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iRacing – Williams FW31 & Mazda MX-5 Available

iRacing – Williams FW31 & Mazda MX-5 Available

iRacing has released a new build of their popular online racing simulation, adding new features and content to their ever-expanding service.

Aside from various small improvements and changes, the new build most importantly introduces the new Mazda MX-5 and the Williams FW31 Formula One car.

While the MX-5 is a free treat for all iRacing subscribers, the much-anticipated virtual version of Williams’ 2009 season F1 challenger sells for $11.95. Below is a beautiful video put together by community video artist Stabiz, showing off the two new cars.

You can find the full release notes of the new build below, you might have to click “Read More” too see it though.


Test Panel

  • – No longer reloads the entire page when changing car/track/config.
  • – Added links to car forum.
  • – Fixed night mode handling so it will load a night track when it should.

Race Panel

  • – Added car forum links.
  • – Added series schedule links.
  • – The session selection box will be hidden if the service isn’t running.

Series Pulldowns

  • – Modified these throughout the site to separate road from oval and eligible from ineligible and active from inactive. This should make the pulldowns more usable as we’re always adding more series to the list.

References Menu

  • – Added sporting code link.

Spectator Mode

  • – The number of drivers in a session should be correct now. It used to always show ‘0’.
  • – You will now be asked to select a car when spectating a multi-class session. This allows you drive that car on track in spectator mode.
  • – Additional filters have been added to the spectator page.

Online Status

  • – Changed various popups to include session information. An example is if your service isn’t running you wouldn’t see the details of what your friend is doing. This should be implemented better now.

Driving School

  • – Changed the driving school certificate button to redirect you to the awards page rather than launching the pdf.

References Menu

  • – Added sporting code link.

Identity Section

  • – Added a link from your name to your career stats page.

Hosted Sessions

  • – IE8 fixes to host a race functionality.
  • – Resized fixed setup dialog to make it more usable.


  • – Fixed progress handling so we will reload the page automatically after installing updates.

Member Profile

  • – A new “Driver Profile” section has been added to the Community widget on the Dashboard. With this widget members will be able to share info about themselves with other members. Members can upload a photo, input personal information, or write a bio about themselves.

Member Stats Overhaul

  • – The STATS -> Personal/Friend/Studied sections have been redesigned. The top of the page works similarly to the Driver Profile widget and displays driver profile information. The area below has been split into two tabs: Career and Awards. Career displays the standard career summary. The new Awards tab will serve as a location to collect/display certificates which drivers have earned for winning season racing competitions/completing the driving school/etc. It will also be the future home of a now-in-development iRacing Awards system where drivers will be able to work towards a variety of goals and track their progress towards achieving them. NOTE: Certificates will display retroactively if you have earned any in the past, but not immediately with the rollout of the build. We need to run a process later in the week to make this happen.

iRacing World

  • – iRacingWorld will soon be closed. Along with this build direct access to iRacingWorld through has been disabled. In one month’s time the site will be turned off altogether. If you have files you would like to save off of iRacingWorld before its closure, it will remain accessible at the following link



  • – Fixed hack that let people change the driving camera while hitting the drive button.
  • – Patched bug that let a driver change his screen name.
  • – Added in hotkey to adjust driving view (VanishY) up and down to help make dash more visible. The default keypresses are shift-[ and shift-].
  • – Scenic camera focuses on center line instead of race line. May help keep the cameras out of the wall.


  • – Can test drive a car on track while spectating a race, without being visible to the other drivers.


  • – Tweaked volume of sound sources to properly account for delay from sound travel time when stuff is moving. For example, incoming cars are quieter and outgoing cars are louder, and in a fast pack cars ahead will be louder and cars behind will be quieter.
  • – On-car cameras can now use a set of on-car engine sounds that are different from the in-car and out-of-car sounds. Only the Williams FW31 does this at this time.

Telemetry SDK

  • – Tire and Gauge data is now output in the telemetry SDK.
  • – The telemetry SDK was wrapped into a proper DLL and a demo application was written in C# to support it.


  • – Increased number of chat messages visible to 1024.
  • – If you are a driver, spectator chats can now be seen when exiting your car and you can chat with spectators via a new toggle button in the chat box.
  • – Improved coloring of chat messages to make spectator chats more obvious.
  • – Spectators can chat even when chat is disabled with the !nchat command.
  • – Removed spchat/nspchat commands.

Black Boxes / Pitting

  • – Cleaned up black box and pitting bugs that gave cars a full tank and fresh tires during a tow. And improved refueling controls.
  • – Enable black boxes during time trials and in qualifying.
  • – Fixed a bug that allowed cars to get pit service even when parked into the pit travel lanes.
  • – F4-F8 black boxes now remember which control you were adjusting. The HOME key will reset the currently selected control on one of these pages back to the top which is useful if you were using scripts to adjust these items.
  • – F2 Standings black box now shows other cars’ results when in oval qualifying.
  • – All cars: F7 black box title should now be “In-pit Adjustments” and F8 title should be “In-car Adjustments”


  • – The illumination model is greatly improved producing brighter brights and better contrast.
  • – Many of the track and car textures have been adjusted to more correct levels of relative brightness and color.
  • – Trees, walls, fences, and many trackside objects may now cast shadows very cheaply via the new advanced graphics option, “shadow maps”. There are several related options to enable it (note that the settings are on both the graphics and replay options tabs, so you can set each mode differently):
  • 1) First select either “shadows maps on everything”, or “shadow maps on tracks/cars”. The main difference is that “everything” adds a lot of the terrain to receiving shadows. If you have a fast system, pick “everything”, if you have a slower system, pick only “track/cars” at first. Expect a 5% to 10% FPS drop, depending on your selection here (compared to no shadows).
  • 2) For sure, try enabling the related “trackside objects” option. If you later have any new loading problems at larger tracks (and you have an AGP or older GPU), it may help to turn this off, as it requires a little more video memory. Most systems will be able to enable this, and it is worth it!
  • 3) Enable the “Prefer shadow maps” option. This indicates that if you have both shadow maps and shadow volumes enabled, you would prefer that objects cast shadows using shadow maps. This is usually faster (and better in many cases). When checked, walls, and opaque portions of trackside objects will cast shadows via shadow maps rather than shadow volumes when both are enabled.
  • 4) (optional) If you have a really (very) high end system and want shadows from cockpits and cars (or you want them in replays) then go ahead and enable shadow volumes in addition to the above. Currently the cockpits and cars can only cast shadows via shadow volumes. Enabling 2-pass will still be very expensive to enable, so you might want to reserve that for replay mode only. 1-pass shadow volumes are actually about 20% faster now, if you also have shadow maps enabled and preferred.
  • – A crowd detail option has been added to the advanced graphics options. Selecting “high” detail crowds adds a backside to the spectators at many tracks – useful for replays, but not so important when driving. “Low” is the same setting as in previous builds, the old front side only crowds. “None” is new option to turn off (or greatly reduce) crowds at many tracks during on-line events – useful if you suspect crowds cause a large drop in FPS for your system. Suggested setting is high detail for replays, and low detail (on none on lower end systems) for racing.
  • – The advanced graphics options for improving car texture appearance have been renamed, but work the same as before.
  • – Night lighting is now properly adjusted for sRGB gamma. Cars on track shouldn’t get so dark in the dimmer spots – the illumination now appears more even.
  • – Enabled IZ3D to operate without causing a loading error 68. If anyone is currently using the IZ3D driver with a custom workaround (d3d9.dll) that we made for you please try it without the special d3d9.dll (rename it or copy it somewhere safe) and see if now works OK without the workaround.


  • – Mosport and Indianapolis/Road now have gained time checkpoints to prevent cutting pit entrance to gain laptime.
  • – First couple of pit stalls at Brands Hatch tweaked so they don’t aim right at that annoying solid rail.
  • – Martinsville checkpoints tweaked so not be able to sneakily get a fast lap time by driving the infield just so.


  • – In-car adjustable increment and decrement controls are able to be mapped to controller buttons in a new Options page In-Car tab. To make it easy to see which controls are available on a car, the controls that are on the currently loaded car are highlighted, while the unavailable controls are greyed out but still assignable.
  • – For cars that have it, a pit lane speed limiter is now available. The control is assignable, default is the key A, which toggles the pit lane speed limiter on or off. When getting into your car it is off by default.
  • – A tweak was made to the current tire model that improves tire damping characteristics. This is most noticable on cars that run very low tire pressures.
  • – All-aids shifting should be a little bit less of a time loss versus the lower/no shifting aids in all cars.
  • – Updated how the auto-parking-brake releases so the Jetta TDI doesn’t sometimes get bound up trying to pull away from a standstill.
  • – The Riley DP updated with 2011 contingency decals.
  • – The Latemodel has slightly improved engine cooling.
  • – The Dallara now uses the Indy tires and aero package at Pocono, and now uses the road course aero package at Centripetal Circuit.
  • – The Pontiac Solstice has updated tires to the latest version of our tire model, similar to the Mustang and MX-5 tires.

ATT Williams FW31

  • – Introducing the 2009 AT&T Williams FW31.
  • – This is the first car for which we have written a setup guide, located within the Instruction area of the website.
  • – 3 downforce trims are available.
  • – Front flap angle and rear wing wicker can be altered for aero balance adjustments.
  • – Front suspension has corner springs, anti-roll bar, and heave spring.
  • – Rear suspension has heave spring and anti-roll bar only.
  • – Vehicle has 6 dampers: 4 corner dampers, and 2 heave dampers.
  • – Brake pressure and dynamic brake bias are available to adjust.
  • – While in pit-box and in neutral dynamic brake balance is shown on display.
  • – Ballast is moveable.
  • – Front and rear inerter masses are adjustable.
  • – Spec out diff locking with ‘diff build.’
  • – In-car adjustments are brake bias, three diff settings, engine braking, engine power and throttle pedal response.
  • – Pit stop adjustments include front flap angle.

Mazda MX-5 Cup and Roadster

  • – Introducing the Mazda MX-5 Cup and Roadster. These cars are our new Rookie cars and can race together in the same series.
  • The cars are more than just mirror images of each other. The Cup car is left hand drive, and uses the 6-speed transmission available in the production car. The Roadster is based more closely on the Japanese-spec NR-A version, with it’s 5-speed transmission and slightly smaller tires.
  • This may seem like a mis-match, but it’s closer than you may think. With the different gearing, the Roadster loses a little bit in straight line acceleration, due to the bigger RPM drops between shifts, but partly makes up for it with a better top (5th) gear ratio compared to 6th in the Cup car. That’s not even mentioning the right hand weight bias that can prove beneficial on the predominantly clockwise-run road racing tracks. However, the Cup car does have a potentially higher top speed (in the draft) on the longer tracks.
  • – Gearing and setups are the big difference between the two. Gearsets are below:
  • Cup Roadster
  • 1st: 3.82 3.136
  • 2nd: 2.26 1.888
  • 3rd: 1.64 1.330
  • 4th: 1.18 1.000
  • 5th: 1.00 0.814
  • 6th: 0.79
  • Final Drive: 4.10
  • – Both cars are going to be fixed setup for Novice level races, so that takes a lot of the “tinkering” out of the equation. Advanced level events in both cars will allow standard adjustment of alignments (Caster, Camber and Toe) along with tire pressures. The Cup car will allow shock damping adjustments as well as limited ride height variation.
  • – Roadster has Bilstein (non-adjustable) dampers and stiffer springs than standard production, but not too stiff for daily use. (A good number of the racers that run the car at Tsukuba Raceway drive the cars to and from the track, and even commute in them.)
  • – Cup car has Sachs 2-way adjustable dampers (Bump and Rebound) and are quite similar to the Mustang shocks in their damping adjustment method. Bump is adjusted in “clicks” while rebound is modified by 45° “sweeps.”
  • – Tires are BFGoodrich G-Force R-1s on the Cup car. The Roadster is going to run the same tires on it, for consistency of performance between the two cars. The mandated tires for the NR-A car are a Bridgestone RE-11 tire, but they aren’t a DOT-R compound, so to minimize any competitive disadvantage it was decided to be consistent, even if not 100% correct in this particular case.
  • Shadeshift

    oooooooooh yessssssssss *cracks open wallet

  • scca1981

    MX5 is great 🙂

  • ed d’agliano-luna

    I’ve been running this new build, and the cars and tracks are even more amazing than ever.  As a driver/racer I feel so ‘connected’ to the car and track.  Thanks iRacing!   😀

  • MattFrizz

    MX5 is amazing to drive but the Williams is just wow! 

  • MiKeAhOwSkI

    wow, seriously impressed, both cars are great!

  • kludger

    Yeah the MX5 is great, even better is they gave it to us free, almost makes me want to go run the rookie series again just to drive it. The FW31 is a blast too.

  • Empty

    So tempting, but I must refrain after the fiasco that was the Vette and then the V8. Awesome cars, cept the fact no one races them half the time.

  • Empty

    BTW Mike – know you’ll read this.


  • Trevor

    Vette has a lot of drivers and they run 2 series with it.

  • F1Racer

    Great car the FW31.  I signed up for a couple months just to give a go and I’m not totally disappointed. Quite a bit of fun this car, yet it genuinely lacks the overall all feel of racing a formula one car and this is where F1 2010 has them beat to a pulp. If you want the complete experience better to stray away from this one folks, and if you don’t like that you can kiss my arse. 🙂

  • Paul


  • Hakkifan

    You know everyone hates you…right?

  • pleb

    “yet it genuinely lacks the overall all feel of racing a formula one car and this is where F1 2010 has them beat to a pulp.”


    Thanks for making my day at work that bit better

  • Torino

    The new build has some nice improvements and the MX-5 is quite fun, should provide good racing.

    Generally feel a bit meh about the Williams though, still has the some of the same quirks that most iRacing cars have and the sounds are not impressive at all. The externals sound almost EXACTLY the same as rFactor´s BMW Sauber, bit amazing they would be comfortable peddling that.

  • 9223372036854775807

    @F1Comedian please, can you post a few more of these!?

    your stuff is just…. priceless!

  • Doby

    Purchased the content and I must say the mx-5 is really nice to drive 🙂 Very well done.

    The Williams however is a total failure in my opinion, especially compared the feeling i get when playng F1 2010 from Codemasters.

    There is no grip, the car even spins in situations where you would expect a ton of downforce. The sounds in the cockpit are not F1 like. Down and upshifts are too slow.

    I am sure the iFanboys will shoot me for it, but I really don’t like the f1 car. Ill stick to my FVA Ferrari and F 12010

  • vik15

    Both new cars are great as always.
    As regards of all the graphics changing I am not sure it’s a step in a right direction. The shadow maps with shadows from fence look great, no doubts, but the rest of color and contrast changing makes things too harsh, looking more like a “graphics” than photo-real. They had that photo-real feel before especially on their latest tracks that is gone now. And a car surface became even more “plastic”

  • Hornetball

    Playing F1 2010 is the total failure! The cars in F1 2010 driving so unrealistic thats a joke! They run like a train on rails 😉 The FW31 is 100% better, but you need some skill to drive it fast and save!

  • trx

    The Williams has a ton of Grip, i dont know what you are talking about. At the same time it is really difficult to drive it at the limit.

  • hendrixlebt

    You’re not seriously comparing F1 2010 with a simulation, do you? I’ve got both, Iracing (and also FVA) and the F1 2010 Game (!!) and of course the driving in Iracing and FVA is lightyears ahead of F1 2010.
    I don’t say, that it’s no fun to play F1 2010. I really like it (hope the patch will fix some annoying bugs), but please don’t talk about physical realism in conjunction with F1 2010.

  • Doby

    Of course you guys need to ridicule F1 2010 as being unrealistic, go ahead I expected that one coming.

    @Hornetball: can you please state your real name under which we know you in the real Formula One, as you seem to know exactly what is realistic and whats not.

  • Doby

    Cool another real F1 driver entering the virtualr discussion 🙂

  • Pabig93

    Tried it, not impressed, cWilliams is so ugly and feels damn unrealistic, i will let my subricption run out this month because iRacing is pure arcade…

  • lironjdb

    The f1 2010 developers said it is not a full sim. You get no feeling from the car, totally disconnected from the track, crappy ff.

  • MS

    What an f***** idiot, I bet you do not even have iracing! If iracing is arcade, what is F12010 – a board game?

  • pub007


    No grip? You must be kidding, right? Have you actually driven this??? Unless you mash the accel pedal like you’re clubbing a seal, this thing has amazing grip!

  • EricP

    Note for graphics. iRacing Staff mentionned that the some changes were like a step back this time in order to build a better foundation. The graphics will be better with each new build hereafter.

  • Nanny

    I think you have to wait at least two laps before get that conclusion, you would need get tyres at right temp. Iracing is almost real life, take care about that.

  • Sajax

    You’ll be one of these people who think the rFactor mods are really realistic because they’re difficult to drive then? I love how iRacing have proved that POV wrong.

  • Sajax

    I’m sorry, you’ve dismissed this with one reason being it shifts too slowly. Yet the next line you say you’re sticking to F1 2010 where they openly ADMITTED they couldn’t make it shift quickly because THEIR model couldn’t cope and you spin the car and they put their silly delay in.

  • pub007

    The Mazda is so well balanced and forgiving compared to the Solstice. The Solstice could be a handful and the MX will give people a much more accessible and exciting intro to iRacing. Should give some fun racing for everyone else too!

    The FW31 though… can’t really describe the experience… amazing. The difference between it and the Indy car is night and day.

  • pub007

    It’s ugly? So, your criticism is because it is an exact copy of a FW31? Perhaps iRacing should have styled it more like the Bat-Mobile for you?

    I notice you don’t say WHY it is unrealistic. I would be fascinated to hear what is so wrong and what you find so pure arcade about iRacing.

  • lateapex

    Just stop responding to stuff like this.

  • stabiz

    Yeah, I`m hoping the Radical vs C6R series gets some love this season, thats the one I am planning to run full on.

  • pub007

    Yeah, I love the V8, but I’m not man enough to race it when SR is at stake! 🙂

    I’m def hoping to get some Rad / C6R races in. The C6 I can finally drive a bit since I put in my Nixim mod, and the Rad I’m also enjoying, having got rid of that awful default set up. iRacing really should change that as it probably puts off a lot of people (like me).

  • Jezza

    yes cause you know exactly how an f1 car feels. lol. best representation of a f1 car in any sim. YES i said sim, and a sim is somthing f12010 is not! f1 2010 = arcade crap.

    F1 racer you need to add troll to your name.

  • Jezza

    Let me guess you along with F1 racer have both raced and driven an f1 car? I have seen formula 1 live several times, the sounds arnt perfect but they are better then any other race game out there and near enough to be maybe only 5% difference between real life. The car has tones of grip and brakes on a dime, if the car is spinning where you would expect a tone of downforce probably means the driver is lacking in some skill, the only incidents i have had is pushing far to much and running wide then spinning over the grass, and crashing into people/possibly you that cant control there car through a turn and spin infront of me. Your probably one of those people who loose control in T1 at silverstone when i can take it flat in 7th. And you most likely use brakes at maggots and chappel when all you need is to lift and downshift to 4th.

    Before you criticise the car, maybe criticise the driver.

    And F1 2010 is made for 10 year olds, its an arcade game for idiots, on top of that cant be realistic when you can beat the lap records by more then 10 seconds using a full low downforce setup on all tracks.

  • crosschris

    Now the MX5 is here, I might give IRacing another shot. Anyone know of any current promo codes I could use as “money’s too tight to mention!” :-$

  • Jezza

    Fw 31.. i have got it down to a 1.23.1 at silverstone on the fixed setup, and have been working with the setup in testing and nearly breaking into the 1.20zone best so far not fixed is a 1.21.2

  • Duser

    *Offer valid for new accounts only. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires 12/31/2010.

  • Doby

    people who barely know what a breaking point is?

    However I do know what a braking point is

  • Jezza

    Oh no doby appears to be threatened, so he does what any troll does and resorts to deffensive tactics, this tactic right here students is commonly known as the grammar defence where when threatened with looking like a complete idiot the troll will search your post for spelling mistakes then go on microsoft word type it in and use spell check to get the correct spelling, they then reply to your post with the correct spelling in bold and pray to god that somewhere deep down inside of themselves they will feel vindicated for being made to look like a useless cock.

    Hye Doby I cnt spiel coractly i shink yu shuald put dis n ms werd!

  • Filg Popov

    Could somebody please tell me how the handling is compared to the rF LMT Ferrari 2009 mod?

  • Filg Popov

    and compared to FVA 🙂

  • spliff

    the mx5 is fun.

    the comments here are not, totally unreadable and not worthy to look at. stop feeding the damn trolls all day, then they will leave.

  • stabiz

    The car is fantastic,” said IndyCar driver Justin Wilson of the car. “It’s just how I remembered driving an F1 car and more driver-friendly than I expected.
    “Whatever your experience, you can drive the car, though getting the last bit is really hard. But that’s the challenge.”
    Dave Kirkman, Simulator Engineer at Williams, added: “Driving the iRacing FW31, I can make exactly the same adjustments as I’d make driving the Williams F1 simulator, from wheel functions like differential settings and engine modes to brake bias.
    “It’s the closest I’ve come to driving a modern accurate F1 sim on my PC to date, even the dash display behaves like the real thing.”

  • MosportMike

    The only people here putting down the car is a bunch of people that haven’t even tried it, and are more than likely not even iRacing members.   I love how some people think their opinions are more valid than that of a former F1 tester and an engineer for Williams.  

    iRacing’s worst car is better than any other sim/game on the market.    People saying the codemasters F1 GAME is better than iRacing’s F1 car, doesn’t know what they’re talking about.   

    Don’t call me a fanboy, I’m just a guy that wants the best available sim on the market, and iRacing is light years ahead of it’s closest competition.   If another sim ever comes along that’s better than iRacing, I’ll drop iRacing like a bad habit.    I don’t think it’s going to happen, though.

  • Mike Oppenheimer


  • MosportMike

    “Could somebody please tell me how the handling is compared to the rF LMT Ferrari 2009 mod?”
    There is no comparison.  Seriously, you cannot compare any iRacing cars to anything from rfactor, netkar, lfs or the GTR series.    
    iRacing is the ONLY real simulator for the PC currently on the market.   Everything else is just a game.  

  • adrian

    what about FVA do you believe the iRacing Williams is miles better than the Ferrari?

    This is an honest question. I own FVA but will like to try iRacing if it’s really that better.

  • glenn

    ^^^  ”iRacing’s worst car is better than any other sim/game on the market.”

    THAT IS LAUGHABLE. To say that, then say your not a fanboy is not laughable, it is sad. 🙁

  • glenn

    lol dude you troll like a pro!  you got them all mad, there like that old story about the mob that stones someone for a crime they didnt commit.  very sad.  shows how stupid the public is.

  • stabiz

    I havent tried FVA yet (iRacing takes a lot of my time), but those you have tried both say they are pretty similar, but that FVA is more forgiving. The main difference, besides being two completely different cars on two different platforms, would be that the FW31 has all the setup options in the world. Its way, way better/more believable than any rF mod I have tried, though. I am amazed by the grip it has in high speed corners, it must be really scary to do that the first times in real life.

  • Jezza

    thats all fine and good as the fw31 is 2009, and suitably fits in with the 2009 spec silverstone.

  • Jezza

    actually having played all the top PC sims rfactor, gtr 1 2 evo etc, lfs, rbr and many more, i wouldnt say he is being a fan boy because i agree that the worst is better then the next best game. i was staunchly opposed to iracing and eventually took the plunge a few months ago and havent looked bad at all.

  • glenn

    I turned about 100 laps in the iracing miata yesterday.   
    Drive the Mazda mx mod in gtr evo or race 07 it is close to the one in iracing but not as good GRAPHICS. But for 19$ you have something that has excellent ai and can be played offline or online as much as you want on a million free tracks against quality ai.   
    The Mazda in Shift looks better body wise and dashboard wise hands down. With that said i will say iracing has done a very, very GOOD job on the dashboard… but i would much rather see dials then LCD dashboard that feels extremely ARCADE to me.   Entry level miata scca cars generally have dials not LCD screens that tell you what Gear you are in, i find that not needed, i would expect a sim racer to know what gear there in.

    The other thing that feels ARCADE IS THE MIRRORS, they need to work on mirrors in iracing. The mirrors just don’t feel correct. I’m playing on 30 inch screen and if i change the fov to view the mirrors the view looks very unrealistic and silly, so i end up using this big stupid looking ARCADE mirror in center of my screen which lowers my overall simulation/GAME experience.   
    I give shift’s miata experience the upper hand but not by much. shift has LaguNa seca and to be honest as hokIE as shift may be the drop off at the cork screw feels better (but still very unrealistic), what people don’t seem to understand is that drop off is huge and not one game has properly given the feeling of that drop off.   
    The other thing is that turns me off that i did not see before or notice much in iracing is the white lines painted on road edges are painted Square in places as if it was a after thought and gives it a non simulation feel they need to fix that.

    People rave about how iracing is so superior to rfactor and other games then they should have better mirrors and not have such obvious blunders as white lines that looks as if a blind person painted them.   
    -The new look of iracings web site looks way better then last year and you can tell they invested alot time into that.   
    -I liked the new track variations called school , which has markers in the form of cones in key locations to give you points of reference for your turns.   
    – i viewed some of the school they put in the game back awhile and found it to be helpful, only problem it is excludes people by forcing you to buy a skip barber car to finish the school rather then just use one of the free cars. typical iracing .   
    In the races i was in cars going off the track do not get PROPER DAMAGE OR PENALTY which is a pet peeve of mine. I find something that is supposed to be a sim to have this crap 1x penalty system to be a complete farce, you run off track into the gravel and back on track and there is NO delay or  penalty, even f1 2010 which iracing fanboys sneer at you get gravel on your tires and it delays your over all time, yet the worlds best simulator there is NO time penalty.    
    IRACING STILL HAS A LONG WAY TO GO IN MY EYES BUT IF THEY KEEP UP the current pace we will get a terrific sim by around 2020.

  • Felipe

    Glenn Baldwin everybody!!

  • lironjdb

    Yes, iracing is not complete. But if you think the driving feeling is similar to GTR evo or Race 07, you are CRAAZZZYYYY, and you dont know what you are saying!!!!!!!!!

  • mike88

    dont be silly because ferrari virtual academy is as good and even better then FW31.
    lets see ferrari engineers were involved in every step of creating the F10 for FVA as confirmed by stefano casillo.
    can you say the same thing about the FW31 nope, otherwise it would be blogs and blogs about it on iracing website.

    if iracing is real deal why did past few days david say they are completly overhauling tyre physics?

    i got no problem with iracing or any pc racing game but everytime something is released these days there is fanboys that run on this website to say X is better then Y and vice versa.

  • Empty

    Actually, netKar Pro is pretty damn good for a sim. If there were more people racing more regularly, there would be no reason for anything but nKP and iRacing.

  • mike88

    “The car is fantastic,” said IndyCar driver Justin Wilson of the car. “It’s just how I remembered driving an F1 car and more driver-friendly than I expected.
    “Whatever your experience, you can drive the car, though getting the last bit is really hard. But that’s the challenge.”
    Dave Kirkman, Simulator Engineer at Williams, added: “Driving the iRacing FW31, I can make exactly the same adjustments as I’d make driving the Williams F1 simulator, from wheel functions like differential settings and engine modes to brake bias.
    “It’s the closest I’ve come to driving a modern accurate F1 sim on my PC to date, even the dash display behaves like the real thing.”

    you are going on this?

    of course williams driver will say this its their own car and justin wilson is sponsored by iracing.

    its like anthony davidson and adrian sutil talking about F1 2010 before it got released this game is awesome. cant believe you fall for that crap.

  • Empty

    The actual car they scanned had a LCD display, therefore the iRacing version gets an LCD display. IIRC, they scanned a playboy cup car, which isn’t neccessarily your average joe’s 20 year old MX5 he’s been racing for the last 15 years.

    And how can a laser scanned track not be accurate? lol

    The only difference is you don’t get the gforce – that is why the corckscrew feels “flat”. The values are correct, it’s simply the fact your not weightless for a moment, and your not the one pointing your face at the concrete.

    Pretty much your entire post consists of whining about small issues. White lines make it arcade? Mirrors that are in the correct place make it arcade? FFS, learn what arcade is rather than tossing it out every 2 seconds.

    Learn to turn your head.

  • Empty

    Technology advances. GPL was the sim 12 years ago, now it is surpassed. That is why the tire model is getting replaced. They have something better now.

    Just like the fact that in a month your PC is outdated – something better comes out. Does it mean it’s crap? No, just means there is now something better.

  • scouse_paul

    Rfactor offers nothin to compare with this first version of williams f1 and its only gonna get better. For me the finest ever sim car to date…i love it

  • RKipker

    I own iRacing, all content to be exact and have tried the car…. and I think it’s quite good! If I had to score all three games, with a 10 being Perfect for an F1 Simulation all would love, here are my scores:  
    Scoring System  – 6 Categories (Perfect 10 = 60 pts  
     iRacing        = 7.2/10           FVA              = 6.3/10        F1-2010    = 7.3/60  
     Modeling      – 8/10             Modeling     – 10/10            Modeling      – 6/10  
    Physics       – 10/10             Physics       – 8/10               Physics       – 6/10  
    F1 Tracks    – 4/10              F1 Tracks    – 2/10              F1 Tracks    – 9/10  
    Graphics     – 8/10              Graphics      – 8/10              Graphics      – 8/10  
    Sounds       – 8/10              Sounds       – 7/10              Sounds       – 5/10  
    Series Sim. – 5/10             Series Sim. – 3/10              Series Sim. – 10/10   
    iRacing        = 43/60         FVA             = 38/60           F1-2010      = 44/60  

  • RKipker

    Consumer cost to own PC version:  
    iRacing  = $75+ US for F1 Car, 9 tracks, 1 year subscription (current offer @  
    FVA        = $40US – F1 Ferrari, 3 tracks unlimited service  
    F1 2010 = $39.99US  – 12 F1 team/24 Cars = 19 tracks, unlimited service ($$ Steam)  
    Judge for yourself, be honest and score each category fairly, you’ll find I did that and was fair to each game

  • RKipker

     Note: Scoring for me was based on Perfect F1 Simulation PC Game  
    *     iRacing offers laser scanned tracks (Great Tracks, so I gave it a 4)  
    **   FVA offers/will offer 3-tracks, only one being F1 track, coming soon  
    *** Neither iRacing or FVA offer a series, but I felt zero was to low to score due to track quality  

  • Ghettorat

    F1 at max settings 🙂

  • Yeazah

    I’ve played and own most Racing sims, iRacing is quite a view steps ahead..

  • Fuzzi0n

    Also note the fact that iRacing and FVA offer laser scanned tracks with iRacing’s being the best by far. F1 2010’s tracks are horribly innacurate for the most part.

  • Yeazah

    ive bought both F1 and the MX-5 yesterday, just plain awesome!

  • Yeazah

    yea me to low 23’s, but damn its tuff 🙂
    1m 37.2 @ Road Amereica this morning

  • Yeazah

    Very lame, poor sodd 

  • marc1111

    Cool thing you did here RKipker.  The way that this could apply to everyone is to add a weighting to each category so they all add up to 100%.  For me, I would weight Physics, Modeling, Graphics, Sounds very high, F1 tracks medium and series sim very low.  My interest is in quality of the driving and racing experience, not replicating an F1 season.  Other peope might value replicating the F1 season top.  So it would be different for everyone which allows each person to rank the games.

    A couple additional categories that are probably worth considering are:  Online/Multi-player, Weather/Dynamic conditions, Upgrade-ability, Damage, etc, but I understand you have to draw the line somewhere.  For many people, cost is a factor that would have the highest weighting.

    Anyway, I’m glad you did something “scientific” to try to put an end to the endless “this is better than that” debate that gets us nowhere. 

  • mindyou

    don’t like that you can kiss my arse,

    Now we all know what you want, this is not that kinda site!

  • Peicheck

    Yes, i can say that williams engineers were involved in the work

  • Checker-KF1

    iRacing Moddels are 10/10 my friend!

  • renagade

    all his pro are true and you see that he enjoy it … but he is flaming this game for so long that he have to find some stupid cons like the penality system or the fact that in the driving school they show the skip barber (you dont have to buy the skippy to finish it) or the one i like the most … the fact that you have to pay to play, that he can just race 1 track per week or anything else that make iRacing what it is. You know what go play a MMO … and you will know what make a game 6 year old like WoW who have like 10 millions subscriber a good game … i will never whine about pay to play game just because for once the dev really take time to listen they costumer and make the game better and better at each patch they release. so go play your F1 2010 who will have no support after they finally get this game to work properly. 

  • renagade

    Glenn you know what you are talking about … you are one of the best in trolling all the iracing boards

  • Arnold-Carter Kingpong Wong

    I think F12010 is harder, as I don’t know how to drive the cars in it as they don’t really drive like a car……..

  • glenn

    to renagade… i am not a noob to iracing and was part of iracing rior to its launch. I have hundreds of races in many different cars. No other race game online is more dependant on your peers and management of policing the drivers. The 1x system does niether and iracings 2 guys that admin 1000’s of races through replays do a even worse job then the 1x system. The system needs a huge overhall as it is a glaring weakness of the entire system an if you think i was the only user to say it was/is bad you are wrong, and while they may have listened they have done nothing that i know of to fix the 1x system.

    ”i will never whine about pay to play game just because for once the dev really take time to listen they costumer” 

    i will guarentee in my 15 years of online gaming/sim i have played more pay mmo’s then you and be able to speak thoroughly about each one.  Your comment that all dev’s take the time to listen to costumers is almost laughable.. i guess you never played very many mmo’s , off the top of my head i can name atleast 3 failures in this catagory,  warhammer, stg (star wars galaxys), tabula rosa.

    As far as f1 2010 goes…. it is a fun game, i spent alot of time playing it, 60 to 80 hours which is what I used to put into iracing and nascar 2003 in a week or two. F1 2010 has alot of excellent ideas that make the game feel FUN. I hope iracing and other games can put some of those excellent ideas in there game like the time trial feature. My comments on f1 2010 mostly are tongue and cheek to jerk the chain of fools who blindly follow thing and come to the opinion that there opinion is the only opinion and everyone should blindly follow like blabbling morons. But what you don’t say is anything about the jerks who flamed f1 201 before it even came out on the f1 boards and constantly talked about f1 2010 on codmasters boards. If some one did that on iracings boards they would want to run that person out of iracing for having a different opinion.

    If if a apple i eat is 10% rotten and i like the store i bought it from it does not mean i am going to tell everyone it was the best apple i ever ate.  🙂

      its that simple.

  • glenn

    have you tryed the mx mod for gtr evo or race 07. my guess is you have not. 🙂

  • glenn

    to empty –
    The actual car they scanned had a LCD display, therefore the iRacing version gets an LCD display. IIRC, they scanned a playboy cup car, which isn’t neccessarily your average joe’s 20 year old MX5 he’s been racing for the last 15 years.  
    Okay i stand corrected.  tell me something about that digital read out on the playboy mx… does it show you what gear your in?  
    ”And how can a laser scanned track not be accurate? lol  ”  
    if you watch how a track is made (or make one yourself) you would now that it is still needed information. similair to making a track with project wildfires sandbox or bob the track builders software, the mess is laid out but the structures, textures and artwork still needs to be put in.  
    ”The only difference is you don’t get the gforce – that is why the corckscrew feels “flat”.   ”  
    you could not be more wrong. i can show you a picture or video if you like of a 6 foot man standing in the middle portion of the drop down and his head still not as hight as the top of the incline… nothing in anyone of the current version of any game has that kind of drop down.  I will try and find the video for you in the next few days, i saw it in a imsa video taken in the 80’s camel gt series.  
    ”’Pretty much your entire post consists of whining about small issues. White lines make it arcade?”’  

    like a typical fanboy getting personal rather then fact finding. You would call iracing a sim correct? maybe you should learn how to speak to people, i am pretty sure that is why you got banned at nogrip racing? am i rite?  🙂   

    the best sim in the world?  I am still waiting to drive the best sim in the world still…  i like iracings progress but feel as though there should be more progress especially with all these people pooring money into a glorified beta test.  I thank you for beta testing for the community.  😀

  • renagade

    ok so if i understand your point you’re just never happy …

  • RKipker

    Checker-KF1 I disagree… the iRacing model is not a 10… this refers to just the model accuracy and the overall look of the model.  I think FVA has best model, but as I said, that’s my opinion.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I think the F1 model from iRacing is best over all by far if you include the FFb and Physics and not measure the model only…

    I also disagree that F1 2010 tracks are way off… I think they are very close to actual layout, except bumps!  Also, there is other stuff that folks may be looking for in a game.

    Thanks Marc111, I agree weighting these differently since some are important than other to some folks.  But weighing them the same is only fair, and ranking honestly separates the best.  I did not favor one over the other, just my opinion based on driving all three on two different completely different systems.

    System 1: G25 with Triple screens and playseat
    System 2: Fanatec Turbo S 911 with single 37″ monitor and Rennsport cockpit from Fanatec

    I was simply trying to compare the three games, if  they would be an F1 strand alone game… which is why I compared the Grand Prix pricing of iRacing as we all know…. iRacing is more than $500US for all content and 1 year subscription… probably more like +$600US, I know first hand!

    Here is what I recommend… if you have invested +1500US in decent computer.. get them all if you love racing games, they are all good and fun.

  • Hanzales

    I can approve that. I played almost every racing game/sim and rFactor/LFS/NetKarPro was my most favourite sims out there, until I tried iRacing. Much much satisfied ;o) Even now with the update you can drive as a gost and enjoy race safe to others like with AI, where you can eventually crash (just tried new Williams and it was amazing)
    LFS is still magnificant project and rFactor with a lot of great mods (thoose using carfactory physics) as well. GTR series are great for offline racing and GT Legends is simply legendary (as HistoricsGT mod even more) But iRacing giving me something more (I think it is that adrenaline from simple race which I never tasted before, with other sims. I am very curious about new tire physics updates (iracing/rFactor2) and how all of this evolve in next years. (srry for bad eng)

  • Hanzales

    Thanks a lot for update. Williams is so exciting to drive. Excellent work.
    MX-5 is great as well. Tried at Laguna Seca and much better then Solstice (my first race experience) as a rockie car.
    Finally ghost racing is excellent (tried Williams/Watkins) With that feature I loosed again fear from contacts (avoided almost all crash events, keeping my car virtually safe, one 360 spin between two cars included) 😀 Love it even more now.

  • Christian Aylward

    iRacing, it’s like Christmas every 13 weeks

    from a happy “beta tester” 😉

  • ed d’agliano-luna aka eddiespag

    RKipker, you have piqued my interest!  Please, please, in your experience and opinion what system is the best for a sim racer.  A giant 37″ monitor or three (triple) 24″ monitors.  I am getting ready to upgrade and am not sure which direction to go.  My greatest interest is realism and immersion.  Also what are the pros and cons of each.  Thanks.   

  • Christian Aylward

    They are very similar. I really recommend the FW31 though as you can race it against others online as opposed to solo hotlapping in FVA. And if you still haven’t tried iRacing yet, you don’t know what your missing out on  😉

  • The Keyboard warrior

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha x biggest number you can think of.

  • Jezza

    Um i can assure you melbourne on F1 2010 is not very close to the actual layout. Having been to the race multiple times and driven a car around and walked around albert park it makes me laugh looking at the F1 2010 version. They may have the basic shape of the track but to say very close is a joke.

  • Jezza

    i cant wait for lime rock that is going to be hectic

  • Sid Wilson

    This F1 car is so awesome, and I can see why it took iRacing so long to develop. It’s a real masterpiece of simulation “engineering”. I love it.

  • Empty

    Me speaking the what I believe the truth about what NG became is completely irrellevant. One corrupt mod ruined the entire site. Ask most of the regular people about me and the results would be vastly different. If I was so hated why did half the people round there always go crazy when I got a week ban? My reason for banning is still none other than “Have a nice day” from the admin, so, who cares. Can’t provide an actual reason outside of “we just dont like you”.Site went downhill fast. Go ahead, ask.


    Seriously dude. White lines? WTF man. I just cannot see that defining a game as “arcade”. Silly comment. So, if Grid (always love picking on Grid) had perfect white lines, it’d be “sim”? I mean, cmon man. It’s a silly comment determining a softeware’s realism because of lines. Might as well say a couple of blades of grass are out of line, so its arcade. I really dont care what you think about iRacing, but is that something you would say about any other sim? God, if lines on the road being out of place is bad, what is horrendous physics? What about real track layout errors? But no, we choose to focus on lines on the road, which are “arcade”. There are much bigger fish to fry in every sim. But your focusing on lines on the road that are somehow arcade.

    What does that say?

    BTW, what lines are we talking about? I’m guessing on the run down into the Andretti Hairpin (First real corner, 2nd gear left, bottom of the hill) where the brake markers are? 

    And again, it’s all lack of gforce, and I spose a bit of FOV. They have the data, if one section was off, so would another. You cant go half way down the hill and have to go all the way up – that is not possible. (Top of the hill is 200 feet, I cant drop one hundred feet and climb 200 and be back where I started as I only dropped 100 feet to begin with). It’s like say, Flight Simulator. I can fly a helicopter, hover at 500 feet like nothing looking at the ground. Hell, I climb a ladder IRL and get vertigo. lol  
    I assure you the values are correct to their physical properties. It’s the same drop, just in a different format. Your brain doesnt precieve it as a drop, as it is just a bunch of pixels. It has no depth at all, which is why you think Shift has a bigger drop when in reality both are pretty much the same.

  • Ever been had

    Question – if you sign-up for iracing account, but allow it to lapse……when you return and re-sign, can you retrieve previous account or must you start from scratch agin?

  • Ace Racer

    Yep, all your stats, purchases, etc. will still be there.

  • Adam

    the F1 car is just fantastic!
    iRacing have done it again

  • pub007

    Knew it wouldn’t be long before my friend glenn turned up!

    You know that kid in the playground who always knew best because he’d already climbed Everest, swam the Atlantic, raced an F1 car, been in every beta and knew the programmers etc??

  • RKipker

    ed d’agliano-luna aka eddiespag<img src=”//”/>
    Well, for one I’m not that experienced in Sim Racing only been around for a few years, some guys have been doing this for many more.  But I do have these two awesome setups so I will give you my thoughts:

    Fanatec Wheel w/Clubsport Pedals, vs the G25 and standard Pedals
    For me, the G25 is a better feeling wheel in most games out there straight out the box,  Thomas has developed a fantastic wheel in the 911 Turbo S (I use it on 360, PS3, and PC = Consistency).  However, for some reason the wheel FFB just feels better when using the G25 (for example in iRacing and F1 2010)

    That being said, the Club Sport Pedals are simply the Best in Class and work with the G25, so for an optimal setup for the price I would get:

    Logitech G25 w/Club Sport Pedals
    (Maybe a G27 would be even better, confirmed compatibility first though for the CSP)

    Triple LCD Screens vs. 37″ LCD
    Money is always a consideration, but if money was not the problem here I would get the 3 LCD screens, as I enjoy them and the prospective I get using them in any game.

    I run 3 – 22″ LCD’s, but 3 24″ or even 30″ screens would be unbelievable IMHO if you have a system that can push them above 60 FPS at max settings.

    Now, on the flip, if I was to go with the 37″ or even a 42″ single monitor, I would insist on Track IR as this assist in the immersification (sp) factor.  HD a must for a monitor like this, 1920X1080.

    Hope that helps… my 37″ rig w/Fanatec setup is for 360/PS3/PC all in same Seat Setup!

  • Mirage

    .lol f1racer, as clueless as ever. Only the biggest noob, who knows nothing about driving and sims would beleive f1 2010 has better physics than iracing. They are not even on the same planet, f12010 feels dead and arcade, and is good for fun if you are a noob. iracing worked directly with williams F1 to produce their car, and it handles and feels great. Stick to console games, dont waste your money on iracing and dont bother posting your silly opinon on sims because you are clearly not qualified enough.

  • Doby

    Typical how one is put away as a troll here, only because I vented my dislikes about the F1 car.

    Love the Mx as posted, but I really don’t like the Williams. Is it that hard to understand that not everybody likes all cars?

  • Ding Dong

    sounds just like the Sauber F1 in rFactor!

  • Bosse

    I love the song! Any ideas what it could be?

  • MosportMike

    “Question – if you sign-up for iracing account, but allow it to lapse……when you return and re-sign, can you retrieve previous account or must you start from scratch agin?”

    If you let your subscription run out, all of your cars and tracks will be available when you return.   You do not have to purchase that stuff ever again.

  • Ghettorat

    I have my own videos from the F1 in Hungary this summer and it sounds very similar too, just missing some of the bangs 😉 

  • marc1111

    Just to build on that, it keeps all your career statistics, which is one of the coolest things about iRacing. Some of the stats include:
    iRating (a running measure of how good you are relative to other drivers)
    Safety Rating (a running measure of how safe you drive, few incidences)
    # of races
    # of wins and win%
    # of top 5 finishes and T5 %
    # of poles
    Avg start
    Avg finish
    Laps led and laps led %
    Avg incidents per race
    Avg points per race
    Full statistics from every race (all lap times for every race for every driver, position / lap charts, all incidents, gaps between all drivers, fastest laps, etc)
    Full stats for every qualifying session, every practice session, every hosted session
    Championship standings for every series in every season in every year
    Full stats broken out by year
    Yada yada yada

    You get the idea.  I’ve never seen such comprehensive stats that are so easily accessible for every driver.  You can look up the full career stats for every driver in the service and the full breakdown of every single race.  It’s all automated.  Very cool. 

  • Jezza

    when you compare it to f1 2010 and indirectly claim f1 2010 is better what do you expect?
    f1 2010 is lame
    fw31 is best feeling, sounding f1 car available to the public hands down!

  • Chad Smith
  • Shorel

    but i would much rather see dials then LCD dashboard that feels extremely ARCADE to me

    I will get a real car soon, and the damn thing has a LCD rev meter. I would prefer dials, but LCD is used in real cars too, you know.

  • glenn

    empty – I appreciatte your mature response this time it was well thought out and not insultive.

    your comment –
    ”Seriously dude. White lines? WTF man. I just cannot see that defining a game as “arcade”. Silly comment. So, if Grid (always love picking on Grid) had perfect white lines, it’d be “sim”? I mean, cmon man. It’s a silly comment determining a softeware’s realism because of lines.”

    lines and 1x system is part of the complete package which cost alot of money. People that i see posting it cost 1.88 a day theory is rediculous.  If I ammortize my bmw I can do the same thing over a certain period of time it will only cost me 50 cents a day… lol at that. 

    I want excellence for a product people deem as excellent. i see nothing wrong with that, i paid top dollar in fact over paid for my bmw and recieved a flawless product. I can’t say the same for iracing.  Sorry, I won’t say its perfect until it actually feels like the best and has  ALL THE WORKING RINGS AND BELLS that it should have to live up to what the fanboys tout it as.

    that simple… I feel people reading about iracings product should get a true reading rather then a bunch of blinded fanyboys opinions. I have a open mind towards all games and equipment. f1 2010 also has a ton of problems its clunky and crappy in alot of ways but it is a cheap game and i give them a little slack do to the newish title. I was a major fan of papyrus games and iracing basically being papyrus in different clothes has had alot of years to polish and work on product.

    I would say iracing would be worth 15$ a month no doubt if you  did not have to buy the cars and tracks and had a better way of moderating the users.

  • glenn

    ”’the comments here are not, totally unreadable and not worthy to look at. stop feeding the damn trolls all day, then they will leave.”’

    SORRY THIS IS NOT IRACING FANBOY FORUMS. i guess perhaps you should retreat behind the safety of nimcompoop and twitmore on there boards.

  • crosschris

    Thanks Very Much!!! 😀

  • alonzo ftw

    nascar top official says… gt5 will be best race experience ever. true story!

  • Kiablos

    FW31 is AMAZING! A pleasure to drive!

  • Hompe

    I liked in f1 2010 how you can hear bangs once in a while yes

  • moschum

    well ive driven the f1 car extensively in iracing.
    Max lol at how theyve 100% copied the external sounds from ISI BMW in rfactor. 

    the car itself doesnt feel as tight to drive as the f1 car in Ferrari virtual academy, the feedback isnt anywhere near as good, and there isnt much feeling of weight transfer either. in FVA the steering is light but weightens up nicely when the back end comes out.

    the internal sounds are excellent, but the ffb is a huge dissapointment. 

  • moschum

    your scoring system is dumb. physics is argueably more important than graphics, you need to weight them according to importance.

    also you’re missing a vital catergory – ffb. this is the 2nd most important catergory of them all, next to physics. 

    go home and try again. 

  • Vince

     you are an idiot.

  • moschum

    good argument, you use that in court? 

  • ed d’agliano-luna aka eddiespag

    Thank you.  🙂

  • ed d’agliano-luna aka eddiespag

    Eyefinity graphics card to run the triples?

  • akrapovic

    very pathetic!

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