- 100% Independent Sim Racing News – Two New Hondas Announced has announced two new car additions to their online racing simulation.

iRacing has announced the next step in their move to broaden the content portfolio of their online racing simulation as two new Honda racing cars are due to be added.

The first is the Honda HSV 010, Honda’s weapon of choice in the very popular Japanese Super GT series.

The HSV 010 will made its Super GT debut in 2010, replacing Honda’s aging NSX model in their fight against Nissan and Lexus for the series title. The car is powered by a 3.4 liter V8 engine, putting out about 500hp and 400nm of torque. Unlike other Super GT cars, the HSV 010 is not based on a road-going model but a pure purpose-built prototype race car.

Alongside the high downforce & power Super GT car, iRacing will add the Honda Civic NGTC touring car as well.

Build to the Super 2000 touring car regulations, the NGTC Civic competes in the British Touring Car series, driven by Gordon Shedden & Matt Neal. The car fills a major void in iRacing’s car lineup as a European tin top racer has been missing from the simulation until now.

iRacing plans on releasing a prototype of the HSV 010 this fall, allowing the car to be put through extensive online testing before making it into iRacing competition.

  •ëë-Mööre/500822641 Lëë Mööre

    That’s all well and good, but where is my Lotus 49!?

    • Antonio Crinò

      End of 2012…after mcLaren and Ruf 😉

  • Anonymous

    The Civic isn’t built to Super 2000, it is build to TOCA’s Next Generation Touring Car spec. They’re sharing the track right now, but are cheaper and will have an overboost function next year when S2000 is no longer allowed in BTCC.

    Definitely looking forward to it. Aside from a Grand Am GT car, these two cars fill pretty much the last two large holes in types of cars. Hooray for touring cars!

    • Matt Orr

       They whatever religious figure you choose that they announced them together. Gotta balance out the snooze factor that is a FWD Touring Car. 😉

      • Anonymous

        Im more looking forward to the touring car than the gt, we have driven so many rwd cars and im looking forward to the challenge of a decent fwd car! it produces some of the best circuit racing ive ever seen too!

    • Daniel Neil Marr

       S2000 is allowed next year, alan gow said the s2000 wont have the same amount of pairaty

  • Anonymous

    Oh sweet mama.  You really want me to re-new again don’t you ? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Between these two, the McLaren, and the Lotus, if you can’t find something you want to race currently or in the future, you must not be looking!

  • Anonymous

    Also, it was mentioned by Steve the HSV will NOT be out this fall, it was a mistake in the copy editing. It will be next year, after the other three announced cars.

  • Anonymous

    IF it was 2 years ago I would be very excited regarding this announcement but every road car release since the C6R have had all sorts of bugs unrealistic physics outdated data and have being half-fixed and broken again build after build. It’s shame iRacing has the best tracks in sim racing but their cars are sub-par and does NOT represent an authentic experience. I would want to see iRacing tracks on rF2 car physics that would be awesome! 

    • Steve Ford

      DK is washed up.  He’s an arrogant has been who expects the iracing members to pay for a tire model which is about 10% complete.  The sim is pretty stagnant and has been for awhile now.  I remember when the motto was quality over quantity over there.  Not any more.  

      • General Rush Hour

        If you had any form of knowledge about what it takes to accurately reproduce what a tire goes through you would realize that the NTM won´t be finished even in 5 years time. 

        The thing is that he is on the way. To be able to reach a certain distance you have to actually start walking. If you sit still you will never reach the goal. 

      • Anonymous

        @General then why did they advertised the NTM as a new era in sim racing? The problem is not getting the tire physics right the problem is optimistic for current generation hardware you would need CPUs running in tens of terahertz or even petahertz to simulate real tire. The talk should be how to maximize current hardware to get the best out of it. iRacing has not based their NTM on scientic proof but merely on words from DK and anyone with little but accurate knowlegde in tire simulation would know their tire revolution is fake talk.

      • Big Ron

        Isn´t it just important how convincing the driving experience in a racing game is or not? Who cares about ridiculous numbers and letters? Try how it feels and if you like it be happy.

        That´s the way how it works for me at least.

      • Anonymous

        Yup, feels better than the old model, and I’m there for the official racing, so I’m quite happy.

      • Steve Ford

        I thought you were there to post on the forums. 😉 11,000 posts since we got the new forums about a year and half ago.

      • Anonymous

        Trust me, if I could convert my time on the forums to race time, I would do it in a heartbeat. I do that while I’m ‘working’ 😉

      • General Rush Hour

        Because it is a new era in simraicing, DK is doing something that nobody else has done. 
        It´s a massive project that won´t be finished for many many years. 

        When many many years pass we also get faster CPU´s, GPU´s you name it.

        LFS creator is the only other guy that has taken on creating a similar tire model. 
        His is not even released so that should say something about what kind of project it is. 

        RF2 might feel better but it´s all fantasy numbers to make it feel right. 
        Some like that, they probably like PCARS as well because of that. 

        However i´ll take a WIP state of a tire model that is getting better through science and not fantasy numbers. 

        Your post shows you simply have no idea what kind of work is needed to make a tire model like this. 

        When it´s finished, if it´s 10 or 15 years it will be the best tire model you will ever see in a simracing game. 

        I think anyone would be foolish to say that the NTM is good as it is, i don´t think anyone would say that actually. But the important thing it´s getting better. 

        I will most probably stop playing iRacing for a while because of Assetto Corsa but i would not piss on DK´s work, only a moron would do that. 

      • Steve Ford

        You hardly race Hampus.  You actually aren’t even a sim racer.  I guess since you were banned from the iracing forums you’re trolling here now.  lol. 

      • General Rush Hour

        And how the fuck would you know that, moron. 

        Just because you don´t race in official series doesn´t mean you race. 
        I do leagues only. And i have a job unlike you it seems. 

        You are the biggest troll here.. 

        I´m not a simracer haha.. that´s funny..
        I bet you thought the sim was too hard and left.

      • Steve Ford

        umad humpass?   

        And people wonder why you were banned from the iracing forums.  😉

      • General Rush Hour

        And people who know why i got banned would know it was because of talking to exactly the same type of morons as yourself. 

        I am so foolish that i respond to these morons, and when i do i usually do it a little over the top which gets me banned. 

        STATS are only for OFFICIAL RACES, this just proved you are indeed a moron. 
        I have 100 official starts but probably three times as many Hosted starts. 

        Tell me your name on iRacing and we´ll see if you are on pace or not. 
        That way we can possibly see if your complaints actually are backed up by speed. 
        And not being naturally slow. 

        Your name is not Steve Ford as well so that tells it´s own little story.

      • Steve Ford

        1800irating humpass.  Avg. 46 points per race. hahahaha.  Pathetic!! You are slower than dirt. I could beat you with a keyboard.  😉

      • General Rush Hour

        Because of driving with morons yes. Probably morons like yourself. 

        I also like how you dodged my question, don´t be scared homie, tell us your real name. 

      • General Rush Hour


      • Steve Ford

        What am I supposed to say humpass?   I showed your stats and proof that you suck.  /thread.  

      • Anonymous

        You had me until stagnant, then I knew you were trolling.

    • Antonio Crinò

      “Haters gonna hate”

  • General Rush Hour

    “allowing the car to be put through extensive online testing before making it into iRacing competition.”

    Somehow i stopped believing in this part after they released the Ford GT and Cadillac.

    • Anonymous

      I was very excited with the Cadillac when I first raced it then I realized the right front wheel would lift in some corners another ridiculous amateur bug (fanboyz went as far as saying it was normal and was a setup problem lol gotta love’m). Then I had the car my way until I noticed the series would run a completely horrible setup which took me 2 seconds backwards but all the excitement was already gone with all the unrealistic car physics so I dropped yet another iRacing car.

      • Antonio Crinò

        You’re just a
        troll. A lot of people explained this problem, they showed you a lot of images,
        and you continue to bash the Cts’s physics . Yeah but not on iRacing forum, just
        here because you don’t have any argumentation to support your opinion.

      • Steve Ford

        lol.   That’s two people now.  If we disagree with you we are trolls.  You iracing fanboys are all cut from the same jib.  

      • Antonio Crinò
      • Steve Ford

        I’m not even talking about that. lol.  

      • General Rush Hour

        That´s because you are a moron. A scared moron. 

        Tell us your real name you fake,fraudulent mofo. 

      • Anonymous

        you DEFINITELY are and understand crap regarding physics!  

        that’s iRacing at their best doing the exact opposite to real physics.

      • Anonymous

        OR maybe iRacing put the physics data in the wrong car maybe they had the physics for this car and putted it by mistake in the Cadillac!  01:00 mark!

      • Antonio Crinò

        This is the demonstration you’re trolling.
        So…you posted a video with a bug of ford Gt that was already fixed 6 months ago, and not related to this discussion.
        And the video of CTS is not different respect the 6 photos I’ve already posted.
        Maybe in your own world there are different physic laws.

      • Anonymous

        dude I feel sorry for you and I really do. 

      • Tiago Lapa

        I feel sorry for you

      • Antonio Crinò

        Yeah…I’m sorry because the real CTS-Vr is also bugged 🙁

        Dude look at this: 

        LOL I just can’t stop to laugh for yours bullshits

      • Marcel Penzkofer

        I am honestly not a fan of iRacing, but what exactly is wrong with the Cadillac video? Inside tire off the ground does happen even with super-stiff racing cars. DTM racers are MUCH more extreme racing machines than the Cadillac is, but even in DTM this year you saw it happen a dozen times at Hockenheim. In this case physics are correct.

        Ford GT stuff is a bug, I guess related to diffusor downforce level, happens in dozens of rFactor mods too, especially F1 Mod where people just go mad with their diffusor-powers…

      • Steve Ford

        Crino is currently on the iracing forum trying to dis prove bad iracing physics.   He’s a fanboy in a rage right now.   He’s so mad it’s not even funny.  LMFAO> 

      • Antonio Crinò

        Yeah is funny bash people hidden by a nickname 😉 Very compliments!! I’m really sorry for your condition, you should be very frustrated with your life…Where are moderators? thanks to 2 trolls I am a mad and crap fanboy LOL

      • Ice Man

        The only one trolling is you. And then you are in good company (someone kicked out from iRacing). Let others have their opinion. Cool your head or drift away.

      • Anonymous

         Lets not re-ignite anything here Ice-Man.   Just leave it please.

      • General Rush Hour

        ..atleast he has a job. 

        You don´t have a job, life, friends, goals, speed, or anything. You are just one sad motherfucker. 

      • General Rush Hour

        Wheel lift is pretty common though in racing cars. 

        The M3 DTM believe it or not lifted it´s rear wheel at Hockenheim in one corner. 

        Yes you read that one right, the rear wheel off the ground. 

  • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

    Hell yeah, sim racing NEEDS more Super GT!

  • Timpie Claessens

    You gotta love these iRacing posts where the iRacing community chimes in, everything is black & white. Grey is unknown :’)

    • Ice Man

      I like gray. Some don’t, but then you know what they’re about…

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