- 100% Independent Sim Racing News – Lots of New Features Coming Up

iRacing has announced plenty of upcoming new features & content in a new blog.

iRacing’s Steve Myers has released one of his famous “Cat Herder” blogs in which he usually shares a lot of news regarding the title’s long-term development.

This edition is no exception as plenty of new stuff is being announced, including new content, a possible licensing deal with BMW and plenty of work going on under the hood of the simulation.

You can check out the full blog in all detail here and just in case you don’t have time to read it all you can find the most important points in a nutshell below:

  • Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Coming
  • Ford Fusion & Mustang to be added to the NASCAR stable
  • Kansas & Auto Club Speedway are next ovals to be scanned, completing the NASCAR Sprint Cup track lineup
  • Work on BMW licensing has started
  • Bathurst to be scanned this fall
  • Oran Park & Rockingham coming in late October
  • iRacing will move to native 64-bit support & DirectX 11 in the future
  • The audio side of things will be moved to XAudio2 framework in the future
  • Turbo-modelling & all wheel drive are being added to the physics arsenal
  • Other graphic details such as marshals, dirt build-up and backfire to be added

And to make it all go down easier, iRacing has also packed in some new previews, showing the Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 as well as the Lotus 49 Formula One car.

  • Matt Orr

    iRacing is REALLY starting to up their game. By the time AC, rF2 and pCars comes out fully, iRacing should be more than capable of fighting with them on all fronts and justifying the price premium in terms of quality.

    I’d sqeeeee like a little girl for an E30 M3. 😀

    Also, that McLaren render… am I the only one who is reminded of the color of the NR03 painting templates back in the day? 😉

    • Aaron Carlisle

      That’s because Brian Simpson still makes the templates. 🙂

      • Matt Orr

        Mmmhmm. Although a lot of other guys used the same color, I remember Zone15 did as well.

        The other templates though haven’t been that color though, that is why it is “odd”. Particularly on the McLaren, I’d have thought they’d show the standard orange version.

    • Crew

      Capable of fighting with AC and rF2? How when there is no tire wear, dynamic track or weather for the foreseeable future?

      • Anonymous

        No tire wear is a myth, the wear is quite good.

      • Anonymous

        Andrew I’m pretty sure iRacing doesn’t pay you for this! Many points here are valid so instead of giving so much support to iRacing why don’t you ask them to improve what needs to be improved? This way you are giving a real contribution to iRacing and to us 🙂

      • Anonymous

        How do you know they don’t pay me 😉

        Honestly, I don’t think wear is an issue. The grip falloff is, but that’s not the same as tread wear. Thing is, people complain the Skippy only wears 1-2% of the tread over a race. Well of course it doesn’t wear more, they’re street tires designed to go 50,000 miles, a 50 mile stint isn’t going to cord them.

        The falloff seems to be the next task for them, with compound curing and better behavior with temperature. I don’t need to piss and moan at them to fix it, they’re already doing it! Personally, I’m glad they worked on the instability in the sidewalls and fixed the tankslapping issue first, I can deal with temperature modeling being off so long as I can correct a small slide without ending up in a wall.

        I do ask for improvements by drawing their attention when needed. Sometimes they listen to me (pit stalls at Suzuka West, frame rate fix at Oulton Park), other times not (Mustang and Grand Am are scheduled to overlap races to Mustangs can’t race both). But I’m only a guy who talks, I can’t go into the code manually and fix stuff (though I was tempted to apply as an engineer and relocate to Boston). I may talk a lot, but I don’t think that gives me any special powers. If anything, understanding software development processes and being respectful of staff are the only reason I think they would more readily pay attention to me than anyone else.

      • Jarkko Kalkkona

        He does. He just does it on the iRacing forum, not here because that’s what iRacing reads

  • Anonymous

    Missing the link:

    I don’t envy iRacing for having to make the decision whether Donington, Interlagos, Montreal, or Bathurst comes first 🙂

    Promising hearing about the BMW potential, I’m expecting the GT4 or DTM (which is their primary motorsports venue) though I’m hoping for the former.

    Really looking forward to the improved damage modeling and audio, though it looks like basically every facet of the software is getting some attention. Good stuff to challenge the other sims coming out in the next year.

    • Marcus Caton


      • Anonymous

        Too much downforce, nobody would drive them after the first season, not to mention it will drive just like the SuperGT.

  • Josh Desotell

    Circuit Gilles Villeneuve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I know the iRacing staff were gutted about this one when they had an all but done deal pulled out from under them. Very cool it will be coming now.

      Oddly enough, this is one of the modern F1 tracks that the FW31 never raced at.

  • Anonymous

    I really look at iRacing as more of a service than game and the best one in it’s class. There are features that other sims have that I miss in iRacing. I would like an AI in testing mode and more driving views as well as more car setup options. I feel including these things would only make the service better. While practice sessions are fun some of the wrecking that goes on isn’t so much at times and that is where a non private test session with an AI may be great fun.

    • Marcus Caton

      No to the different views, you see as close to what a real driver sees and that should be enough for anyone.
      More setup options will come when the sim ticks faster physics side.
      AI has no place in iRacing, we’ll see how useful AI is as a concept in a modern sim with Assetto Corza, till then AI is an old plaything that needs to Die sooner than later IMO. Pure Multiplayer ftw

      • Anonymous

        So much dislike for other views than cockpit, while simultaneously everyone in the Grid 2 thread is calling views other than cockpit ‘arcade’.

        You can get a chase view in iRacing… if you have a visual disability.

      • Anonymous

        I think what people want are options. I do have a visual disability but don’t care for a chase view but it would be nice if I had multiple choices so the software would work better for me. iRacing is okay but there are others I enjoy more. I would say with the bulk of what I do in Sim Race softwares I could compare iRacing experiences mostly to that of Netkar pro and Kunos decided on a new direction for a reason. They want to make money and reach as many people as possible. Simple as that.

      • Anonymous

        On the other hand, I think the various sims finding a niche and doing it well is the best for us. The iRacing niche is online only multiplayer as if you were actually racing the car. That means no AI (real drivers race with real drivers) and driving from the cockpit (no series has drivers sitting on the bumper when they race).

        I think we all win when iRacing focuses on multiplayer the best they can and makes the best multiplayer sim, while other developers make compelling singleplayer experiences. Then we do have a choice, between various quality sims which match our preferences, rather than a bunch of sims which are a jack of all trades but a master of none. Variety is good.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, can’t agree with you… I don’t utilize iRacing because it doesn’t have offline AI races. Not everyone wants (or can) race live events. If I could run any track/car I wanted with AI, it would be much higher on my list. I think this is even more true for international drivers that may not have a lot of opportunity when they are driving.

        I see that as a missed opportunity for iRacing, so no, we all don’t win. Not even iRacing wins.

      • Anonymous

        I see it as a case of doing things well. They can either develop an outstanding multiplayer sim, or they can have a mediocre multiplayer and a mediocre singleplayer. If they choose the latter, there will be better options whether you prefer single or multiplayer. AI is not a simple addition, iRacing could spend two years and still not have a compelling singleplayer experience, that’s two years lost to other development.

        Put simply, if that means not everyone uses iRacing because they want singleplayer, that’s an acceptable exchange for best-in-class multiplayer.

      • Anonymous

        I agree to the point that initially, it was better to focus on one aspect. However, I think they have been around long enough that this could have been a development that was added later on. I don’t feel there is a good excuse not to have added it by now. They are limiting their user base and without adding features, they are going to harm future growth.

      • Anonymous

        I dunno, I look at the list of features being asked for currently, and I don’t see the multiplayer being the complete package yet. Sacrificing the multiplayer to make a singleplayer that isn’t as good as competitors makes nobody happy. In this instance it may be that a happy niche community is better than a larger user base with none of them happy.

        Would people really pay a subscription fee for singleplayer?

      • Anonymous

        All I am saying is keep an open mind I did not say anything about including these features into race mode but what’s the problem with having these in other no competition modes? Nothing at all. I think what I mentioned only enhances the options offered in iRacing. If you kill off AI you kill a big part of the interest for doing this type of gaming.
        In business you try to reach as many customers as possible that is the key to success and that is having a product the maximum amount of people will be interested in and will appeal to.

  • Big Ron

    Since a lot of iRacing users complain about the amount of time the devs need to implement new content and features, I am wondering when this long list of features is completed.

  • Chris Allen

    I would still like to see the prices come down, $100 for a year+ content is just too much to me, especially when sometimes I only get to race a few times a month if that. I easily have over $400 invested in content, but yet I have to keep paying that high fee to use what I already paid for. AC and RF are going to give the same level of enjoyment, at a much lower cost. Or at least let us use the content we already paid for offline for practice and working on setups etc with no updates until paying fees again.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, maybe slightly raise content price but have free membership?…

    • Anonymous

      I would expect to see prices fall again in the next year or two (especially if membership goes up with the new features and content).

      That said, nobody pays full price for their membership, or at least nobody should. Stuff like the half off deal on memberships and paying for it with 25% discounted credits had people getting their monthly price down to $3, not including participation of anniversary credits. Take advantage of the sales.

      • Anonymous

        Its all the faf and gaming of the content system its an uneccesery pain in the arse , They should just do $8-$10 a month and that gets you everything DONE.

        As I said above in reply to someone else.

        “I don’t think there company understands the value of simplicity when it comes to the selling of the product , which is ironic because they understand that when it comes to the architecture of there on-line race system.”

        Of course maybe they are making loads of money and its working out fine for them ( I don’t get that impression ) but if they are good for them

      • Anonymous

        Oh, I agree that it could be easier. I’m betting the system is geared towards ensuring future revenue, discounts for commiting to long term subscription or buying credits early, that gives iRacing security of future income. I was just being pragmatic, we have a way to make it cheaper if we choose.

        We don’t know the business plan or specific finances. The two tidbits I know are the staff repeatedly say they still aren’t breaking even and John W Henry is still investing money every year, and that Long Beach cost half a million dollars just to get to drivable track surface (ie, development is expensive). Seems chicken and egg, need more members to lower prices, need lower prices to attract members. All speculation on my part though without details. As you mentioned above, maybe there’s room for premium vanity content like you find in free to play stuff.

        On the other hand, I’m starting to get skeptical that price alone is what is holding membership back. Only a couple thousand new members through the free 6 month trial membership. If cost was the only concern, why aren’t there tens of thousands of sim racers enjoying 6 months on the house while they wait for AC/rF2/pCARS? I’m thinking it’s more about content, for example the rumored BMW and any number of European continent tracks. Free doesn’t matter if the content someone wants isn’t there.

      • Anonymous

        I and I know 4 other people all tried I racing spent over £150 on it but then don’t bother with it now , simply because its dead on the road side and the fact I have to spend so much for new tracks and cars + a sub fee.

        If it was a flat rate sub fee that let you access all the content I would have stayed on the service.

        I don’t play it now and tell everyone to avoid it because with i racing its spend £250 or don’t bother and even then the road side is dead with faster cars.

        To be honest I think i-racing should have not bothered with the road side they should have just focused on oval, there is a clear market for that in USA and they would then not be wasting time and money on all the long complex road tracks and cars. instead letting them focus on the specific oval side and deliver that for a more attractive cost.

      • Anonymous

        I wouldn’t say they shouldn’t have bothered. I think it was just overly optimistic to expect 24/7 racing in fast high downforce cars. Most drivers don’t have the talent to drive them, and since most members take iRacing relatively seriously you see people either accepting it and running slower cars or refusing and either floundering in back of the field or leaving. Seems mostly to be the effort to setup the cars competitively, fixed setup IndyCar is like 5x more popular than the open setup.

        The low level cars are well populated and race well. They don’t sell subscriptions, but I bet the vast majority who signed up for the Indy or F1 cars end up racing Skippy and Star Mazda instead and enjoying it. That’s part of why I’m looking forward to the BTCC Civic and hoping for the BMW to be a GT4 car, because that’s where the racing is the best.

        Who knows, depending how the track schedule selection goes in the future, it might be pretty cheap to be able to pay $60 in DLC and be able to run two or more series every week with just that content.

        But again, if it was just cost wouldn’t we see more people utilizing the 6 months free? It even comes with two extra tracks. There must be more to it. Like you imply, perhaps a philosophical aversion to it. People still mad about NR2k3 mods?

      • Anonymous

        If a track cost that much to develope is laser scanning worth it I see no difference from a non laser scanned track and is just blowing smoke up our butts. It’s only window dressing an a selling point nothing else. Also if they are not breaking even maybe it is due to the high costs. I always believe charge lower and get 3 times the buyers there you are no longer in the red. I wish them success really I do but they have to do that with more value to the user.

      • Anonymous

        That’s the only track cost I know, and apparently that’s MUCH higher than the usual cost. I doubt the laser scanning even increases the cost much if at all, most of the time spent building the track is doing art at the office, not the few days at the track. Sounds like the Interlagos scan they purchased is more expensive if they had done it themselves.

        But yes, for me the quality of the tracks are worth $15 to me, I wouldn’t pay if they weren’t the quality they are. YMMV.

        Charge less and get more members. Reminds me of the old joke about the saleman who loses money on every sale. “Yeah, but we make it up in volume!” 😉

    • Anonymous

      It is reality chris.. If we would stop paying for our services in real life, they would be taken away from us. Most software will be moving over to subscription or micro payment systems, whether we like it or not. It is the future, and only modern workable business model.
      We might see all this as a hobby, and sometimes we forget that the products are made to generate a business income. Marketing always tries to make you feel as if its not for the money, but in reality, its the only reason people do invest in projects. Nothing wrong with that. I even think iR has done a very good job in delivering what they promised their potential clients. We can not say that from all products we purschase.

      That said, i do fully understand how you feel.

      • Anonymous

        Clever game developers think of ways where you can monetise the content without fragmenting and degrading your core service at the same time.

        i racing just though the high price will make them seem like a high quality product. They also know that people that do real racing 250-500 a year is chump change.

        What they forgot is that with driving simulators need a solid base of gamers to sustain the base on-line user numbers and so you need to encourage users onto the service not away from it with high pricing.

        In the end I think i racing are looking to play the long term 8-15 year strategy it all depends on how entrenched they can get within the race community at large.

        evan given that its always going to be hard to justify 60x the price of competitors when competitors offer a better core product/simulation , i racing are 100% dependent that a competitor does not get the combination of acessable multilayer + physics right.

      • Eric Potvin

        The main point I love to reiterate all the time is that in the cost structure, you need to factor in the expenditures of running the servers. The main other sims all transfer that cost to the server admin, whereas in iRacing it is spread out to all users. Who expects rFactor/pCars/AC to sell a game for 50$ and then run online servers? They would all close shop within a year.

      • Anonymous

        If you have more users then the cost of servers is diluted , I don’t think anyone would mind paying $7 a month for i racing but its that + the content fees they are just incompatible methods of monetisation.

        In bulk its around $2.50 a month ( that’s highly inflated) per user for server cost I racing could probably do it for 0.50c per user.

        Its totally fine for i racing to charge more than other companies and have a monthly fee for the active on-line service I just think they are missing out on a huge number of users and more profit by designing the monetisation how they have.

        On-line multi player games need lots of users not only to make money and dilute costs but to make the game actually work in the first place.

        That’s why most companies have gone the free to play route.

        Obviously Iracing is dealing with a smaller and more niche market so Free to play is not really suited to them but a simple monthly fee that then gets you onto the service and allows you to play what you want would make FAR FAR more sense.

        Now I know they have significant licencing costs but the way to recuperate that is to have a monthly fee that can cover that spread across all the users rather than charge a tiny minority a large amount.

        I and I know 4 other people would definitely be playing iracing now if it had more users and was not practically dead on the road side. evan if over the long run the cost was more having a simple $7-$10 a month and not worrying about having to decide what to buy if it has users and all that crap and just simply race would make the service far more appealing .

      • Anonymous

        I was interested to see if anyone would challenge iRacing in the organized multiplayer market. Seems nobody else is interested. Until then, there will be no other sim which competes with the iRacing core product. The question is how many current/potential members value that part of iRacing, and how many value something else like laser scanning which others are making inroads against.

        As for monetizing as a free to play, I worry about the tradeoffs needed to be successful with such a model. Very difficult balancing act encouraging the most hardcore users to spend enough money frequently enough to cover their full costs, without becoming pay-to-win. I would normally look at cosmetic items, but with custom paints already being possible the only way to monetize them is take custom paints away…

      • Ricoo

        Agreed with iRating and Safety Rating iRacing has no competitor. Some don’t like SR but it makes races much more interesting with less reckless drivers. It’s not perfect but it helps making races more intense.

      • Anonymous

        Yes iRacing is the best online Racing service of all time period. I will never argue that fact as long as no one else has a product to compete. I do see people who think that it is the best racing game of all time and then I will argue that because it lacks a lot of the game features. It’s a product you can’t buy and don’t own your content. So it is not a game it is a service. So to be on those games lists is unfair to both iRacing and other games that are.

      • Anonymous

        Would you consider MMOs like EVE and World of Warcraft to be games? They also lack singleplayer, and you must pay a subscription fee. PC Gamer ranked WoW as #6 on their list of best games despite this.

      • Anonymous

        PC Gamer takes kick backs from the developers and publishers so I don’t see them as credible

      • Anonymous

        That answers half my post. Now, what’s your personal opinion? Is an MMO a game?

      • Anonymous

        What’s MMO Man Made Object? They all are. LOL

      • Anonymous

        Actually to give you a straight answer all rating houses use different criteria to a point and the same criteria’s to a point and then there is the money sway. They all are credible or none credible. Just depends all on what they rate and what their personal opinion is. My opinion iRacing is more of a service than a game thus I would not give it a high rating on a game list which would not be fair but as a service I would give it an all time high rating.

      • Anonymous

        So, what makes an online-only RPG with subscription and microtransactions a game, but not if it’s a driving sim?

      • Anonymous

        Structure. Also I am sure you own your content and don’t just hold an end user license that can be cancelled. In my comment below the critics who rate games rate the overall features that had a lot of work put into them and what content is offered in initial release. In these areas iRacing may be considered fairly light.. You may say we don’t need an AI or additional driving views but those are things that are judged along with different game play modes. What is offered at iRacing is a subscription with the ability to use some of the available content they are not selling you ownership to anything. So basicly it is not a game that is for sale it is a service that you can pay a subscription price for it’s use. Hence it should not be included in typical game ratings. If you want to come up with a list for online services related to gaming hey I will buy into that for what it’s worth.

      • Anonymous

        WoW and EVE are both licensed, they can ban you for bad behavior, and you don’t own anything in the game. Again, is anyone really going to rate World of Warcraft down because it’s lacking a singleplayer component? Having more features isn’t always better, tacked on half-baked features usually get games rated down.

        But nothing you’re saying tells me what you think iRacing has done different than any other multiplayer-only game, aside from that it’s a racing game and therefor follows a different set of rules.

        No game sells you ownership of anything, every single modern game sells you a license. The fact you might be lucky enough to get a coaster with the software on it doesn’t mean you own that software.

      • Anonymous

        Okay then I say it’s another service and should be rated as such not a retail product which drives the rating systems for the most part and as BSRwix said all developers and publishers will be going to the service micotransaction structure so maybe the services should have their own list. I’ll say it again if they all go to the service microtransaction structure that’s the day I tell them to piss off and I urge other gamers to take a stand on this to keep gaming affordable and the modding community alive.

      • Anonymous

        Not sure the purpose of such a distinction, but at least that’s consistent.

        Microtransactions usually make games cheaper for the average user. TF2 went free to play, because enough people buy hats and other cosmetic items to pay for development for everyone else.

      • Anonymous

        +1 to your first comment. As to the next comment I use Simraceway as an example if your like me and like to buy your content to get all of it can be quite pricey in comparrison to a Box retail item. Simraceway and other F2P’s are the exception to the service rule and are not subscription based and you own your content. Only way to loose it is if the game folds and goes out. So IMO Simraceway is a game not a service.

      • Anonymous

        Well, company folding ends up affecting most games nowadays. Any online only, and even singleplayer with online copy protection, which is many games nowadays. Can’t even play some single player games without internet now…

      • General Rush Hour

        Never understood the AI thing. It was cool 45 years ago when online racing was very limited.

        To me it´s like playing Counter Strike with bots.
        Hardly entertaining.

      • Anonymous

        Well it’s a good thing we are not bots and we all have different interests and tastes of what appeals to us individually. That is why I like options and don’t like being a conformist.

      • Anonymous

        I agree and disagree if all developers go to the business model you so discribe the industry will shrink considerably. The Boxed product still is by far the overall favorite amongst us gamers. If the whole industy goes to what your saying that is the day I tell them to piss off.

      • Anonymous

        The industry went the way I’m saying about 7 years ago on the PC and open platform side. You might not perceive it that way but that’s how it is. Its only the consoles that have a massive dominance in the brick and mortar retail sector.

      • Anonymous

        Most software will be moving over to subscription or micro payment systems, whether we like it or not. It is the future, and only modern workable business model.
        Sorry this is the quote I based my comments on sometimes it is difficult to place what is being commented on by the way they are added but yes as to the above quote I stand by my comments toward these types of business practices I was commenting on BSRwix.

      • Chris Allen

        I understand the monthly fee I do, and never complained about them, but really I can’t stand to race alone or with no AI, so I don’t think many would take advantage of them in this way (especially real legit race car drivers), but at least I would have something to show or use for the massive investment (in gaming terms) I have made, until the next “deal” comes around, that only lasts for what 5 days? And I’m not asking that the fee go away, I understand development and they are doing that well. But why not lower it instead of having to wait for these “deals” to come around. And if the fee stays the same that’s fine, but at least let me view my content and possible practice offline with no updates. I really don’t think that’s too much to ask for. Over $600 I spent with iRacing and I have nothing to show for it.

    • Anonymous

      iracing is giving 6 months for free with the cadillac deal so just register a new account and enjoy. you can even watch your old replays with the new account. here is the link

      • Chris Allen

        You can’t register a new account, it won’t let you use the same CC under a different name I remember trying once after my first like 3 month deal ran out because there was a package deal that was a better value, plus I would loose 3 years worth of stats and all of the content I bought.

    • Michael Grisinger

      Guys, nobody has to pay $99/year to renew iRacing. While subscribed you can earn $40/year credits; there are 25/$20 and 100/$75 deals every quarter, and if lapsed there’s probably regular welcome-back offers.
      If you missed a deal, well, hey, whose fault is that?

  • Chris Allen

    Can someone fix these comments? I liked it better when new comments were at the top. Anyone else??? It sux to scroll through all the posts to see if there is a new one, especially when under some of the stories there are alot of posts.

    • Anonymous

      You can “fix” that yourself, the sort order is a user-specific setting 🙂

      Click “Diuscssion” on the left top and you can set it to “Newest”.

      • Chris Allen

        Sweet thankyou!! I looked for the option and even emailed Disqus with no response before I posted.

  • Anonymous

    Still the best value for money IMO. As a Sim System, there is nothing that can beat iR at this time.For allot of iRacing members, its more of a life style, then a game. ( Compare it to what WOW is for its users.) The system they build, and the constantly updated content together with the track accuracy and the Competition system, is what allot of people call ” A total service” rather then a single product.

    As in real live, you will have likes and dislikes, but to call it expensive, when you have not used it for a longer period, is a meaningless opinion. Its value is in the full package.

  • Luke Russell

    Dat McLaren!

  • Dave Robinson

    Does not work Montoya. I use this Newest option all the time however I still see posts which are 10 hours old above posts which are 4 hours old. At the moment when using that option I see in order.
    2,3,2,4,1,2,3,4,10,7. etc.

    • Chris Allen

      Looks like mine is working but haven’t tested it for long. Are these new posts or responses to existing posts, because those will always fall under the existing post instead of popping up top. Not sure though but thought maybe that’s what your seeing.

  • Anonymous

    Did iRacing receive data from Michelin for Macca’s tires? If not whats the point of having such a great car running on the current chewing gum they call NTM?
    Anyway the ball is with DK it’s up to him to give us tires for this car or it will be just another broken car!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think any sim developer receives manufacturer data beyond slip angle curves and maybe Pacejka coefficients. That’s only of minimal benefit to iRacing, NTM needs stuff like the chemical composition of the tread rubber and steel belt construction info, and I doubt the manufacturers are willing to give up that kind of trade secret. Shame, that’s my pipe dream for the future of the sim, a bigtime partnership with the tire manufacturers so we always have identical tires to the real ones.

      Do GT3 cars run spec off-the-shelf tires, or are they leased by the teams? That determines how difficult it is to test the slip curves and measure the tires.

      In case you missed it, Steve said Dave has an update to the NTM going into testing about now that is supposed to fix the road course car temperature sensitivity, which for me is the last big piece of the puzzle (aside from what I mentioned above, detailed manufacturer data on tire construction). Of course, I run mostly club level cars, where the tires are easy to get ahold of, test, and dissect.

  •ëë-Mööre/500822641 Lëë Mööre

    All I have to say is they better hope they get that Lotus 49 out before Assetto Corsa comes out.

  • Anonymous

    One thing missing from the synopsis that nobody has mentioned yet is they hired an engineer with experience on damage modeling to improve that part of the sim. That’s definitely one of the big areas for improvement that will improve the racing significantly. Especially with the BTCC car upcoming 😉

  • Guilherme Cramer

    I do not play iRacing for several reasons but I am eager to see what Kaemmer does with that Lotus with the current technology available.

  • Ar Kh

    sounds sweet. actually i’m not a permanent paying iracer, trying 6 month free pack at the moment but the news make me think about buying it. ppl complain that it’s too expensive but for me the amount of features and their quality are quite impressive. i work and i can pay 100$ per year for enjoying a good thing.

  • Ryan David

    incrdible that Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is coming…

  • Anonymous

    here is the iracing experience:

    – spend £200 to buy cars/tracks (that you need to actually play any of the decent championships).

    – spend time during races desperately trying to avoid any kind of crash or panel skimming, due to the stupid damage model and the Safety rating.
    encounter an incident within the first 10 laps – race over.

    – realise that hardly anyone plays the faster cars

    – spend ages waiting to race

    – spend 5-6 hours working on setup just so you have a chance of winning, or beg for setups, or spend hours on google finding setups on the net (the difference between good setups and the base ones that come with the game are literally seconds in laptime)

    – realise you’d wasted £200.

    – unsubscribe, and wait for Asseto corsa to come out.

    • JughedJones

      1. Get a job
      2. You suck at driving
      3. Just not true.
      4. 1 hour is ages?
      5. You suck at making friends
      6. You’re poor and suck at driving
      7. You’re poor, suck at driving, and a quitter.

    • f1m4rc

      exactly what jugheadjones said. go back to console ! you got no freaking idea !!

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