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iRacing has added the Mospot International Raceway to their online racing simulation as the track can now be purchased by iRacing subscribers for $14.95.

Located north of Bowmanville, Ontario, Mosport is one of Canada’s most famous motorsport venues. The 4 kilometer track layout includes 10 turns and is one of the very few classical racetracks that remained almost completely unchanged over the years. The track has a rich history both in terms of Formula One and sports cars, hosting the Canadian Grand Prix until 1977 and still being a very active sports car racing venue today.

  • Suarez10

    It rocks. Driving the Skip Barber here brings back some good GPL memories.

  • ermax18

    I know what I am doing when I get home. 🙂

  • hoboracer

    I think it’s the graphics that bring back the GPL memories. Can’t beat the old cardboard trees and tire barriers. Will the graphics be the same 10 years from now?

  • stabiz

    I guess it depends. Do you want it to feel great while driving or do you want it to look like Crysis? Cant have both yet.

  • ermax18

    The C6.R is out now too!! Yippee.

  • Klaas Jan

    This track is great in the Dallara… :sd:

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