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DigiProst has put together an excellent reality check video of iRacing’s Montreal track.

iRacing introduced the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve to their simulation yesterday and naturally, it did not take long for the first reality check comparisons to surface.

DigiProst has put together another quality video, showing the Canadian Grand Prix venue both in iRacing and in real life, allowing us to judge the accuracy of the laser-scanned track.

Located on the man-made Île Notre-Dame that is part of the city of Montreal, the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is a 4.3 kilometer race track incorporating 13 turns.

The track has been hosting the Canadian Formula One Grand Prix since 1978 and is most famous for it’s final corner that has ended the race of many famous drivers, earning it the nickname wall of champions.

  • Kreshnik Halili

    Real-Life: You push the car to the limit.
    iRacing: The “ice” pushes YOU to your limit.

    • Realkman666

      The ice levels are the most fun in Mario Kart.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      I don’t feel anything like ice in iracing. Still not sure what people talking about

      • Wim

        exactly. i never felt that iRacing had an icy feel to it. Then again, if allot of people would turn in at the speed they do in iRacing , when using a real car, i guess allot of real roads would feel like pure ice. It might have something to do with the sense of speed some people have.Watch your speedometer, and sometimes you would be amazed how high the speed is when cornering, while breaking. Another thing that might mess with the sense of speed, is the field of view that i see used sometimes. This can have a major impact on your sense of speed, while that in its turn can have the affect of sliding of track, thinking you done it right, while over-driving massively.

      • Joco Gorenc

        in nKpro and gtr2(with my ffb mod) THE WHEEL tells me what’s happening with the car and I act on that. This is how real racing is done – you dont get 1000 laps of practice, the feedback you get is of utmost importance. Imagine if iRacing had rain, wonder how that would be like.

      • Anonymous

        I get pretty good feel through my wheel… Nkpro and rf2 have a bit better feel though! I suppose the simbin feedback is pretty good too…

        I think the old tyre model did have much better feel to it tbh!

      • Joco Gorenc

        nKpro is just about perfect, one of the little things missing is stationary tire model(tire doesnt flex, deform when cornering). But in AC TP this is already implemented and you can feel it. With too low pressures you get this wiggle-wobble hard to control behavious, and with higher pressure it’s more controllable but you lose abit of grip.

      • Anonymous

        could not agree more NKPro is a joy to drive, I hope AC doesn’t fall short of expectations!

      • Anonymous

        Gtr2 with your ffb mod?

        Btw Martin Bundle driving the Ferrari F1: “if you wait to feel the loss of grip on the wheel, you are already on the wall”.

      • Joco Gorenc

        yes I’ve made a small .Plr change so the feedback is a little stronger, particulary on the center and also when you use too much steering and you understeer the front wheels, you feel it. Regarding mr. Brundle, yes F1 car is not slow, but cmon you think even guys like Alonso, Vettel etc would dare to push to limit on a wet track if they had no feedback? I think in sims you should also get some FFB to compensate for the “butt sensor” in RL car πŸ˜€ Because we’re just sitting on a stationary chair(most of us).

    • Joco Gorenc

      I tried iRacing 2 weeks ago for fun…it boggles my mind that people can drive this…completely no feel of the car. A side by side video comparison means nothing when acting on grip loss, aero build up, suspension model etc isn’t there. iRacing feels like driving on tires with alot of oil on them, yet you still can corner at 4Gs. Funny.

      • Anonymous

        Definitely try again this week, the latest build had a pretty big change in the over-the-limit feel on most cars.

      • Hurdy Hurdy

        New build came out on Tue 23rd July.

        Go back and try again, especially the Skip Barber Formula 2000. Ran a hosted race with at Spa last night – it was epic. Especially with the new ‘weather’ features they have added. In to a 29mph headwind towards the final chicane and you could feel the effect on the car. Top stuff.

      • Joco Gorenc

        Ok I’ll give it another try πŸ˜‰

  • Tom Hunt

    The iracing track is based off the Nascar setup, so there are a few stands missing and the advertisements are different.

  • Dani .

    It’s me or tires in iRacing are a bit wide?

    • Anonymous

      It’s just fat.

    • Rhys Gardiner

      iRacing’s F1 car is from 2009, when front tyres were wider. Bridgestone narrowed them by 20mm in 2010, which is when the real-life lap is from if I’m correct.

      • Dani .

        Nice to know that

  • FormulaLes

    The digital recreation of the track looks awesome, and the effort gone into making the video even more awesome. Great work.

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad the fw31 didn’t get the ntmv5 in this release. The skippy IMO lost all the ice feeling, especially at slow speed, I hope the staff update also the Williams ASAP.

    Btw the track is gorgeous πŸ˜€ and the new weather adds another level to the realism!

    • gtrNL

      Don’t expect NTM5 for the FW31 soon, they will probably finish the Pro WC season first before making any big updates.

      • Jann Dircks

        Nah I don’t think so, they introduced the first version of NTM right in the middle of both the oval und road WCs and that was a much bigger change than NTMv4 to NTMv5.

      • Anonymous

        If I remember correctly, they just gave the WC drivers a bit of extra warning that it was coming.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think it’s a coincidence all three of the cars which got v5 are on street or DOT tires. They said it isn’t finished yet, and I expect part of that incompleteness might include not handling slicks yet.

      But definitely agree, I feel for the F1 guys.

  • myvracelog

    All the crybaby’s complaining about icy feel at iracing are the same ones using traction control, 900 degree wheels with 75% – 100% ffb in rf1 or rf2. I can’t imagine what they would think of team Redlines GTP mod for n2003, most likely they would not even make it out of the pits . Oh ……… bad, bad, iracing they make it toooo hard for me. Get real.

    Good Day.

  • Joco Gorenc

    What happens to real drivers when they get “ice” πŸ˜€


    • C4

      How different are wet race tires to normal performance treaded tires?

      • Joco Gorenc

        They’re much much softer so they need rain to keep cool or they’ll melt like shown above

  • BoCoke

    The biggest problem with Sim Racers is a lot think there better then they are. They try to push the limit, which they’re not capable of, completely suck and blame it on the sim. If driving in RL was easy everyone would be a world champion.

    Instead of admitting your driving ability needs some work most blame it on setup or physics.

    • C4

      Get a Miata, do some slalom drifts, then do it in sim.

      It’s not all about speed or pushing it to get a fast lap time. Most drivers are aware they are not Gregor Huttu or Sebastien Loeb.

      • C4

        Or well, regular figure 8 or slalom. Not everyone likes to drift and not every car is really good at it of course.

    • GamerMuscle

      “The biggest problem with Sim Racers is a lot think there better then they are”

      Who ? I’m prity sure people simracing can tell how good they are at sim racing due to the fact you can compare times with others easily.

      “They try to push the limit, which they’re not capable of, completely suck and blame it on the sim.”

      I’m sure some people do, but there are fairly big holes in allot of simulators and you can certainly see differences in each simulator and even different sim cars within the same engines in that some cars are not consistent in how they behave and they don’t match up with reality.I

      “if driving in RL was easy everyone would be a world champion.”

      No that’s not true you would still always have one person that was slighty better even if it was easy.

      Also real world driving in many aspects is actually easer than sim-racing and many other regards not.

      “Instead of admitting your driving ability needs some work most blame it on setup or physics.”

      I’m sure many people to blame setup and physics but its also a fact that car setup and issues in the physics are a defining factor for achieving alien laps.

      Obviously there are allot of people that cannot seem to be within 2 seconds of the pace in that case then sure they are probably blaming other factors but when you get to the last fractions of a second the issues in modern simulators become very prominent.

      • Anonymous

        “I’m prity sure people simracing can tell how good they are at sim
        racing due to the fact you can compare times with others easily.”

        I’m pretty sure ‘hotlapper’ is considered derogatory for a reason. There’s more to being ‘good at sim racing’ than single fast laps, which get dismissed all the time by calling someone a hotlapper.

      • GamerMuscle

        The top simracers typically find the best lap and can replicate it over and over and win from the front.

        If simulators were more complex maybe we would see less of this type of “memorise the track” racing and more reactive racing.

        My original point still stands regardless of hot lapping , the point was that you can easily see from your race results as well as lap times if you are a good simracer or not hence i don’t see why people would think they are better than they are.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, the top simmers are consistent, but not everyone who is fast is consistent.

        Rating ones-self above average is a common cognitive bias. It applies to driving on the street, so I don’t think it’s so out of line to suspect it applies to sim racing as well (and judging by how many iRacers have terrible iRatings but think they’re God’s gift to sims, I’m willing to bet it does).

        “Svenson (1981) surveyed 161 students in Sweden and the United States, asking them to compare their driving safety and skill to the other people in the experiment. For driving skill, 93% of the US sample and 69% of the Swedish sample put themselves in the top 50% (above the median). For safety, 88% of the US group and 77% of the Swedish sample put themselves in the top 50%.

        McCormick, Walkey and Green (1986) found similar results in their study, asking 178 participants to evaluate their position on eight different dimensions relating to driving skill (examples include the “dangerous-safe” dimension and the “considerate-inconsiderate”
        dimension). Only a small minority rated themselves as below average (the midpoint of the dimension scale) at any point, and when all eight dimensions were considered together it was found that almost 80% of
        participants had evaluated themselves as being above the average driver.”

    • Luciano

      That does not apply to modern F1-like cars. There is very little room for driver input.
      And in a sim there is 2 setups: car and wheel.

      In FSR broadcasts or iRacing replays you can see how crazy are the setups just looking in the steering angles: hairpins with less steering than fast corners.

  • Joco Gorenc

    Giorgiano Pantano who won with Mclaren GT3 said that the car is easy to drive for real, unlinke some simulators we use. And look at some rich, unsporty dudes that just sit in such cars in real races and never have any sudden spins unless it’s a big mistake on driving part. To be a champion much more is required than just skill for driving…

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