- 100% Independent Sim Racing News – New Lotus 49 Preview has released a new preview of their Lotus 49 historical Formula One car that is due to join their online racing simulation rather soon. has released a new preview of their Lotus 49 historical Formula One car that is due to join their online racing simulation rather soon.

Designed around the Cosworth DFV V8 engine that became the de-facto standard in Formula One through the 1970s, the Lotus 49 became one of the company’s most successful Formula One cars.

The car won its debut race at Zandvoort in the hands of Jim Clark, the Scotsman, Graham Hill & Jochen Rindt went on to score 12 Grand Prix wins and no less than two driver & constructors’ world championships in the 49.

The Lotus is now available for pre-order alongside Rockingham and Oran Park. Subscribers who pre-order all three of them will receive a 10% rebate.

  • Anonymous

    Love the textured model render plus the mesh on top.

  • hoodge1

    Only problem I see for this car is like the Lotus 78 or whatever that car is in iRacing. I own that car. Own every road car. And that series is dead as a duck in the water. Very very hard to nail a full race down consistently with that car. Will after a short while, this older Lotus end up the same way.

    Support for soo many series is slowing down from when I got on board back in the beginning of 2010. I don’t know how iRacing can keep afloat.. I see some amazing sick new membership deals coming out more often then I’ve ever seen before.

    If that doesn’t spell, “We need more participation and new blood to keep this service going”, I don’t know what else to say. I love iRacing and it’s physics aren’t bad, but with all these big titles coming out from ISI, Simbin, SMS, and kunos, I know a lot of friends that are giving up on iRacing and going to these sims..

    I hope they can figure out how to give the iRacing fans a big adreneline boost again, cause it’s getting quieter and quieter. I guess what’s keeping it going is hosted league racing. I can’t say. But I hope they never quit or go bankrupt..

    • Anonymous

      “all these big titles coming out from ISI, Simbin, SMS, and kunos”

      None of which actually exist. yet.

      And how’s their model of the Cosworth DFV V8?

      • hoodge1

        Frankly Kurt I will buy this car and I will continue to love and support iRacing. Very true about these other sims in development. But the ISI’s with rF1 was like the best selling PC sim and most raced with clubs ever, so as a beta tester for rF2, I’m enjoying the beta better then the whole of rF. Simbin have never disappointed. GSC2012 is another amazing title that feels absolutely incredible. Pcars is feeling and looking better and better. And some of the best physics last gen came from Netkar pro, even tho it wasn’t all that pretty to look at…

        So you, me, and everyone knows all these titles are gonna put the vice to iRacing and I know now they are feeling it.. Still iRacing continues to improve with every new build update (to bad it took them 4 years to get the grip levels up to satisfactory standards), and they are untouched in the track building area.. And the graphics to me still hold their own just fine… But look at me. I’m on rF2 testing and Pcars, and as a rabid iRacing fanboy at one time, I’m not around much more..

        I will have to tear myself apart from these other titles to get back to do full seasons again. Worst taste in my mouth was those guys had to take apart the Prototype/GT series, which was my favorite. and no I hate the fixed setup series for that at 25 minutes.. Joke..

      • Anonymous

        unfortunately iRacing’s Cosworth DFV V8 won’t sound even close to the real thing which is a big shame. Until they come up with a proper sound engine there’s no point turning the volume up while iRacing.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, really looking forward to the rest of their sound improvements.

    • Anonymous

      they aren’t dead those cars are more suited for leagues and there are many leagues running it. the 49 is a much needed car because there isn’t such content available up to now but I feel the new Lotus should be a C class car or even D when you plant a car in A or B classes many racers just fall in love with cars in the lower classes and never bother racing the top classes car which is my case. I spend most of my time with the Mustang just fell in love with it. If I were iRacing I would put the Lotus 49 in the D class it would be amazingly popular after a year or so. If this goes to B or A mark my words after 2 months you better find a league!

      • Anonymous

        I doubt the car’s class has much to do with it. It’s everything to do with how difficult the car is to setup and drive fast, and how enjoyable the racing is. The MC series struggle because the racing isn’t compelling and small classes get split even smaller, and the high downforce cars require lots of setup and practice to race well.

        Being low downforce and on high slip angle tires, I can see this being a car that draws participation away from the Skippy and becomes easily the highest population class B car.

      • Anonymous

        the mustang is probably one of the most difficult cars to be within 1 second from season record and it’s still packed compared to most series. it’s not how difficult to race or setup but how fun it is to drive and whether or not there’s people actually driving them.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but the pointy end of the field isn’t what drives participation. The car has a very deep field, and is forgiving enough to be easily driven safely (ABS helps with that). Add that there isn’t aerodynamics to make following other cars difficult, and everything happening slow enough to make reaction possible and you have a great sim car.

        There are cars people love to drive, but are too difficult to want to race, the Mustang isn’t that.

      • Anonymous

        Andrew you need to take a break your comments are getting way too conflicting and making no sense. Do you seriously believe aerodynamics play a role in iRacing when following other cars (to the worse)? I gave you an example of a very hard car to race (not driver) and you say it’s easy because it has got ABS! You really need to take a break!

      • Anonymous

        I stick by that. Yes, the aero model handles aero loose/push from other cars, and all you need to do is ask a good driver if they feel the effects.

        Again, the top drivers aren’t the ones driving participation, it is the mid pack guys and the Mustang is one of the easier cars to competitively RACE in the mid pack.

    • GamerMuscle

      i racing defiantly have something special but the price they offer it at is just not realistic for the majority of users and even allot of sim users.

      I don’t see how people will justify the cost of i racing when they can get the same if not better quality physics with something like AC.

      i racings USP of easy to access jump in racing and SR system would be fantastic but with road racing there just are not enough users unless you are happy driving the slower cars. Even then it pails in comparison to taking part in an organized race event.

      It looks to me like i racing will stay as the only real option for oval racing but AC will take the majority of its road racing users away from them.

      Then everyone will probably own or play Pcars and RRE as both games will probably appeal to a wide range of players casual and simmers.

      I will certainly be buying all of them to review it will be interesting to see which ones stick.

      • Anonymous

        We will definitely see how many people are around for physics, netcode, and laser scanned tracks, and who is there because of the cohesive online experience.

      • Anonymous

        I will buy A.C., and I’m sure I will enjoy it a lot.
        But I will continue to race in multy only on iR, for the stats, for the entire service they give to every member.
        I will leave iR only when there will be a sim with a better physic, a better online multyplayer, more players online, better support, with more cars and tracks at very high quality (for example the ones on pcars for me are crap).

    • Anonymous

      Only quiet on the fast cars with complex setups. The rest of the cars have increasing participation. The Lotus may be lucky in not being an aero car and thus be more popular than the other top open wheelers.

  • Anonymous

    Modelling a Cosworth DFV V8 should be a prerequisite for any sim.

    Just as Shakespeare wrote to well established themes.

    It’s a measure of your ability – to address the standard.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know why I didn’t think of this weeks ago, but iRacing already has a DFV modeled. The Lotus 79 😉

  • Roger

    Will it handle as good as in GPL and rF2? Cant wait to find out!

  • David Wright

    Whoohoo!!! The first iRacing car I actually want to drive! Hope they do some kind of bundle deal for new members.

    • Anonymous

      As always, you get a discount whenever you but at least 3 or 6 pieces of content. So this car and 5 or more tracks saves you 20%. If the Cadillac deal is still going on, you should do that and get the 6 months free, 5 of those the Lotus will be available, and you’ll already have Mosport 🙂

      • Diego Colafabio

        Actually you can get just 3 months instead of 6 months. Anyway still a big offer!

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