- 100% Independent Sim Racing News – New Content Item Previews – New Content Item Previews has released a batch of new preview shots, giving us a first glimpse of four new content items that are due to be introduced with the summer 2.0 update in August.

We get to see two new cars of ALMS fame, including the Honda-powered HPD ARX 01C LMP2 prototype car that went on to clinch the 2010 ALMS series title and competed in the 2010 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The simulation’s lineup of sports car will further be enriched by the Robertson Racing Ford GT-R GT2 class car that made its Le Mans debut a few weeks ago. Also in the pipeline are two new tracks as we get to see first previews of the Iowa Speedway and a first look at Suzuka, the second Japanese track to make it into iRacing.

All four content items are available for pre-sale now, allowing iRacing subscribers to combine them with other discounts, the release is planned to happen around the big 2.0 update in August.

  • shum94

    Cockpit picture isnt at the level of quality i expect from a sim with laserscanned track.

  • Meton Sanga

    maybe you should look in a real cockpit before commenting

  • Arno

    It looks pretty darn close. The steering wheel could use some work though.
    Movie of a walkaround of the car

    steering wheel at around 1:54

  • Gulyo

    iRacing is VERY money-oriented !!! And the penalty system is pretty stupid.
    You have to pay for EVERYTHING !!!
    And the penalty system is pretty stupid.
    I got an account, maybe I renew it in August … maybe

  • MatzeLoCal

    let me guess, the penalty system is pretty stupid…. but yes, it’s suboptimal

  • Mike Oppenheimer


  • MatzeLoCal

    My wish list for iRacing (quite utopistic):

    – LeMans (24h!)
    – Nordschleife
    – Porsche 997 GT3 RSR
    – Porsche 917 or 956
    – Lotus Elise or Exige

  • Pinball

    What’s laserscanned track got to do with cockpit realism?

    And to echo Meton and Arno’s comments it looks pretty close to the actual cockpit of the real car. 

  • SergeantBoner

    Yep, that Acura sure looks very veery sexy!

  • Evan Maillard

    Cars and cockpits are laserscanned as well, they can’t goo wrong with this.
    The only thing you can say about it are the textures, very low res, I hope they improve that before release.

  • John Williams

    The Safety Rating is very popular except with the new iRacers, who haven’t figured out car control yet or the old iRacers, who always think it’s the other guys fault.  Everyone, who’s been around for a while realizes it makes everyone more responsible for their driving.  Here’s a poll from just tonight on iRacing.

  • John Williams

    83% of iRacers love the Safety Rating system.

  • EmptyBox

    HPD + Ford GT + Suzuka / Spa / Sebring = All other sims cease to exist on my hard drive.

  • EmptyBox

    Funny, aren’t you the one who was bitching about how ISI dare release a low resolution preview of rF2?

    That’s even smaller than the rF2 screenies, and with a shitload of jpeg compression on top of that.

  • Meton Sanga

    i highly doubt we will ever get to have porsche, wich is a shame… but out of your sugestions for porsche, id much prefer carrera cup, or 935t

  • StarFoXySxv550

    Nice list. I too agree it’s a shame it’s so difficult for developers to aquire the Porshe brand.

  • Big Ron

    The Ford GT looks pretty strange. Maybe the rendering shaders or lightning is wrong.

    And the iRacing liveries in red and blue are damn ugly. Not a livery to present a car.

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