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iRacing’s Steve Myers has announced a new parternship on Twitter, revealing that the online racing simulation is starting a cooperation with the German RUF brand.

iRacing’s Steve Myers has announced a new parternship on Twitter, revealing that the online racing simulation is starting a cooperation with the German RUF brand.

Like other titles such as Gran Turismo, RUF will allow iRacing to include cars similar to Porsches in their simulation without having to license the much sought-after brand. Right now, the details of this partnership are unknown and it remains to be seen which models will be included.

Founded by Alois Ruf in 1938, RUF is a German car manufacturer. The company is best known for building cars that are based on Porsche models, since RUF is building their own branded cars and is registered as manufacturer instead of being a mere tuner, game companies can license their cars separately from Porsche.

  • Anonymous

    The picture posted with the announcement was the Rt 12R, which seems like their car closest to a raceable car. It has an integrated roll cage, lightened body, and 6 speed manual. Thing makes 730HP! It was confirmed the car would have the optional RWD, as well.

    For those keeping count on iRacing’s European content, the next four cars are a free American GT, a British GT3, a German track day with rear mounted flat 6, and a classic British F1.

    • Anonymous

      lol McLaren british? sure all the technology and engine is British! lol! you old farts make me laugh!

      • Anonymous

        I dunno what else to call it. Ideas?

      • StarFoXySxv550

        Do even the molecules of the source materials have to be found on British soil for a car manufacturer to be classed as British?  

        Wow, well I learned something today. lol

        So what if the shell has to be outsourced?

      • daz

        I think the ‘classic British F1’ he referred to in his (Bakkster) post was the Lotus 49.

        Regards McLaren, they are a British team based in Woking, Surrey. How much more British do you want them to be? OK, they use Mercedes engines, but McLaren are a British outfit.

      • roadography

        Their engine for the MP-12C road car has been developed in house with assistance from Ricardo. It’s a British Engine. 

    • tgn motorsports

       can you link picture of these cars. ty ahead of time hoping you see this. ty for great posts.

    • Richard Hessels

      To spread the already not so big amount of drivers even more…

  • Anonymous

    I want to congratulate iRacing for this deal! I’ve being very vocal on their lack of real content but I have to admit they have stroked from mid-field! Congratulations to iRacing I really hope you can get this right and not repeat the Ford GT fiasco which killed the car the same I wish for the McLaren. Make sure the NTM and the physics are up there and the data is not outdated. 

  • Jarkko Kalkkona

    They haven’t officially announced it yet. They just announced “a partner” and posted clues for people to guess which manufacturer, the last of which is a picture of a random RUF car in front of a RUF building.

    He never said it would be that specific car, or that it would be a street car. There are several racing RUFs.
    He did however confirm it would be a RWD car (RUFs usually come with the option of 4WD or RWD)

    • Danny Bouwes!/iRacing
      “We just partnered with RUF Automobile GmbH to build this!! *picture to the RT 12 R*”

      I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the car we see on the picture.

      • Anonymous

        Tony said they’re putting out a press release in the next 24h confirming it is the RT12R.

  • tgn motorsports

    Any pics of RUFS cars?  Is it wrong of me to think this means a gt2/gt1 Porsche? or some type of Porsche?

  • StarFoXySxv550

    Good luck with this car guys (RT12).

    It’s nice to have something to kinda replace Porsche, but for me RUF’s for the most part are too over-powered. 700+ bhp is nice sometimes, but sometimes I want balance, I’m not aware of any RUF’s that provide that happy medium.  

    I will say that the RT12 is stupidly fun when you want to break the sound barrier though (from my Forza experience) it goes like the steam train from back to the future 3. Now, where did I put that yellowbird…?

    • Anonymous

      forza? lol

      • StarFoXySxv550

        yeah, what of it? Did I mock your choice of game for not actually owning it? oops, I guess I just did.

        Fact is: 700bhp is going to be fast no matter what game it is, and in iRacing it going to be even more unbalanced. Have fun with the lift-off oversteer

      • Anonymous

        I wasn’t mocking you game of choice Mr. Star…! I was simply laughing at the fact you were taking Forza a “scientific” proof of how the car behaves. I agree it will be interesting to drive this Porsche with 730HP but I can guarantee you it will be much more fun then a normal Porsche which is extremely boring to drive with no understeer no oversteer or any real excitement. 

      • StarFoXySxv550

        It’s better than your scientific proof of “I can guarantee you”…  how are you going to do that exactly? have you driven a real RT12? At least my example was based off something rather than plucking something from thin air

      • devotid

        dont make fun of people with the prisonplanet name… makes us informed people (alex jones) look bad.  Use your real name if your just going to razz people all day.  

        Your giving Prison Planet a bad name……that is all.


      • Anonymous

        Ok let me see I got this right…. so if I don’t live in the box and act like all others in society expect me following the norm I’m giving Alex Jones a bad reputation?! I see so I’ll get back to box post what the majority wants to read keep the system smooth and then I will give Alex Jones and Prison Planet a good reputation. I see! Thanks for the tip I’ll keep that in mind when meeting half awake people like you! 

      • Anonymous

        Oh great, another troll who thinks he’s speaking truth to power, yay…

      • Anonymous

        says who?…. bakkster the no.1 troll!

      • StarFoXySxv550

        Erm, I think you may have him mistaken for somebody else. One of the few/many people who actually put forward posts worth reading, whether you agree with them or not. 

        Well, I enjoy our chats bakkster if that’s any consolation lmao

      • Anonymous

        Never needed any consolation, not going to be hurt by the new troll on the block. 😉

  • Marwan Al Hemairi

    RUF RGT-8 … dat flat 8 cylinder sound …

    • General Rush Hour

      It´s not a flat 8 cylinder. It´s a V8 with flat plane crank.
      Like most (or all) Ferrari V8´s and the M3 GT2 for example.

      • richard

        Its a flat 6 bi-turbo…not an 8 cylinder of any sort. 

      • General Rush Hour

        No the RGT-8 has a V8 engine. 

        The RT12R has a flat 6 engine. 

  • Derek Speare

    It’s an excellent addition to the other great cars in iRacing.  The Ruf opens up much potential for the service.  I’m looking forward to it!

  • Lafleche David

    very good news even if it is not a porsche it will do the job for now

    • Anonymous

      its a tuned Porsche 911 how isn’t it a porsche?! so you want the badge not the car right?

      • General Rush Hour

        It´s not a Porsche. Had it been a Porsche it would have been called a Porsche. 

        Visit Wikipedia, and read. 

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