly that kind of behavior that drives people away from the community, and into the much more wide open and friendly console racing genre.
    Not to mention that assuming consoles never had/will have simulations is just plain wrong.

  • Paul Kelly

    Kabrony is right. Junior was HEAVY into sim racing well before iRacing existed.

    A few years ago during a race at Talladega, Junior called then-teammate Martin Truex Jr. on the radio and told him to hook up with him on the “BR line.” Junior was referring to the tracks that Brian Ring built for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, which included a raceable high line that didn’t exist in the default Papyrus tracks.

    I always thought that BR reference was cool as hell.

  • ermax18

    Sky, I didn’t dis consoles. I was speaking for the sim community (which most viewers of this site belong to) when saying console races “aren’t where it’s at”. What I meant was they aren’t sims. Fun yes, sims no. Also note I said the “average guy”. You aren’t the average guy if you are into simracing. Average guys are into arcade races. If you are into sims and arcade racers then you are even farther from average. It’s just a fact. Sorry if I offended you. It was not my intention to dis anyone.

  • Sky

    Well, if you think Richard Burns Rally for PS2, GT5P for PS3, SBK08 for consoles, and countless even older games that i considered sims at their time and existed on consoles are not simulations, thats just your opinion, and not the absolute truth. The “sim racing community” sometimes could be a little less elitist, as your comment about “average guys” racing arcade racers imply, and thats just my opinion, because its only the community itself that gets hurt in the end. But hey, i’m not offended, not need to apologize 😉

  • Klaas Jan

    @ Stabiz: I think he does it for free.

    The guy loves iRacing, he ran 304 races and 14637 laps in 2008… 😮

    I’ve been online in a legends race with him a few times, he’s just another iRacer helping you out with tips and small talk.

  • ermax18

    Sky, to answer your question, no, I don’t consider those sims. If they don’t react to inputs the way a real car wound then that takes the sim status away. But come on, it’s just a fact that the average person knows what GT5 is and will have no clue what rF, iRacing or any other sim is. You can’t depute that. How that makes me an elitist is beyond me.

  • kabronyproductions

    i have never been a nascar fan, but ever since the release of the IMPALA SS aka. Nascar,I find it just as fun and competitive as road racing if not more, not to mention the truck series which have new physics and its better than ever. now i have more interest in watching it on tv and found a new appreciation for the sport + Juan Pablo Montoya seems to have found a grove as well..

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