- 100% Independent Sim Racing News – Mercedes AMG GT3 Announced has announced a new addition to their online racing simulation as Mercedes Benz’ 2015 AMG GT3 car has been confirmed to join the simulation. has announced a new addition to their online racing simulation as Mercedes Benz’ 2015 AMG GT3 car has been confirmed to join the simulation.

Following the successful Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3, the new car is powered by the same 6.3 liter V8 engine that has helped the SLS AMG GT3 to major endurance racing victories around the world.

“We’re tremendously excited to be partnering with Mercedes-Benz,” said Steve Myers, Executive Vice President and Executive Producer at  “iRacing and Mercedes-Benz actually had signed the licensing agreement awhile back, but we were waiting until we could announce the Mercedes-AMG GT3 was in production before we made our partnership public.   We’re thrilled that we’ll be adding the Mercedes-AMG GT3 to a lineup that is already brimming with world-class GT3 cars.”

Further details on the car’s planned availability date have not yet been revealed.

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  • Bakkster

    Three months free for new members:

    Also good to hear they didn’t announce the license itself (though they hinted at it) until the car actually made it into production. A very good call.

  • mrtorgue

    Can’t be long now until VWAG arrives, can it?

  • Deadlydeal

    Just switched back to iRacing from p cars… and it looks like GT3 Class slowly filling. GREAT NEWS EVERYONE!!! 🙂

    • Adrian Herrera

      I’m contemplating renewing my sub after a couple years of inactivity… what does the GT3 lineup looks like now?

      • Niel

        BMW Z4
        RUF (Porsche)
        McLaren MP4-12C
        Ford GT

        and the Aston Martin and Mercedes coming.

      • faybn

        Bummer is that the RUF looks like the street car due to license reasons.

      • whaletail

        Isn’t there a Cup version?

        or is the body exactly the same as the street version?

      • Bakkster

        All four versions of the Ruf are graphically identical. Apparently a restriction of their license.

      • Roy Rki

        AM will be the GT1 class. I don’t think that’ll play with the GT3

      • Niel

        I wasn’t talking about the DBR9, but the Vantage. Besides the GT1 AM, there will also be a GT3 car and two more models were signed.

      • Roy Rki

        Very good to hear. I love MP GT3 racing in other sims, it’s basically all I drive. Might as well try the IR version once they roll these new models out.

  • Leeman

    Outstanding. I’ve been hoping for this for awhile.

  • Derek Speare


  • BackMarker

    Excellent! so much new stuff in the works at iracing!
    : )

  • Nick1


  • Christopher Trees

    Now I know what james may was talking about when he mentioned a fizzing in his pants

  • Paul Maguire

    Finally a reason to come back, probably be next year though 🙁

  • Stepreo

    The iRacing Blancpain GT series in 2016 is going to be seriously good.

    • Alexandre Martini

      unless you want to drive in a Ford GT.

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