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iRacing Holiday Special – 50% Off For Inactive Members

Last week, iRacing unveiled their 50% off iRacing Holiday Special for all new members of their online racing service.

Now, the company is extending their offer to former members, inviting them back to rejoin the service for 50% off.

Using the promo code PR3MLAPSED1212 inactive members can add a 3-month subscription for $16.50, a 50% reduction on the regular price of $33.

The iRacing Holiday Special offer is valid until January 1 and can only be used once on already existing, inactive accounts.

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  • grimes

    Only for 3 months… if they did a 50% discount for a year (like they did in the past) I would renewed.
    They should make it so we can drive the content we purchased offline without subscription, invested alot of money in it in the past.

    • Chillisteak

      One of my biggest complaints with iRacing is buying content you can’t use without the subscription as well. It should be one payment method or the other not both.
      But Regardless I’ll take 50% off for the 3 months, as my account expired a few weeks ago.

      • Sean_S36

        Did the promo code work for you?

  • Yamin Namsan

    As an inactive member myself, I don’t see the point of a 3 month sub. Your either into iracing or not. I’ll take a free month with a rain check for a 50% on a year sub. I can decide in less than a month (1 day really) if I want to stay in or not. All you really need to do is to test the newest build and look over the new content.

    • Bakkster

      I think the two best reasons for a 3 month sub are if you only use iRacing in the real world off-season, or during summer breaks home from college. Otherwise I agree, a 3-month sub is just a cheap way to see if you want to re-subscribe long-term.

  • Andrew McP

    After a few years away I confess I still miss the forums. Three months ought to be enough to remind me why I left… though I do worry I’ll get addicted to the greatest soap opera in sim racing history all over again.

    There’s not much danger I’ll race again though. If I want to get grumpy and stressed I just read Donald Trump’s twitter feed. 🙂

  • Leynad

    My last 3-month subscription run off few weeks ago and barely used it. “Just” bought content for 150$ and the last time i checked i could only run the MX5 on the track for free minus ovals i’m not interested in. For all others i needed to pay for the track or car and bought two cars before. Conclusion: For the subscription alone you should get a lot more. And i don’t want to drive the races that i can because i don’t like the cars. They should turn off subscription at all, so more people are online and more different racing.

    Second big problem for me: In pCars i’ve now a relatively high ranking and i don’t want to risk it every day, so i do Time-Trials, AI-racing or online-racing without ranking and it’s good fun. What to do in iRacing? Hot-Laps without leaderboards (long promised) is boring. With my C-rank in iRacing and don’t get into private races, that costs extra-money to host them. iRacing is like the Ferrari in terms of expenses and getting a lousy Opel for the money.

    • Bakkster

      The rookie MX-5 (and Solstice in Production Car Challenge) are the only guaranteed road racing you can do for free every week, that’s true. I’ve pushed for the D-class series using the free road cars (SRF, GTC, and Cadillac) to organize so one is always available to those without DLC content, but it didn’t seem like most people cared.

      But that doesn’t mean it’s all you get with your subscription. I’m counting 8 free series available to run with only base content:
      MX-5 (road)
      Production Car Challenge (road)
      Street Stock (oval)
      Legends (oval)
      Dallara Dash (oval, unofficial)
      Dirt SS
      Dirt Legends
      Rookie Rallycross

      It is possible to buy content that ends up being unpopular or that’s unavailable for you to race, but it’s also possible to buy content that’s relatively evergreen and gives you a lot of options on a budget. Pick the right 6 tracks and it’s not hard to be able to run 8 weeks each of several D and C class series with free cars.

      When was your last subscription? Time Attack is a thing as of 6 months ago. You need to launch it from the native beta UI, but it’s there, doesn’t affect your SR, and does have leaderboards (with a $1000 prize for the winners of the three series).

  • Sean_S36

    That Promo code is invalid lol, those idiots know how to screw their vip’s and lose a sale within a second . arrogant pricks anyway.

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