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William Marsh of the Sim Racing Paddock has gotten his hands on a preview version of iRacing’s upcoming Monza track, sharing plenty of footage with us.

William Marsh of the Sim Racing Paddock has gotten his hands on a preview version of iRacing’s upcoming Monza track, sharing plenty of footage with us.

The video below shows laps around the several configurations the Italian Grand Prix venue will offer in iRacing, including several semi-fictional “historic” versions made using the current track and the legendary defunct oval which has been reactivated in the virtual world.

All in all, iRacing’s take on the legendary Italian track will come with eight different layouts once it’ll be available for purchase.

  • Richard Hessels

    After all the AC Nordschleife excitement not much people seem to be impressed with iRacings Monza video…

    • Bakkster

      Or, people have gotten it all out of their system with the three previous videos that have come out…

    • QUF

      I would like several layouts of Monza in Assetto.

    • maranello55

      Ironically nords laser scanned is cheaper than monza laser scanned

  • S- mann

    AC is nice game but overrated as a sim

    • Michael Hornbuckle

      I feel the exact same way about iracing.

      • sketchyterry

        Well personally I think ac, iracing and project cars are all awesome. I seem to be one of those rare breed sim racers who isn’t simply a blind fanboy of one particular sim and understand the positives and negatives of each sim and live with it. Why can’t we all get along, they are all games at the end of the day and are simply providing us an avenue of entertainment.

        I should also add (before accused otherwise) I like gsce, rfactor, rfactor 2 etc but simply don’t have the time for all so choose the first 3 I mentioned.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Formula Truck and Next Car Game are good fun too.

      • S- mann

        yeh like i think about ferrari cuz i cant afford it 🙂

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        You think Ferrari is overrated because you can’t afford it…or are you trying to be sly and implying that I don’t like iracing because I am poor….because you are right, I am poor yet in three years I still spent over a thousand dollars trying to fall in love with it and it just didn’t happen.

        Could you imagine what Kunos could do if a good percentage of their userbase gave them a grand?

      • S- mann

        thats why you so hungry :):)

  • Robert

    iRacing is showing its age. Car and track releases don’t really get me excited. They need to update the graphics and add more features like AI.

    • faybn

      Well, then you need to stick to AC. ^^ But if you want good and organized online racing there is no other place than Iracing (or a league). However I guess that they’ll improve the graphics sooner or later. For me personally it’s still good enough.

      • Richard Hessels

        It’s the only sim that runs buttersmooth on my triplescreen system on highest detail. From the cockpit it’s still looks great.
        Will end up buying Monza for sure.

      • Robert

        I had AC when it came out but don’t currently. Probably needs a revisit. Been away for some time.


        “no other place than Iracing” I bet you could find plenty of sims that offer the same even the old ones like GTR2. I understand what you are saying Iracing has depth in terms of rules and how a race event unfolds. That’s what AC lacks to be honest.

    • BackMarker

      Yes, I think everyone has their own interpretations of graphic quality.

      iRacing looks good to me and I think it has to do with the graphic “lighting”(?) for sunny days that makes the images look very realistic. Then I see the game with fog and the cars appear to glow which look really odd.

      I still think the tracks look better than anything else atm (I cannot try pCARs until April 2)

    • Bakkster

      That’s why most iRacing members are really waiting for Dx11 and the improvements that will help enable. Great texturing already, it just needs better lighting.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        But for such a premium priced service it is a bit of a shame that the members are always waiting for something….we waited for years for the new tire model just for it to be as bad as the old tire model. Then we were told that things would get better when they got a new surface model, and even though that was four years ago we are still waiting. There was the whole FMOD debacle. Now about the time the rest of the world gets DX12 iracing might finally upgrade to DX11. It is a shame that iracing lags behind in so many areas yet they charge more for one piece of content than most games charge for an expansion pack, not to mention the monthly sub fee, and still people will pay it while expecting so little just so that they have a place to race with other people. And you still have a good chance of getting destroyed on the pace lap before you even see the green flag.

        I am glad that there are plenty of people willing to pay top dollar for a mediocre experience because they are keeping the doors open and hopefully someday it will be worth going back to for me, but until then I’m taking an extended sabbatical.

      • Smiggie

        At 45 years you still have the time to troll on a forum? Michael disliking iR? Where is the news?

        Here we should talk about Monza, you’re off topic. If you don’t like iR there is no point for yours comments here.

        Unfortunately in the small world of simracing not everyone is so much clever to enjoy every sim on the market, someone just needs to do religion wars like a 4.5 years old baby LOL.

        You’re confirming your nice attitude Bro!

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        What part of my post was trolling, exactly?

      • Marcel

        It’s like an iPhone, that also lags features that come years after other phones have them.

      • sketchyterry

        Agreed lighting could be better but that is part of the limitation of DX9 of course. The textures are some of the best out there.

    • Robert

      Graphics aren’t a major factor but not having AI kills it for me. I’m just a little surprised that as old as the game is now that it still has old-ish graphics and no AI. I understand it’s not for everyone, just wish it could be for me.

      • QUF

        I don’t play iracing, but I think the online system they made can give you the same or a bit better experience than offline with A.I.

      • Robert

        I can’t race online with people I don’t know, plus I’m not into the career aspect so the ratings mean nothing to me. I would end up ruining other guys races and get banned. With limited time to practice/race, I’d rather just race/wreck the AI. Can’t have everything in life.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        You only get banned for cursing…you can wreck (and get wrecked) all you want, and even though people will protest, as long as it wasn’t intentional you will be good to go.

      • Robert

        I would never wreck someone on accident. 😉

      • RKipker

        not really because of the crappy safety rating system. I mean drop a tire into the grass and your considered recklous and loose safety ratings… two/three times in a race and you’re loosing ground in your ratings.

        Plus normally some idiot hits you on lap one and by the end of the race you drop a full safety point.

        Really, its time they fixed the system

    • Zobspeed

      funny though iracing to me is one of the clearest and best looking at speed. Everything is nice and clear easy to settle into a rhythm. Pcars however looks great but at speed I don’t like it.

      • Robert

        I’m being a bit hypocritical about the graphics really considering I am racing GSCE currently. iRacing seems like a high end kit and would think the graphics would be more flashy by now. I’ve had pcars for a while now but don’t play it at all.

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    iracing will need to implement a secondary protest system just to deal with the turn 1 carnage.

  • Alan Dallas

    I started to post here when 1 full day later there had been no comments yet with “Aaaannnd… not one F was given.” :p

  • Rob Herridge

    Oooo it’s all rather exciting at the moment isn’t it!

  • fkkamil

    I don’t know what’s wrong with iRacing graphics for you guys?

    For me replays look the most authentic comparing to real life. And lack of fancy dx11 effects is only plus for realism.

    Tracks quality is IMO the best out there and car model quality is good enough to look authentic.

    Plus great TV cam model and dof.

    • sketchyterry

      The replay system is without a doubt the best out there. It will be interesting to see how good project cars is but for me it’s going to have its work cut out. However iRacing isn’t always perfect in replays as for me some tracks have some slightly rubbish (albeit quite possibly realistic) tv cameras, like at Road Atlanta.

    • DrDeathO5

      I agree. It doesn’t look flashy in comparison to other sims but once you are in the car everything falls into place beautifull and it looks very balanced with great textures and a good colour palette (some older tracks need work though).

      Anisotropic filtering and AA works well and you can get good framerates, which is important for these types of games on a competitive level.

      DX11 is coming soon… but to be fair i don’t really care because i like it already better then other sims.

      I have to admit that before i tried it i wasn’t to impressed with the GFX on the youtube video’s but once you jump into the game you understand that everything looks very crisp and balanced (cars vs track details etc…) and this enhances the overall experience and immersion-factor.

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