- 100% Independent Sim Racing News – New Track Shaders Preview has released new previews of a new feature coming up in next Tuesday’s build – New track shaders. has released new previews of a new feature coming up in next Tuesday’s build – New track shaders.

As you can see below, the new shaders make for a much more realistic look of the track surface. The new build will equip two tracks with the new feature: New Smyrna and the brand new Twin Ring Motegi that is due to be released on Tuesday.

The other tracks will be receiving the new shader treatment in the coming months, the same way the new tire model was introduced car-by-car. Speaking of which, the new build will also continue this process as the  2009 Nationwide car & Indycar will be receiving the new tire model.

  • Anonymous

    I will not get to try this track I promised to myself that I will not be supportive of iRacing until they sort out the broken cars and crap NTM. Instead of realising new tracks and cars everyday they should focus on fixing so many things that are broken in the sim but I understand every new car and track new bring them more revenue.

    • Anonymous

      What makes you think they aren’t fixing anything?

      PS, there’s only one paid for track this build, plus a free car. Clearly they’re milking you for money…

      • Sam Stratten

         It’s always abundantly clear prisonplanetdotcom has hatred for iRacing. I just learnt to ignore his ramblings some time ago.

    • Anonymous

      What issues are you referring too in particular? the NTM is fairly good in my opinion since day one an improvement over the OTM, there was issues with the Ford GT not flying but it wasn’t undrivable,  its been improving over the last few builds and no doubt will be even better this build coming!

  • Anonymous

    Just read iracing will be updating their graphics engine to direct X 11 in the future, if that’s the case rfactor2 will be left in the shade(r)  ( excuse the pun )

    • Roger Owen

      not to mention going to 64bit

  • Anonymous

    Looking like another good build. Some sound improvements are coming, particularly a subwoofer channel, better tire scrub, and improved off throttle sounds. More spotter and telemetry improvements. Some tire model tweaks such as higher low speed stiffness, improved compounds, and curing over heat cycles.

    As always, I’m betting there are a few surprises too.

  • Matt Orr

    Um, like.


    That looks amazing. The quality of iRacing’s textures look like they will finally shine once the updates occur to all over.

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t spent any time with IR for a while but I may just have to update and have a go. This update looks super!

  • Justin Schmidt

    before looks nice. but after looks really nice

  • Anonymous

    Looks nice but its hard to really evaluate unless you can see it on multiple tracks from driver eye view.

    The issue with i racing is to try it properly you have to spend $80-$150 and then you still have to pay almost the price of a full retail game every 3 months to keep playing. 

    Due to there pricing model the community is also fragmented on the road side. If you just go for the base content and pay monthly its aright but then your paying $60 or so a year for 2-3 cars and 4 or so tracks on the road side.

     I really dislike how they milk you for cash and how you might buy a specific car but there is noone on-line racing it or how you have to buy a whole bunch of tracks for a series but then you have no garentee you will be able to race that content properly. 

    If money is not an issue for you I think i racing makes sense for oval racing ,  if you happen to like racing moderate to slow cars with 8-14 car grids then its ok on the road side not quite sure why you would spend the money on the road side  though when you could play  NKP ,RBR ,RF2,LFS,AC,GPL

    • Jari Y

       Yeah, it’s expensive, but if you know the system you can save (almost) tons of money. For example get $100 worth of credits for $75. Then wait few months for year’s subscription to be on sale for $75. Now you have 1 year + $25. Race a year and get $40 of participation credits and you end up having $65 ready for the next year’s sub. That makes $85 for 2 year subscription.

      Like you said, there’s a problem with some series having too few drivers but on the other hand those few are really dedicated. Take the Lotus for example, there are same people week after week racing each other, it’s almost like league racing.

      One thing I like in iRacing is that there’s and update every 13 weeks. Since I started 2.5 years ago the cumulative updates have been bigger than update from rf1 to rf2. Speaking of rf2, was there supposed to be constant updates? One little bug fix and beta phase is already halfway finished. Doesn’t look too good :S With iRacing you can look your next year’s calendar and mark when new builds will be up.

      Shit… I sound like a fscking fanboy. Maybe I am, meh.

    • Matt Orr

       Oh, this one again?

    • Marcus Caton

      People shouldn’t complain about the prices of anything, you either want the product or you don’t.

      I’ve been a member of iRacing from the start so i’m not looking at 20+ items in my shopping cart like you new guys, so the idea of a staggering price in non existent. Buy what cars and tracks you want to race that’s what iRacing is for. Motorsport simulation, I’m going for Pro and i’ve had soo much frustration getting wrecked in T1 or caught up in others crap after a full weeks effort.  But you’ll never see me complaining about iracing because of it, that’s all driver and we race people from all over the world.

      There is no way i would watch Senna plow into ppl T1 Spa then see the same things happen in an Online motorsport simulator and somehow say iRacing is crap because of these things. It’s life, its Racing. I’m an MMORPG player as well bro and currently playing SWTOR, 60$ for the game up front with a sub fee of 14.99$ every month. after my first year of playing that’s 239.88 and 180$ after. I’m not gonna bitch about this yearly price tag why? Because i like the game and want to play it thus the price tag is worth it.

       In iracing i’m a member of the 100% club, and as of late 2011 i don’t touch my Oval content, i enjoyed it from 2008-2011 but Quit Nascar as a whole. You don’t have to buy everything in iRacing nor should you unless you really want to use them. If you buy the FW31 or the upcoming MClaren MP412C why wouldn’t you want to race it at Silverstone, Suzuka, Watkins Glen, Indy RC, SPA! ffs srsly.. Iracing doesn’t force people to buy content constantly and if they left new content out of new schedules then what would be the point?

      A word of advise bro, “if you want something then the price tag is always worth it.” MC If you’re an adult you should know this from insurance, cable and various other silly bills.Compared to similar business models iracing is far from expensive more so with what they offer, as Jari said the constant regular updating ensures its survival and the Subscription gives all users the right to Bitch and moan about everything until its fixed. Things do get fixed and after 3 years the improvements are superb more so this coming Tuesday.

    • Sam Stratten

       This, again?


      • Vette Man

        Yep.  Most console games are $60 and give 10 to 20 hours of enjoyment.  I know iRacers that spend that much time on iRacing in a weekend… 🙂

        $120 is 2 Xbox games.  Sim racers can be the cheapers gamers on the planet.

    • Anonymous

      Personally, I’ve spent $420 for two years of subscription, all the road tracks, some rovals, and most of the road cars. That averages out to $20/month. Now that I own all the road content I want, I don’t need to keep buying content so each additional month is going to end up being under $10.

      I disagree you can’t properly try it without buying extra content. The rookie content is good, and with the Cadillac should be even better. If you like the rookie series, you will like the racing in the higher series even more. Had I not been able to afford content, I would have stuck with the rookie series, they are still better than the alternative.

      The question is whether it’s worth a retail game each 3 months. For me yes, the public and league racing is better than I’ve found elsewhere, YMMV.

  • Les Roche

    Posted in wrong spot. Sorry

  • Diego Colafabio

    Looks great 😀 

  • Big Ron

    Wow, that´s a noticeable change. Looks neat.

  • Theroro29

    Very impressive!!

    Thanks to Direct X11, and good bye Direct X9

    • Anonymous

      DX11 has nothing to do with it, good engine with DX9 can look better than poor DX11. Graphics is still mostly about quality of textures not special effects.

  • Tiago Guerreiro

    Best sim out there guys…. no doubt about that!!!!

  • Ross Siggers

    I don’t wanna judge entirely based on a single screenshot, but isn’t the grass a bit pale now? I always thought in a lot of situations the grass was too pale with the old shaders, I hope these don’t exaggerate that.

    • Sam Stratten

       I think that might come down to the track location. Spa should be a lush dark green.

    • Taxi Driver

      Yeah i also thaught it was a bit pale, hopefully it wont look more pale, and i suspect that maybe the grass will have a more pale color in direct sunlight, like this screen seems to be..

    • Marcus Caton

      The grass looks more realistic, look outside at your lawn, then look at your neighbors shabby lawn.
      That tracks grass is crappy not lush like sam said spa usually is.
      When the twin ring is out you’ll see the difference.

      • Ross Siggers

        I don’t have a lawn! 😀

  • Marcel Penzkofer

    Looks quite amazing. But also
    give some credits to the textures, they make up at least 3/4 of the
    quality in this shot. Take bad textures – and no shader in the world makes them look

  • Eduardo Pimentel

    I know the price argument is old, and I was a critic of the iRacing pricing until I got an awesome promotion for $69 for a year and although I do find it a bit expensive, it’s definitively worth it. 
    However, one thing I don’t get is the pricing for the upcoming Twin Ring Motegi track… You can pre-order it at an amazing $15 price!!!!! As opposed to the standard $15 price of all other tracks!! It’s not like “the Twin Ring Motegi track is going to run out so you better buy it now” sort of thing and they’re not even offering a discount for people who chose to pay in advanced…

    I don’t know but to me this sounds like a case of “Buy 1 for the price of 2 and get a second one free!!” sort of thing

    • Landon Chapman

      The reason they offer a preorder is for people who want to combine it with other content to receive the standard discount rates.  That way those people don’t have to wait for the track to be available to get the other content they wanted at a discounted rate.

    • Marcus Caton

      Sry Eduardo but that something they do to have less commerce traffic when the patch is released.

      From experience we’ve all learned trying to buy and download x2000+ at the same time =Fail. When the patch is released you just download, its only for convenience and nothing more.

    • Anonymous

      It can be used with the standard bulk discounts. If you want to buy 2 other things now, Motegi gets you the discount for buying three at a time.

      Or, more simply, because people ask to be able to preorder so they can get these discounts.

  • Philip Antonia

    Looks good :-). I wont get to see it as I don’t plan on spending on a new track, but it will be nice when the other tracks get updated. Looking forward to the free car though ;-).

  • Marcel Offermans

    Am I the only one who thinks the contrast of the road texture has just been bumped up a bit? Texture wise, all the bumps and scratches seem to be in exactly the same spot, but less pronounced in the “before” shot. So do the new shaders just apply a bit more contrast to the road, and less saturation to the grass?

    • Lachlan Salter

      I agree

    • Anonymous

      It’s a lighting change, of course none of the track texture changed locations 😉

      Basically, it’s a method that let’s the track cast shadows on itself, so the shady side of the cracks get darker.

  • Ricoo

    The change is amazing, but white skids are strange.

    • Richard Hessels

      That’s shiny rubber marks (specular maps).

      The image is shot from the opposite site of the sun angle.
      You need to move the camera to see the effect properly.

  • devotid

    did someone just tick the checkbox on the bump map settings?….lol.

    I am not complaining at all…… I just wished they would have done this 3 years ago.

    you would think they could pay a texture artist for a couple of months worth of work to ad life to all the tracks……. hell with a budget the size of iracing they could have Banksy paint the tracks individually.

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