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iRacing has successfully launched the new build of their online racing simulation, adding a heap of new features and content items to the system.

Among the new features is the racing line driving aid, tournament racing, depth of field for replays, the all-new tire model for four additional cars and much more.

In terms of content, the new build adds both the HPD ARX-01C & Ford GT ALMS cars as well as Iowa Speedway and Suzuka to the simulation. While the two cars sell for $11.95 each, the tracks are available for $14.95 a piece.

The very detailed release notes with much more info can be found here, below are two videos showing off both Suzuka and the two new sports cars in action!

  • Ricoo

    No comment! Hey it’s the next revolution!

    So many noobs at Suzuka, funny. 🙂

    Am I alone finding the engine sound of this Ford GT a bit weak?

  • AeroMechanical

    NTM is impressive, but it does take some getting used to for sure.

  • Roger Owen

    A little, but then Im not using a decent sound card yet, or very good headphones. The sound system is getting an overhaul at some point to use Fmod so what we have now is placeholder stuff.

  • Nathan Robinson

    Have been messing around with the ford at suzuka for the last hour or so. First thing i noticed was the sound of this beast. To me its the best engine sound that iracing has done so far. Took a few laps to get a fell for the car but didnt want to judge it until i could link some laps. This thing is an absolute blast when you’re racing against someone else. It really gets up and goes off the corners, but if you drive too fast on entry the heavy beast will really understeer. If you get slowed up for the corner in time though it hooks up nice and feels awesome all the way through the exit. I could really tell when i was pushing the car past its limits as well which i can only attribute to the force feedback. Its hard to explain but if you drive the car, you’ll feel what im talking about in the wheel. Very cool. So far so good, now on to the p2 🙂

  • Riches

    iRacings enginesound always put me off a bit.
    Somehow it all sound like synthetic noise instead of a fire breathing dragon you hear in real life.
    My pro monitor headphones actually makes it even worse i suppose.

  • Loanwolf

    Crikey , The sounds are still Crap compared with GTR2 and Rfactor mods

  • Meton Sanga

    must be crazy to think that, iracings audio craps all over the audio on isi engine

  • Meton Sanga

    comments on suzuka heard last night
    “why havent i heard of this place before”
    “need a gps to get me around here”
    “where in europe is this track?”
    “i never knew we had a 8 track in america!”

  • EmptyBox

    I wouldn’t go that far, they all suck. The only time I have really taken note of the sounds in any sim are the Gurney Weslake V12 in the GPL Eagle (Cmon, that thing just sings like none other) and the Enduracrer’s mod.And this is with a fairly decent 5.1 headset.

    Passable, bit to be desired, but as fun as the HPD is to drive… I do not care.

  • Ed Luna aka eddiespag

    An amazing amount of work, and money, has gone into this evolution for sure.  Thanks to the iRacing team and leadership!  I need a little info from anyone in the ‘know’.  What are the correct/authentic steering lock to lock degrees for the three new cars and what are the proper aids for each one, ie. autoclutch, auto blip etc.  I use CST F1 two pedal system and have the option in shifters of G27 paddles or sequential.   🙂

  • Mike Oppenheimer

    I deeply apoligize for my country.

  • EmptyBox

    Yo Suzuka, Imma let you finish, but this generic 1.5 mile cookie cutter consisting of left turns only is one of the greatest circuits of all time! Of all time!

    Bit late, I know. 😉 😀

  • Sam Stratten

    Oh man, my Dad had some killer 8 tracks we used to listen to… oh wait. :p

  • Der_KHAN

    as usual, everything is well done except for the Force Feedback.

    i tried the skippy and the ford gt. no sense of load transfer whatsoever. that said, the cars in iracing stay as unpredictable as ever.

  • stabiz

    This is actually better than I expected it to be, since i didnt like the new Nationwide at all. Driving the Ford GT (hardly tried the Acura) at Suzuka is probably something that will never get old.

  • Nathan Robinson

    I really enjoy the audio from the ford. I agree with some of the other cars not sounding very well. Maybe its the buttkicker but when i was racing another ford gt in practice earlier, the sounds really had my adrenaline pumping. Everyone has different outlooks though 😛

  • Meton Sanga

    play with the damper setting and you need to increase the FFB load. It makes a massive differnce, its one of the things i played with in the first 30 minutes and it now feels amazing!

  • Gulyo

    This is just for americans … there is no good car seleciton for EU.
    Money sucker company … you have to pay for EVERYTHING.
    Medium quality game with idiot penalty system …

  • Bakkster

    Set your wheel to 900 degrees, iRacing will set the lock range if the car is less than that automatically.

  • Bakkster

    Yeah, if only they had one or two F1 cars, maybe a trackday monster like a Radical for you EU guys… oh wait, they do.

    And the idiot penalty system is the best thing ever. Keeps the idiots where they belong, either stuck in rookie or angry and quitting 😉

  • Nathan Robinson

    LOL i’m not surprised by those comments. I can name a bunch of people i know that like nascar but i only know a handful that have ever watched f1. Thats probably why so many havent been on suzuka before. Most of the americans that know suzuka have driven it on other sims or console games. Of course there are the few f1 fans that would know from watching as well. I love suzuka and find the iracing/real version more challenging than the rfactor one. There are a few spots where i can take an enduracers gt2 flat out and cant even come close to the same with the ford gt and iracings suzuka.

  • Hybrid

    Those are 3 of something like 22 cars.
    Why cant iRacing members cant have any criticism sometimes? People may express thereself negative or positive. And the price is indeed very high imo. I cant pay for that. I mean 60 bucks for 2 cars and 2 tracks and you dont own them even. I find that ridiculous. Imo

  • Nathan Robinson

    I’m in U.S. and i can understand where the europeans come from. I’m guessing the EU would appreciate more touring cars and gt cars. Would be nice to see an f430, 997, mc12, and some of those little tin tops come out some time. How about donington, croft, or snetterton. ooooooohh

    It also seems like most european sim racers are at least race fans though and wouldnt refrain from racing something just because of the type of cars on selection 🙂

  • Bakkster

    Oh, I’m not saying there shouldn’t be more EU cars. I’m actually really hoping for a european GT3 or Grand-Am GT car (new F458 anyone?), or a BTCC/WTCC car. However, Gulyo claimed there were no good EU cars, which means he skipped the Lotus 79, FW31, and Radical, all fun cars.I’m pretty sure the reason we haven’t gotten more European cars is that the EU automakers have too many conditions on use or ask for too much money to include the cars, I can’t imagine iRacing went looking for a GT2 car and didn’t think to ask BMW, Porshe, and Ferrari. Seems GM, Ford, and Mazda feel they get more benefit than others and price competitively.

    Also, it sounds like Oulton Park will be the next track released, so I’m definitely looking forward to that as well.

    You also notice I didn’t say anything about the price. It’s certainly more expensive, I just find it to still be more fun per dollar than anything else I’ve tried for online racing.

  • SBKRacer

    Most iRacing cars even the so called Europeans like the Radical or the Lotus appeal for very few people the Williams is a middle pack F1 car so not that interesting you ain’t getting cutting edge F1. iRacing has got too much of the same cars 3 or 4 V8s 5 or 6 open-wheels and some junk like the Jetta and the Solstice and that’s all the cars selection is very poor they need to diversify better and go after cars that people want not the another slice of the same bread there are some cool cars in iRacing but very few. I could name 10 cars that would be very cheap to license and amazing for racing but hey they pay people for that. Tracks are a completely different ball game!

  • Der_KHAN

    if i set the ingame FFB slider to about 7.0 or higher, the forces will start clipping on my G25, so that’s definitely not helping. and dampening only makes the FFB less responsive.

    it might fit your personal taste of feel but it doesnt get you any more information to the driver.

  • SBKRacer

    I’ve said that few posts ago some iracers can’t accept people having different opnions atleast they can’t have you in a gas chamber but if they could…!

  • Bakkster

    Sorry, I disagree that iRacing isn’t going after cars that ‘people want’. The FW31 is a good example, everyone wanted a modern F1 car, and supposedly Williams is the only team that retained their own licensing to their car. It’s said that for iRacing to license any other F1 car, they would have to go through FOCA for a full F1 series license.

    On the other hand, going after cars people think they want is also part of the reason for unpopular series. Everyone loves the sexy and awesome Lotus 79, but only ~50 people race it on an average week. The FW31 is less popular on average than the Pontiac Solstice. Even the V8 Super Car is far less popular than the lowly Mazda Miata. More people buy the Jetta in order to race against it in the Miata than race the V8SC on an average week. Why? Because the fast cars are hard to drive and even harder to race. The slower easier cars are more fun to race because you don’t spend the whole time either worrying you will crash or puttering around in back.

    That’s why I really want the next car to be BTCC/WTCC, a thoroughly European series that will be easy enough for people to want to compete in it. That said, it wouldn’t make the Europeans happy that the Chevy Cruze would be a likely car, being top of both series standings and GM already having a strong partnership with iRacing.

  • lovretta

    Updating to new build atm, so didn’t test it yet, but alot of people comment on lots of iracing car’s sound saying rfactor mods are better. You should complain that iracing sounds aren’t distorted, as are 97% of rFactor mods sounds.
    When looking at almost any rf mod sample in sound editor, almost every single one looks like square wave. Luckily, converting square wave is the hardest task put on D/A converte, so those clipped .wav samples come out at least tiny bit smoothed.

    On the other hand, iRacing sounds aren’t distorted. There is great amount of dynamics in them, something that really should be appreciated. After all, they are trying to make it REALISTIC.
    Some people say you need good sound card blah blah. It mostly has nothing to do with it, as just about any basic DAC will get the job done.

    What you really need to make iracing sound good is put your hand on volume control and turn it to the right (well on most amps that’s volume increase). Turn it up until it’s loud, then it’ll sound properly good, no doubt about it. While distorted sound can only be listened to while it is silent, as when loud it becomes annoying and causes listening fatigue. Some will say “i don’t have system capable of producing racing car like loudness”. Well certainly if you’ll play it THAT loud you need some ear plugs and helmets 🙂 But “ordinary” loud music playing is what’s enough for racing games too.

    I quite understand rfactor samples being distorted, as most are sourced from onboard videos, which in first place are already distorted, as in most cases mic used is not up to a task. But iRacing can do it properly, so why wouldn’t they? Keep up the good work Greg!

  • Mark

    This is yet another great update from iRacing. The new cars and track are superb and the new tyre model on the Skip Barber car makes it feel even more like a real car. The FFB to me feels just that little bit more detailed than before which is good. There are just the usual few niggles, e.g. tyre smoke temporarily missing for the new tyre model cars so hopefully we’ll get a new update soon.

  • aaltomar

    “Why cant iRacing members cant have any criticism sometimes?”

    Because most of the time the criticism is unfounded, biased or exaggerated. We do aknowledge the shortcomings when warranted. Most of the negative criticism comes from that people feel that iRacing is too expensive and they need to find reasons why one would not even want to subscribe. Given oneself a free pass of not caring.

    btw. I’m not subscribe atm. I race too little and the little I do feels like work since you’re competing against other skilled drivers and to improve you have to put in the practice. I guess there’s the reward of accomplishment when one fairs well in a race, but personally it’s just too stressfull 😀

  • Riches

    Sara Palin once thought Africa was a country.
    Geography lessons are proabably not so common in the US as they are in the rest of the world.
    Also met some Americans that thought it was pretty cool that they even had Pizza’s in Europe.

  • Hybrid

    I have a subscription and i still find it to expensive if i want to compete. So that fact you give is already out of the door. 

  • Riches

    So why when i am on a real racetrack cars sound so much more vibrant and heavy.
    Why do some mods in rF sound just the way i hear em in real life?
    Turning up you amp to make i sound as loud as the original is seriously bad for your ears by the way.

  • Riches

    Damper settings are standard canned effects, like a slow reacting centering spring.
    Weight transfer is not one of the things the damper simulates.

  • Riches

    iRacings audio engine is quite basic till now.
    Not even doppler effects are supported, like in rF.
    It’s basicly just mixing looped samples in variable volumes over different channels.

  • Riches

    The Ford for sure sounds a lot better than the Acura.
    Acura sounds very synthetic.

  • hwys

    In the iRacing faq you also can find some recommended settings for some common FFB Wheels, i own a G 25, and as i started iracing yesterday again, after a long time, i thought first what the f… what a shitty FFB, but then i decided to control my G 25 settings,adjusted them to the recommended settings, restarted iracing, and the FFb was much stronger and with more detail

  • Carbonfibre

    iRacing’s sound wouldn’t be so bad if the audio didn’t completely drop out between shifting. But it’s still no better than rFactor and rFactor is not better than iRacing, they’re the same. It’s rFactor’s best mods which sound the best because of the samples used. CM’s Ego sound engine is more sophisticated than both our sims, if only modders could put their samples in that, it would be a fantastic experience.
    btw, PGR4 still has the most authentic stock car sounds out there, but Forza 4 may top that soon enough.

  • SBKRacer

    wow so many posts deleted why not just go ahead and close the comments section alltogether?! I won’t mind posting here again!

  • Der_KHAN

    well i’m not saying the FFB is complete crap. it’s just that LeoFFB in rFactor and some cars in netkarPro have set higher strandards – and once you’ve had that you don’t want to go back. it just takes the driving experience so much closer to a real car.

    i don’t want to memorize my pedal positions for every single bump in the road, when i could do it by feel instead.

  • Ricoo

    I haven’t noticed that some posts have disappeared here, but it can happen if a user deletes its post, all the replies disappear althogether.

  • Ricoo

    Maybe the posts you thought about are in the previous news about iRacing. 😉

  • SBKRacer

    it was here there were over 45 posts in the second discussion thread (here) not it has 30something.

  • Der_KHAN

    yeah, there was another redundant discussion about how iracing sucks/is too expensive/has not enough european cars, blah, blah…

    we don’t need that bloating up the comment section.

  • Hybrid

    Was just a normal civil discussion. Nobody said it sucked. 
    But again you can say nothing bad about iRacing nowadays without getting deleted or call being called a hater. Every sim has it bad points and can be expressed same as RACE has bad points and same as rFactor has.

  • EmptyBox

    Funny thing is, the same damn thing applies to rFactor.

  • Meton Sanga

    Biff probably made another stupid comment… always garanteed to get removed

  • Meton Sanga

    The acura sounds right, the issue is the mufflers do their job and muffle the sound

  • Bakkster

    I think Montoya mentioned he’s going to be moving to a new comment system soon without this glitch.

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