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iRacing – Dallara IRL Car & Corvette Available

iRacing – Dallara IRL Car & Corvette Available has released a new build of their online racing simulation, adding the much anticipated Dallara Indycar and the Corvette C6.R GT1 race car to their simulation.

The Honda-powered Dallara Indycar is the sole car used for competition in the Indycar series, home of the famous Indianapolis 500 held each may. Introduced in 2005, the Corvette C6.R was Corvette Racing’s weapon of choice in the American Le Mans Series and at Le Mans, clinching several championships and class wins. iRacing subscribers can now buy both cars for $11.95 each.

Another important change in the new build is the introducing of Hosted Racing, opening up iRacing’s platform for interested leagues and clubs that want to host their own races. The very detailed release notes of the new build can be found below, you might have to click “Read More” to see them. The two videos below show the two new cars in action, the Dallara at Indianapolis and the Corvette racing at Mosport.

Build 2009.10.26.01 Release Notes

Website updates

Series, Car, and Track pages

-Re-organized to make it easier to find the series, car, or track you are looking for. Series are grouped based on license; content is grouped based on status.


– Club scoring summary added to race results

-Driver stats have been expanded to include the driver’s club and the driver’s total Gross Club Points.

– In several areas of the site where club points are displayed, the information has been expanded to include Club Points, Club Points Multiplier, and Net club Points

-Results for sub-sessions are now easily viewable. If a session has been split, mousing over the result icon for that session will cause a pop-up to appear. The subsessions may each be selected within this pop-up.

Race Planner (to be released in the near future)

– A Dashboard gadget. Allows users to show their intent to participate in races for an entire season worth of racing. Races will become joinable 30 minutes prior to their scheduled start. This gadget will not auto-register drivers — registration must be done manually.

Fast Track Licensing

– If your license is in the range Class C … Pro, and at the end of a session your Safety Rating is less than 1.00, you will be immediately demoted as many license levels as are required to bring your SR back to or above 1.00, but in no case will you be demoted below Class D if you currently hold that license or higher.

– If your license is in the range Rookie … Class B, at the end of a session you will be immediately promoted to the next higher license if (a) your Safety Rating is 4.00 or higher, and (b) you have met the Minimum Participation Requirements for your current license level.

– If you have a Class A license and you are a member of the current Pro class, at the end of a session you will be immediately promoted back into Pro if your Safety Rating is 4.00 or higher.

– The Rookie (thrice per Season) license promotions, and Standard (once per Season) license promotions/demotions will continue unchanged.

Hosted iRacing

– Hosted sessions enable you to create personalized race events at any time for a cost of $3.00.

– Hosted sessions can only be purchased with iRacing Dollars and/or iRacing Credits at this time.

– It is possible to load iRacing Dollars into your account by purchasing a gift certificate and redeeming it yourself. You can redeem a gift certificate without purchasing anything as follows:
***Click on the “View Cart” link at the top of the page
***Enter your gift certificate code into the box and click the “Apply” button
***Follow the instructions on the screen to complete your gift card redemption order

– All hosted sessions features are accessible from a new “HOSTED” top level navigation menu selection.

– Hosted sessions cannot be scheduled for the future. They are launched at the time of purchase and are typically ready to join within 60 seconds of purchase.

– There is no charge to join a race and you can register to join a hosted session from the “join a race” page. This page refreshes automatically.

– You can select the car and track, practice, qual and race length/duration as well as several other options such as number of racers, starting type (rolling vs. standing), number of fast tows allowed and full course cautions (on or off).

– The list of available tracks is a function of which tracks are loaded onto the selected server farm.

– It is not possible to configure hosted sessions with multiple car classes at this time.

– You can make your hosted sessions private by providing a session password and giving the password to your friends.

– Hosted sessions are not official races and do not impact your Safety Rating or iRating.

– The total duration of a hosted session should not exceed 4 hours. Race servers will enforce this limit by shortening a hosted session if it lasts too long.
– You can output hosted session race results to CSV. A button will appear on the hosted sessions event results page when appropriate. The button will not appear if the session didn’t include a race component.


– New group dialog tab gives the following functionality:
***double click on a camera to set it active
***add/remove cameras from group
***delete camera if not in any group
***view active camera and shot quality in real time
***sort by name or shot quality
***Camera groups can be added/deleted at will now (tv1 etc). You can remove all but the on car groups, and add up to 32 groups.
***New groups insert after the current one.
***Enable/disable automatic shot selection (ctrl-t is hot key). This effectively locks the current camera active until you manually switch to another shot using the group dialog or the ‘b’ and ‘shift-b’ buttons.

– Mouse aiming mode
***activated with ctrl-z.
***hit ctrl-z again to save new camera position (only for fixed cameras)
***hit esc to cancel edit.
***left mouse button flies forward, right flies backwards.
***moving the mouse modifies yaw and pitch.

– Cameras can be renamed

– static no longer shown when transitioning from practice to race

– Added overlap to start/end, should reduce ‘flashing’ in tv cameras

– key binding cancels when switching away from edit dialog

– Improved behavior of chopper when it can not keep up and improved reset of chopper position

– Blimp/chopper shots only last 10 seconds now

– fixed camtool ui so slider/text controls grey out when disabled

– Stop cameras from flashing at transitions

– Fixed pan to next focus car

– Separated driving FOV adjustment from camtool FOV adjustment

– Added support for analog control of FOV

– Increased dead zone to better support xbox 360 controller

– Cameras no longer flash when adjusting tape head in replay.

– Ctrl-F12 toggles cam_tool UI instead of only setting it active.

– Joystick does not interfere with key acceleration when using the keyboard and joystick at same time

– Added reset button on settings tab to reset key mappings in camtool to defaults

– New Joystick calibration dialog in the cam_tool setup tab

– Camera yaw/pitch movement is now proportional to FOV

– New file format supports any number of groups/cameras in groups

– removed “All TV” it is redundant when you can make your own

– push to talk works when camtool is up

– Key repeat works on frame step when using a mouse to click on the button
– you can see a visible camera when viewing the camera itself (alt-Q) in the camera tool. Makes it easy to place cameras exactly where you want them.

– can load/save car/track cameras at any time to any filename you want, so it’s easier to have multiple sets of camera files available. (But does not yet remember which sets of cameras were selected.)

– Camera field of view gets wider on very wide aspect ratio displays (triple head) so TV cams don’t zoom in too much and cut off detail. But by getting so much wider there may be artifacting from very close objects getting cut off in the wider views.

– Added scenic group that gets the shot when the focus car is lost. Useful for putting some cameras in that show the track itself.

– Oncar cameras go to static for 3 seconds when focus car is lost.

– Store last select camera group and cam file in cameras.ini and load at startup.

– Able to toggle view mode and use shot q when driving camera selected.

Setup Sharing

– In the Garage you can share your current setup with other people in the session by pressing the “Share” button. You can make a setup available to everyone, to members of your club, or to a specific person. Setups shared with everyone or with teammates are stored on the server and will be available for the entire session, even if you disconnect. Setups shared with an individual are available until they exit the sim and can only be shared while they are connected.

– You can load any setup that has been shared with you by clicking on the “Shared” button in the garage. Setups shared directly with you (eg, not to everyone or to clubmates) are available until you exit the sim.

– Shared setups can be loaded and then saved to disk for later use.


– All changes require the Apply button to be pressed before the garage can be exited. Some adjustments are still shown live, but must be applied to exit.

– The garage can be viewed during a race, but no changes to the setup are allowed.


– Voice Packs can be selected from within the sim in Options / Sound. You’ll need to restart the sim for a newly selected voice pack to take effect. For information on using and making spotter packs, see:

– Added a “TJ Majors and Lance McGrew” spotter package. (to be released in the near future)

Graphics options

– A new graphics option “reduce Z-fighting” has been added, mainly to help reduce shadow flickering from the cockpit view. This option also helps prevent ground from drawing through the cockpit floor.

– removed triple buffering from options screen, it still exists in the render.ini file, but called “TwoBackBuffers”. D3D does not support true triple buffering, the option was a hold over from OpenGL support.

– new option added, “Cap frame queue”, which tells the sim not to queue up more than 1 frame at a time for rendering to reduce latency. Defaults to on (which is our usual behavior). Turning this option off may increase controller lag.

– The limit frame rate limit option was modified to improve its accuracy.


Replays have been changed so that they record the actually transmitted car positions for all the cars, instead of the locally extrapolated positions, which have errors due to latency. This means you are seeing what actually happened on each client computer, not what was “guessed” at on your computer in the few tenths of a second of transmission latency. This should make it more useful when examining another driver’s line and braking points.

There are still some issues to be aware of when interpreting what you see in a replay. It is now possible that two cars can merge slightly without a collision occurring. This would happen if neither car “guessed” that a collision occurred during the latency period, but in fact one did, if it had been possible to know that. Count that as a lucky day, if that happens to you. It is also possible that it appears that two cars do not touch, and yet collision forces are applied to one car or the other, or both. That’s the same issue in reverse, an unlucky day. There is no difference in lucky vs. unlucky days from what happens with the old code, but now it looks different in the replay (although not while you are driving in real-time; then you are still seeing the extrapolated “guesses”, obviously).

For now, opponent smoke and skid marks appear at the extrapolated positions, so it may appear that skid marks are appearing a couple feet away from where the spinning car actually is. We are going to work on that. Also, the altitude of the cars will sometimes appear to jump up or down a little bit, as the altitude is not always transmitted, so it comes from the extrapolated guess at times. We are going to work on that, as well.

If you, like Grant Reeve, have your sensibilities offended by the fact that the replay no longer matches what you saw while driving, then you can change an entry in your “My Documents\iRacing\app.ini” file–

Under the [Replay] line change the line




and then your replays will be the same as before. Don’t get unduly upset with other drivers for swerving, if you do that, though–they are probably just latency-induced swerves.

Remote cars

– Remote cars now generate skids, smoke, and dust.

– Remote cars should flash less

Race Control

– Gained-time warnings (“Slow Down”) can now be carried across the start/finish line. Doing so will cause both laptimes to be invalid (—). But trying to carry it over the start/finish to finish your race will result in an instant black flag and post race penalty.

– Bumped the time allowed to obey a Slow Down warning to 40 seconds from 20.

– Bumped the base time for Fast Tows from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.

– Made improvements to how long a person who has missed the start waits before being allowed into their pit stall.

– When joining an in-progress server (eg: open practice) you should now see lap times for cars who were once connected but are not now.

– Blue flags will no longer be waved if you are still finishing your race and the leaders who have finished already are behind you.

– Green flags should fly a couple of seconds earlier on longer tracks.

– The delay for showing the pit entry pop-up is reduced.

Black Boxes

– F1 black box shows car ahead/behind during races.

– F2, F3 black boxes show your best lap time, laps remaining, and total laps during races.

– Any cars that have cockpit adjustable brake bias allowed now have it on F8 in the blackboxes.


– Wind noise has been reduced.

– Engine braking has been reduced by quite a lot on the Impala B non-plate motor, the Silverado Non-plate motor, the Spec racer and Jetta. Engine braking has been increased marginally on all three plate motors (Silverado, Impala and Impala B).

– Automatic throttle cut on upshift has been activated for the C6R, Dallara, Formula Mazda, Radical, and Riley DP.

– Silverado, Impala and Impala B diff ratios are restricted at certain tracks. The ratios are fixed at Loudon, Phoenix, and Milwaukee for all three vehicles and at Martinsville for the Impala.

– Star Mazda tire sizes and physics have been altered in physics to match this year’s specs and front and rear wings are remodeled.

– Dallara IndyCar ( to be released in the near future)

– Corvette C6.R GT1 ( to be released in the near future)


– Talladega has an update to fix a “slippery” seam in the tri-oval part of the track.

– At Road Atlanta a few curbs have been corrected. They were flat instead of having the correct profile to them.

– At Texas Oval the pit speed pop-up should now come out earlier.

– At Infineon some bumps and curbs have been fixed.

– Mosport (to be released in the near future)


Unverifiable third party replacements of system DLLs (including D3D9.DLL and DINPUT8.DLL) utilized by the simulator will now result in loading errors. If you encounter a Loading Error #66, please remove any third party replacements of D3D9.DLL, DINPUT8.DLL or other imposter system DLLs from your iRacing installation. SoftTH is an allowed dll.

  • Raikku

    Yeah, they’re out, and I have both of ’em!

  • Ryan Gilmore

    Indeed and great. The IRL car is just frigging awesome 😀
    Heres my lap at Sebring earlier tonight:

  • Howie47

    Here is the sound comparison for those who care. Vettes from real, iRacing and Shift.



    iRacing above, half way through the video.

  • carbonfibre

    My god, you could make action movie from the first video, those wipe-outs were pretty spectacular. If I were racing, I too would be treating every other driver on that track as incompetent but that was just a minefield of wrecks!

    I’m impressed enough by the corvette sounds as well. It’s missing the extra dimension in the transmission that endurance series has in rFactor, but it makes up for it in a brutal sounding V8, and appropriate wind noise and road noise.

    The tyre skid sounds seem to be the same for every car in iRacing which makes it a little monotonous though if iRacing were moddable, they could be easily improved for my ears.

    Worth another try in the future during my wait for rF2. :tongue:

  • Panchito

    That corvette is awesome :happyevil:

  • Alexease

    Dallara IndyCar on the road (Indianapoli – Road/Bike):)

  • felipe

    now we have a good comparison Vett for Endurance Series’ C6.R! Did anyone try them both? Montoya??

  • Montoya

    felipe: now we have a good comparison Vett for Endurance Series’ C6.R! Did anyone try them both? Montoya??

    Had no time to test the car yet, hopefully tomorrow!

  • NombreyApellido

    The sound of the ‘Vette is simply incredible… And not only on full engine load! The one for the Dallara is also very well done.

    Comparing iRacing surround with rFactor stereo is not fair to say the least.


  • ForzaBarca88

    felipe: now we have a good comparison Vett for Endurance Series’ C6.R! Did anyone try them both? Montoya??

    I only had a brief test at a friend’s house with this car at laguna seca (havent bought since I dont plan on renewing) but theres no comparision IMO, the enduracers vette has the unfortunate driving on ice feel to it near the limit. Closest thing I can think of physics-wise on rfactor would be EOAA GT’s vette or team players c6r. But again, it depends on what you believe a GT car should behave like.

  • felipe

    thanks! I really don’t know what to think :weird: I was watching Brazilian GT3 and something that got my attention was the fact once the driver lost it there was no recovering I saw it with both Porsches and Ferraris but then a driver who was also the commentator for that race said “once you feel loosing it and don’t manage to recover it at that second its gone!”

    basically he said both things first- “you feel when loosing it” second- “once you loose that split moment its gone there’s no recovering” that’s what a top professional driver said. I know it’s not the Vett but still! so it’s not like you have a full coffee break to recover it but also it gives you 1 chance to do so! yes 1! he said only 1!

    He also said they drive knowing what the car will do in different circumstances so they prefer not changing car makers for the whole year! That way they get used to the car’s behavior mainly saying they guess what will happen! that means they don’t get too much input from the car before the car decides to do their things lol!

    With all this I respect even more Enduracers! I have the link for the race site but it’s all in Portuguese!

  • jcchaconjr

    I was up until 4AM driving these cars last night! They are both amazing, and the Corvette racing is some of the most fun I’ve had on iRacing yet!

  • Cheekychops

    What about the price ?. $11.95 for a car !!!. You must be joking.

    I’m kidding. Ive got them both….and they are fantastic. Couldnt wipe the smile from my face on Friday afternoon bombing around indy. Oh…and just got my Frex wheel hooked up last week, so it was fun fun fun.

  • Ark

    Does the Vette have that throaty roar to it?

    Been waiting for this one. Can’t wait for the Forg GT as well!

  • FormulaOneSpy

    Did they implement traction control to the Corvette?

  • jcchaconjr

    Traction Control? What’s that? Lol.

    Actually, I haven’t looked into it, but I doubt it, based on the number of cars that were spinning out in the Moss hairpin at Mosport this weekend. The Corvette has gobs of torque, so you definitely have to mind your throttle foot.

  • FormulaOneSpy

    jcchaconjr: Traction Control? What’s that? Lol.Actually, I haven’t looked into it, but I doubt it, based on the number of cars that were spinning out in the Moss hairpin at Mosport this weekend. The Corvette has gobs of torque, so you definitely have to mind your throttle foot.

    I’m not interested in it as an driving help and I despise it in real life racing but since the real C6.R has traction control system… Dunno but most sims seem to completely disregard this, only placing some sort of “on/off” option somewhere under “Game Options” and “Driving Aids” instead of actually implementing it to the car setup with gradually adjustable parametres.

  • NombreyApellido

    No traction control I’m afraid… I’m afraid ’cause I’ll be spinning it out of every corner! :sd:


  • felipe

    even with max tc you would find yourself spinning a lot with this car but not having it put serious doubts on the accuracy of this mod car!

  • Zenitchik

    Ark: Does the Vette have that throaty roar to it?Been waiting for this one. Can’t wait for the Forg GT as well!

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