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iRacing has released a batch of previews of the McLaren Honda MP4-30 Formula One car.

iRacing has released a batch of previews of the McLaren Honda MP4-30 Formula One car.

McLaren’s less than successful weapon of choice for the 2015 Formula One season will be joining iRacing next month, marking the second time the simulation tackles a modern-day F1 car.

Following the Williams FW31, the MP4-30 will be the first iRacing car to come with full simulations of modern-day F1 systems such as KERS and DRS.

  • Richard Hessels

    Finally a scenario where that McLaren can win some races.
    That Honda engine is about 75HP short on Mercedes.
    Hope they fudge the numbers a bit on that.

    • evinho

      75HP bit optimistic?
      Mercedes gained about 40HP on their big update at Monza and even before that they were galaxies apart. It is believed that Renault is more than 75HP down on Merc, and seeing how Toro Rossos go past McLarens on the straight, you can easily double you estimated difference between McLaren and Merc.

      • Gui Cramer

        75 before the ERS boost

  • kizza42

    I hope they model the wonderful reliability! Imagine, a championship race full of these and no one finishes!

  • What

    GP2 Engine!, GP2 Engine!, Ahhhhhhhh!

    • Giovanni Scala


  • Neebs

    It sounds amazing on the track side cameras in game.

    • What

      What? You can hear the pictures?

      • Neebs

        tried to post the video of the sounds released on the forums but it appears VR wont allow it on their “news” site. You can find it on youtube

      • What

        Found it. Sounds great. Now we need the same audio guy to redo the old Williams F1 sound cause it is the only thing I don’t like about that car. It sounds nothing like the real thing used to sound.

      • Bakkster

        That’s the plan. From Greg in that forum post:

        We’ve made changes to tire skid thresholds so the progression to
        skidding is smoother and communicative about grip levels. The surface
        sounds have been totally remixed and there are some new engines on the
        way. I’m pretty excited by this next build and the sounds have really
        taken the next step. Steve didn’t say in his blog but the Ford based
        stockcars will finally have their own voice and I have source for the
        Toyota engine sound sitting here ready to be built.

        We are drafting an audio road-map and fleshing out ideas that will
        take the sound of iRacing to a whole new level – very exciting!”

  • Diego Colafabio

    It looks great! it will be fun to drive with all elecrical gauges lol

  • Danfilm007

    If a full grid of 20 start a race, how many will still be running at the end?

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