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iRacing in 3D – Video

iRacing in 3D – Video

Youtube SmiffsDen has put together a very interesting video back in December 2009, showing a lap around Phoenix International Raceway in iRacing in 3D!

I missed to cover this video when it was initially released but it seems to have popped up in the community again earlier today. To check out the 3D effect, a pair of blue/red 3D glasses are required.

Glases provided in cinemas for modern 3D movies don’t work with this, but if you have a matching pair, make sure to check the video out.

  • spliff

    arrghs, anaglyph 3D looks sooo ugly! 🙂

  • ForzaBarca88

    Amazing, its like I have blue/red lenses covering over my eyes! Oh wait….

    Im sorry, but RealD has spoilt me :tongue:

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