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iRacing – McLaren MP4-30 Sound Preview

iRacing has released a sound preview of their upcoming McLaren Honda MP4-30 Formula One car.

iRacing has released a sound preview of their upcoming McLaren Honda MP4-30 Formula One car.

The video below lets us listen to the car’ distinctive turbo-engine sound that has become the standard in Formula One since the 2014 season.

McLaren’s less than successful weapon of choice for the 2015 Formula One season will be joining iRacing next month, marking the second time the simulation tackles a modern-day F1 car.

Following the Williams FW31, the MP4-30 will be the first iRacing car to come with full simulations of modern-day F1 systems such as KERS and DRS.

  • svdb

    Pretty good. Has the typical Honda lawnmower off throttle sound :P.

    • What

      Test 1,2,3. Test 1,2,3. Is this comment also going to be deleted. Jeez!

  • Bobster

    My comment got deleted? You aren’t allowed to be critical on this site?

    • F1Racer

      There are no comments of yours in the deleted section.
      If you don’t think criticism is allowed here then you must be new 🙂
      But there is a swear filter and a comment rule to match.

      • Bobster

        Now it suddenly shows up again…strange

      • F1Racer

        Nothing to do with me. But I’d like you to edit it please, to conform with the comment rules.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    To me it sounds a lot better lol

  • mooves

    Sounds good. Will it actually make it to the end of a race or has mechanical reliability been left out of the source code?

  • beau261

    Sounds awesome.

  • Nick1

    I thought there was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom? Just kidding, good job on the sound iRacing.

  • Marcelo Otárola

    Kers?, these cars have no kers.

    • beau261

      Yes they do….among other things. Just because it’s not called Kers, doesn’t mean they don’t have “Kinetic energy recovery systems”


  • Neebs

    From Greg Hill’s post on the forum

    This is how it sounds in the sim from trackside – flatulence and all

    No edits or fudging, just a static camera view. The sound is not
    finished yet and the onboard is still receiving the final polish.

    As you can hear there are a lot of sounds going on in this hybrid
    system – harvesting whines, rattles and turbo noises. The flatulent
    sound is the MGU-H keeping the turbo spun up as a form of anti turbo lag
    (my wife’s turbo diesel needs this tech badly).

    There are 3 complete sonic models for this engine for cockpit,
    onboard/chase and trackside/distance. This engine is made up of multiple
    layers but most notably onload, steadyload and offload layers across
    the RPM range. Plus all the other sounds that need to be hooked up.

    Anyway….this is probably my first post in my new role at iRacing
    so here’s some info. If you haven’t heard I’m now focusing exclusively
    on iRacing. I’ll be pushing for a better sonic experience as hard as I
    can and the whole team are eager to support that, hence the reason Steve
    Myers begged me like a little girl wanting a pony, oh and thanks for
    the case of Shiraz and a subscription to “The Modern Drunkard” magazine.

    On a serious note though, the goal is to develop a more authentic
    sonic experience and to better communicate the physics and environment.
    Every aspect of the audio system (including the actual sounds) should
    serve as sonic clues to deliver useful information to the sim-racer for a
    greater sense of connection. For example the new particle system for
    debris and backfires events requires a range of sounds for every
    permutation the physics can produce. There are 100’s of particle sounds
    for each surface (grass, dirt, marbles, gravel traps) and 1000+
    backfires because most are unique to each car. This all makes the whole
    experience livelier.

    We’ve made changes to tire skid thresholds so the progression to
    skidding is smoother and communicative about grip levels. The surface
    sounds have been totally remixed and there are some new engines on the
    way. I’m pretty excited by this next build and the sounds have really
    taken the next step. Steve didn’t say in his blog but the Ford based
    stockcars will finally have their own voice and I have source for the
    Toyota engine sound sitting here ready to be built.

    We are drafting an audio road-map and fleshing out ideas that will
    take the sound of iRacing to a whole new level – very exciting!

    Hope you like the MP4-30 sound clip!

    • Mr Chapman

      Very exciting. Thanks for posting this here.

  • Rob Stewart

    I had to double check that this was in game sound. Sounds very like the real thing to me. I suppose these engines are a bit easier to replicate than the much missed screamers. Good job iRacing.

    • Bakkster

      More complex, actually. In addition to the ICE, you need the sounds of the turbo and ERS kicking in at the right times. The V8s were ‘just’ a V8.

      Greg has been working on all the car’s sounds, and this is just one of the first ones using all their new techniques. Hopefully we start to see similar improvements everywhere.

  • Tiago Viana

    Anybody knows how the License will work on this car? The Williams, if i’m not wrong, is only available for PRO license.
    And my license situation, at the moment is more close to go to C than to go to A… (what can i say, iRacing likes to punish me for racing more in the limit!!!)
    If they go in the same direction, only PRO, than, thank you but no thanks!!!

    • Richard Hessels

      Williams is A license, i guess this one will be the same level.

  • ipitydafool

    Sounds great, when the car arrives do we also get the Pirelli soft cheese tyres? 😛

  • f2004

    I heard, for this car they have reworked completely the particles engines, in order to cope with the heavy smoke cloud of the real car, but they almost “broke” the graphic engine of the game trying to reach the level of realism required by HONDA.

  • Richard Hessels

    At least we can put the volume up when racing at home.