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iRacing Holiday Special – 50% Off

iRacing has unveiled their annual holiday special, allowing members to sign up for half price.

The iRacing Holiday Special allows new members to save 50% on their membership, resulting in savings up to $99.50 for a two year membership:

iRacing Holiday Special

The iRacing Holiday Special offer is valid through January 1, 2018 and can’t be combined with other discounts.

Unfortunately, this offer is only available for new members and not for subscription renewals. For more info, visit the iRacing website.

  • aetern

    For the hole year Iracing is just ignoring old members. Shame.

    • Bakkster

      Did you miss the Black Friday and bonus credits promos which just ended? $75 would get you another year plus $17.50 in leftover credits.

      That said, most subscription services need to give bigger discounts to new members to get them to try the service out, I’m very in favor of it as a 7-year member.

      • StuartBecktell

        And at least they’re giving discounts to current users. They used to not at all.

      • Bakkster

        Must have been before my time.

      • Leynad

        Black Friday used to be 50% off since they reduced it to 25% last year plus adding VAT.

      • Bakkster

        It did used to be better (as well as missing the spring sale), but OP claimed iRacing was ‘ignoring’ current members which isn’t the case.

      • Leynad

        But they aren’t doing enough for the members as well and i personally feel cheated with this concept. It’s like buying Apple-products, just without the better design.

      • Bakkster

        Well, that’s a personal opinion whether it’s ‘enough’ or not. I’d like to see more discounts or a rethink in the pricing structure (mostly because I want to see more people able to subscribe and race against them), but I’m not one to judge without knowing their finances and for me it’s a worthwhile expense.

        If I got the same enjoyment out of another sim, I’d be racing it instead.

  • Duke of Hazard

    Starting to wonder if iRacing is worth the money anymore. RF2 and AC are really coming along, and to my mind the tire model in AC is the best of the bunch, far closer to reality than iRacing’s “ice mode” tire is. The racing at iRacing is not good, too many wankers, crashers and just plain lunatics, it’s no better at all than racing on open servers anywhere else. And they both cost a hell of a lot less than iRacing.

    • Leynad

      I spent 150$ on content plus subscription fees and the last time i looked i could only drive the MX5 without paying for more cars and tracks or going oval i don’t want. At least the tyres are better now in iRacing and even more sticky than in AC.

      There is SRS for AC, even for rF2, but last one seems not popular so far. The ranking-system in pCars 2 is nice and i think the penalties for contacts are more intelligent than in iRacing since the patch. When a car in front start spinning or re-entering the track so you can’t avoid a crash, it’s ridiculous to blame both drivers and both sims can see who was off the driving line and who the victim of circumstances. I don’t understand how an online-service this costly can have such a total dumb penalty-system.

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