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Yesterday, iRacing’s Steve Myers spilled the beans on iRacing signing a partnership with BMW.

Yesterday, iRacing’s Steve Myers spilled the beans on iRacing signing a partnership with BMW.

Now, first info on how this partnership will materialize has been released as iRacing has specified three different BMW models the company will be going for.

Among the chosen three is the BMW Z4 GT3, a perfect match for the recently-released Mclaren MP4-12C GT3. Next up will be the BMW M3 GT2 E92, BMW’s American Le Mans Series Challenger for the past three seasons.

To round things out, iRacing will be going for a BTCC touring car to pair up with the already-announced Honda Civic of BTCC fame.

  • Matt Orr

    Z4 GT3! Om nom nom nom nom.

    Sorry MP4/12C GT3 WTF BBQ SAUCE, but you will be abandoned when the day comes. For you are NOT a BMW. Simple as that.

    Can’t wait for iRacing to deal with what all the F2P shooters out there have to when they release a new gun (or car in this case) – OMG, It’s Overpowered! They do it so they get you to buy it!

    Bet Bakkster leads the charge. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Anonymous

      Chaerge!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m really rooting for them to get the BoP right, but I would be lying if I said I was confident. If they don’t devote resources and talent at class balance it simply won’t work and they might as well not have bothered.

  • Anonymous

    As for the important bit, the touring car, they should get on the phone to WSR pronto.

    • somebodysb2

      Since they did say BTCC, I wonder if its the old 3 series or the new 1 series. And if it is the older 3 series, I wonder if it will be in full S2000 spec or S2000 with a NGTC engine. The 1 series is full NGTC spec so hopefully it is that so we can properly race it with the Civic NGTC.

      • Mazda Mps

        1 series? Is it a new entry for 2013?

      • somebodysb2
      • Anonymous

        Steve said the contract currently states the 320si, but he is working to get the 1 series WSR is building instead so they have two fully NGTC cars which would be MUCH easier to balance.

      • somebodysb2

        Ahh thanks:) I wonder which 320si tho. Theres like 4 configurations of it in the BTCC. 5-speed H-Pattern + 2.0L NA, 6-speed Sequential + 2.0L NA, 6-speed Sequential + 2.0L Turbo by Swindon (TOCA), and 6-Speed Sequential +2.0L Turbo by Neil Brown (same guys that do the Honda engine).

      • Anonymous

        Didn’t think the S2000 NA engines were even allowed this year. The S2000s won’t be competitive next year either, and I hope we get the Civic in 2013 trim, so that leaves only one viable option.

      • somebodysb2

        Dunno, if 2012 Civic, no overboost function, if 2013 Civic, they may or may not decide to include it.

      • Anonymous

        Would hope 2013, both because that’s the only way to get a fully NGTC BMW of the same year and because we need at least a few series on the current spec ๐Ÿ™‚

        Actually, I hope they have versions both with and without overboost, same car just different PSI. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Derek Speare

    Is there a source for this information?

    • Neebs

      Steve Myers on the forum

      • Derek Speare

        Doh! Anyone have a link ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Anonymous
      • somebodysb2

        I don’t have an account, can you please copy paste the message? I just want to know if he explicitly said that it was a BTCC BMW. Thanks:)

      • Anonymous

        “This is exactly what has been licensed although I have gone back and asked them to put the One Series car in as we will likely build that car in the BTCC spec instead of the 320si which seems to be getting phased out.

        I tried to get the DTM car but it has to be licensed through the series and not BMW so that is a battle left for another day. As it is it will take us 2 years to get all of these cars built. The proper poll now would be what car out of these three would you like to see built first?

        The GT3 car to run in the same class at the McLaren
        The GT2 car to run in the same class as the Ford GT
        the 320si or 1 Series car to run in the same class as the Honda


  • Aleลก Pล™ibรกลˆ

    I dunno… Last days im too busy with rfactor leagues and my email is full of Iracing less $ actions….

    Its great sim, but not everybody can still pay FOR EVERITING in favourite racesim……. every car, every track. The full iracing package is ABSOLUTELY CRAZY prized. I got 2 yrs pre-payd but loosing interests very fast …. Only cause of $ im focusing mostly on AC, Rf2..

    • Anonymous

      Said it before, say it again, if it isn’t giving you 10x more fun don’t pay 10x more than rFactor. I think it’s enough better to be worth the cost, if you don’t I would never suggest you stick around.

      • Aleลก Pล™ibรกลˆ

        And what about i like it very much but simply im working to get money also for food, clothes etc. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe for ppl in us is ok, but in my country casual ppl would think that im total crazy that i pay so much for just one racing title…. There is huge contrast between iracing and other racing sim in the money spending.. But no doubt about iracing quality, laser scaned tracks and so… Its abut frustrating…. so im not hating ir, i like it, but cant play it as much as i want only cause of there is rentable everything……….. I would be happy if they send me one day email, hey! dear customer you can try this or this total free!!! not only for few bucks cheaper then usualy .) Thats my opinion.

      • somebodysb2

        I wonder if there is a “try before you buy”scheme on iRacing. Perhaps a little 30 or 60 minute trial with each car? Would really suck if you don’t like the car or track that you just bought. Anyways, would definitely be joining once both Honda and BMW touring cars are added to the service.

      • Richard Hessels

        You can’t just return cars used on a racing track.
        Than they are not in a new state anymore. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Yea.. should be much better.. a driving test to see if you like the car.
        But make sure not to use most the basic setups..
        Otherwise you still get put of.

      • Marcus Caton

        If you have to worry about iRacing or any other Sim/ Game taking out of your Food, clothes money then you need to stop spending bro.
        Simple as that, i worried about the money for iracing before i started mid 08.
        Never gave a shizzle after, it’s been worth every penny for me and i’m still throwing away money in F2P games on the side.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, just as much what you choose not to spend money on. Would you have purchased two other racing titles this year and use that money for iR instead. Definitely understandable, though, and hopefully the price continues to drop.

  • Richard Hessels

    Finally more than one brand of car in the same class.
    Instead of new classes with every single car release.
    If they could upgrade the streetlegal RUF porsche to a GT3 version we would have a spectacular GT3 series.

  • Ross Siggers

    Well, we certainly won’t have a shortage of Z4’s to play with. That’s iRacing, Project CARS, Asetto Corsa, and probably a million mods of it in rFactor…nom!

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    its great that iracing finally signed BMW. Too bad its going to take two years to make three cars because by then we will have already had over a year in the same cars in other sims.

    Before I get flamed, it was Steve Myers that said it would take two years.

    • Anonymous

      Well, two years for the last car, the first one will be out sooner than that.

      It sounds like they got the McLaren right, and are making sure the L49 is the same. If they put out working cars instead of broken ones like the FGT or Radical or L79 before fixing them later, they can take as long as needed and it will be worth the wait.

  • sg

    Best iRacing news in the last two years. So stoked!

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